Aggression MMA 9 – Recap


Aggression MMA held their 9th event tonight at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Despite a fight cancelled due to a huge weight miss by Markhaille Wedderburn, the evening still had nine fights with all ending by some form of submission or knockout.

  • Submission of the Night – Matt Bagshaw
  • Knockout of the Night – Ryan Ford
  • Fight of the Night – Victor Valimaki vs. Tim Chemelli

Ryan Ford vs. Ricky Goodall
Goodall rushes in and Ford lands a right. Ford looks for a front kick before trading shots. Ford lands a leg kick and Goodall catches a body kick and lands a few shots. Ford looks for a single but Goodall defends and they separate. Ford throws another front kick that falls short and follows up with a leg kick. Ford lands a left and a right and another front kick that just misses. Goodall lands a trio of jabs and Ford responds with a combo. Goodall continues to press forward with punches but Ford is blocking everything. Goodall lands one solid shot before Ford throws a high kick followed by a combo that lands. Ford lands a big double leg and begins to land huge shots and finshes off with vicious elbows that leave Goodall bloodied and defeated forcing the referee to call a halt to the fight.
Ryan Ford defeats Ricky Goodall by TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 3:37

Victor Valimaki vs. Tim Chemelli
Round 1: The two feel each other out to open the round. Finally, Valimaki lands a combo and Chemelli responds with some shots of his own. Chemelli lands a side kick and rushes in with a combo followed by a brief tie up. They separate and Valimaki looks for a takedown but it’s easily defended by Chemelli. Valimaki lands a right, and another and Chemelli responds with a combo. Valimaki comes back with a combo of his own and Chemelli lands a right. Valimaki attempts a superman punch followed by a knee that connects. Valimaki backs Chemelli into the cage and lands a pair of shots. Chemelli lands a leg kick and Valimaki responds with a combo with a solid elbow at the end. Chemelli lands a left and Valimaki lands a right before they trade shots before Valimaki lands an inside leg kick. Valimaki drops him and drops on his back looking for a rear naked choke but releases and rains down punches for the final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Valimaki

Round 2: Chemelli opens the 2nd with a leg kick and Valimaki comes back with a combo followed immediately with another. Valimaki lands a body shot and fires a pair of knees right up the middle. Chemelli lands a big shot but Valimaki drops him with a combo and begins to lay into him on the ground. Chemelli survives briefly but the referee sees enough and steps in to rescue Chemelli from any further punishment.
Victor Valimaki defeats Tim Chemelli by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 1:21

Stephen Beaumont vs. Nick Heynen
Heynen throws a front kick and pushes forward with a combo before they tie up against the cage. Beaumont lands some solid knees and looks for a guillotine before landing another knee. Another knee from Beaumont lands south of the equator and the referee pauses the action to give Heynen time to recover. On the restart, Beaumont lands a head kick and Heynen responds with a combo. Beaumont looks for a takedown but Heynen ends up on top. Beaumont lands several hard shots from the bottom. Beaumont looks for an armbar from the bottom but Heynen slams his way out and Beaumont releases. Heynen moves to half guard but Beaumont gets back to his feet and lands a single leg takedown to full guard. Beaumont begins to land ground and pound before taking the back and landing knees to the body. Beaumont takes the back and sinks a rear naked choke forcing Heyen to tap. After the fight Beaumont asks Moin Mirza and Harvey Panesar for a title shot which is granted.
Stephen Beaumont submits Nick Heynen by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:57

Sheldon Westcott vs. Jay Jensen
Westcott throws a head kick that falls short and Jensen looks for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine choke. Westcott sinks in deep under the chin and it’s only a matter of time before Jensen is forced to tap. After the fight Westcott says he’d like to fight Gideon Ray in his next bout.
Sheldon Westcott submits Jay Jensen by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:26

Greg Welsh vs. Matt Bagshaw
Welsh paws at Bagshaw with jabs before looking to land a flurry but Bagshaw ducks under and gets the takedown. Bagshaw latches onto a leg and Welsh tries to roll away but Bagshaw is able to hold on and sink a heel hook prompting the emphatic tap out from Welsh. Post fight, Bagshaw celebrates an impressive upset with kisses for all of the cage girls.
Matt Bagshaw submits Greg Welsh by Heel Hook in Round 1, 0:38

Chase Degenhardt vs. Jared McComb
Round 1: McComb lands a few leg kicks and they trade before tying up and Degenhardt lands shots. They separate only to tie up again and Degenhardt lands knees in the clinch followed by a combo. McComb lands a leg kick and Degenhardt responds with another combo. McComb connects with a solid right on the chin and Degenhardt secures the clinch and they trade knees. McComb lands a double leg to full guard and lands body shots. Degenhardt works back to his feet and they exchange leg kicks. McComb lands another leg kick and Degenhardt comes back with a a right. A high kick from McComb falls short and they clinch again. Degenhardt lands a knee against the cage before a stalemate. The referee restarts the fight and McComb lands an overhand right but Degenhardt shakes it off before McComb lands some leg kicks. Degenhardt lands a jab and McComb with another leg kick followed by a solid overhand right at the bell. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Degenhardt

Round 2: McComb lands leg kicks and Degenhardt kicks the legs out from under McComb but he pops right back up. Degenhardt lands a combo and McComb responds with a thunderous leg kick. Degenhardt responds with a few of his own before landing a left. McComb lands a leg kick and Degenhardt jabs and lands an inside leg kick followed by another solid jab and a left. McComb lands a pair of shots and Degenhardt again lands a jab and an inside leg kick. McComb continues to land leg kicks and Degenhardt with another combo. McComb lands an overhand right a looks to clinch but can’t get ahold of him. McComb lands another combo and Degenhardt responds with a few inside leg kicks. Degenhardt lands several more combos and McComb comes back with one of his own but Degenhardt continues to land punches at will. McComb sticks one final solid jab as time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Degenhardt

Round 3: Degenhardt opens the round just as the second ended, with yet another combo but McComb connects with a well placed shot that opens a large gash over the right eye of Degenhardt. McComb lands a huge takedown to full guard and Degenhardt begins to leak heavily from the wound. The referee pauses the action and calls the doctor to check on the cut. The doctor takes one look and waves the fight off immediately giving McComb a come from behind victory.
Jared McComb defeats Chase Degenhardt by TKO (Cut) in Round 3, 0:38

Luke Harris vs. Elliot Duff
Harris extends his hand for a touch of the glove during the referees instructions but Duff turns and walks away instead. Duff opens with a pair of leg kicks and some jabs. Duff lands another leg kick and Harris slips but springs right back up. Harris lands a shot and Duff stumbles back. Harris capitalizes and jumps on his back sinking the rear naked choke, Duff survives briefly but is ultimately forced to tap out.
Luke Harris submits Elliot Duff by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:52

Paulo Azambuja vs. Adrian Cardinal
Azambuja rushes in with a flying knee and doesn’t connect solidly but still sends Cardinal off balance and Azambuja continues his pursuit, landing shots. Azambuja takes his back and immediately sinks the rear naked choke. Azambuja squeezes hard and the referee steps in as Cardinal is unconscious.
Paulo Azambuja submits Adrian Cardinal by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:17

KB Bhullar vs. Simon Shirt
Shirt throws wild shots that miss their mark and Bhullar responds with jabs before they tie up. Shirt presses him into the cage and lands some foot stomps but can’t get anything going and they separate. Bhullar lands some more jabs and clinches, landing a pair of knees that drops Shirt. Shirt gets back to his feet but Bhullar gets a takedown and lands in full mount where he lands body shots. Shirt gives up his back and Bhullar lands some solid ground and pound before standing and landing a vicious soccer kick to the ribs. Shirt looks to get back to his feet but eats more punches on the way up. Bhullar lands a leg kick and a flying knee. Shirt goes into desperation mode and start swinging wildly but Bhullar avoids the shots and lands another shot causing Shirt to turn his back and walk away prompting the referee to call a halt to the bout.
KB Bhullar defeats Simon Shirt by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:28

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