Aggression MMA 9 – Weigh In Results


Aggression MMA 9 goes down live tomorrow night from The Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Markhaille Wedderburn missed weight by a huge margin and will forfeit 20% of his purse. Nick Heynen also missed weight. All other fighters made weight and all bouts are now official. See below for full results.

*Rio Wells and Markhaille Wedderburn will negotiate a maximum weight and Wedderburn will weigh in again tomorrow at 6pm.

UPDATE: Markhaile Wedderburn vs Rio Wells fight is OFF.
Top MMA News confirmed with Moin Mirza that the fight is off. Rio Wells had agreed with the Edmonton Commission that he would fight Showtime if he weighed in at less than 190 at 6pm tonight. At approximately 2pm, Wedderburn informed the Aggression promoters that he had drank three Gatorades last night and was already at 194. Aggression confirms that Rio Wells will be paid for coming in ready to fight.

Co-Main Events:
170lbs- Ryan Ford (170.4) vs. Ricky Goodall (170.8)
205lbs- Victor Valimaki (205.8) vs. Tim Chemelli (203.8)

Main Card:
170lbs- Sheldon Westcott (170.4) vs. Jay Jensen (163)
175lbs- *Markhaile Wedderburn (182.4) vs. Rio Wells (172.6)
185lbs- Luke Harris (186) vs. Elliot Duff (184.8)
145lbs- Greg Welsh (144.6) vs. Matt Bagshaw (145.6)
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (155.6) vs. *Nick Heynen (157.6)
185lbs- Chase Degenhardt (185.4) vs. Jared McComb (185.6)

170lbs- Paulo Azambuja (169.8) vs. Adrian Cardinal (168.6)
185lbs- KB Bhullar (184.4) vs. Simon Shirt (182.4)

*Missed Weight, Forfeits 20% of his purse

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  1. UPDATE: Markhaile Wedderburn vs Rio Wells fight is OFF.
    Top MMA News confirmed with Moin Mirza that the fight is off. Rio Wells had agreed with the Edmonton Commission that he would fight Showtime if he weighed in at less than 190 at 6pm tonight. At approximately 2pm, Wedderburn informed the Aggression promoters that he had drank three Gatorades last night and was already at 194.

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  2. RatedR says:

    Soooo he couldnt lose a lousy 4 lbs? He is right about one thing, god is good coz he spared us of this side show :)

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Rio should get his purse as well as Wedderburns! Shitty deal for him hopefully someone can get him on a card right away!

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  4. fightfan says:

    He should never be signed to another fight ever again, this is nothing but a disrespect!

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  5. I should have mentioned that Aggression is paying Rio Wells for coming in ready to fight.

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  6. evmister says:

    Showtying is disgraceful. Talking all that shit for weeks about how he was in the best shape, and how he was coming in ready. I can’t even comprehend how absolutely f*cking ridiculous that is. 194? How does that even happen? I was excited for this fight too =(. They should just get two 135 pounders to fight Showtying at the same time!

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  7. Gunner says:

    Hawkes our doors are always open to anyone who wants to come and visit.
    Just be sure to give me a heads up so i can make sure i can escape from the little ones to make sure you get a good few days or so in and have other guys available to fill in when i cannot be around

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  8. fightfan says:

    194??? I think they mean 184, the fight was set for 175

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  9. Ryan says:

    Seriously, team bodyshop is a disgrace. Two HUGE weight misses in a row like that? I respect every fighter, except for showtyme. He is a big mouth punk . I’d be scared of him, except for y’know, i’ve taken a jiu jitsu class in my life.

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  10. mike kent says:

    Wow I feel terrible for Rio . He handled this like a professional and got fucked over bad . I’ve always supported shoetime but this is unforgivable in my mind . Just look at the side show this has become . I mean this card has some of canadas best . I can’t wait to see this tonight . Team titans will be watching and cheering on ricky and all the other talent :)

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  11. Gunner says:

    You can’t bring the body shop guys into this,,,, yea Antonio had oen bad go but i may be wrong but i dont think he has ever missed other than on that one occasion and second i know they work hard there as when i fought Juarez back a bit he took the fight on fairly short notice and he is a BIG dude and he made weight no trouble (okay maybe super hard for him) but he DID IT. so totally unfair to bring there name into it

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  12. evmister says:

    Show must’ve really rubbed off on Mckee. I’m gonna sign on for a fight, go train with him, and see how much I miss weight by! We can all take bets on what my weight will be with Show in my corner.

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  13. Mr Hawkes please do come visit us, we have a great bunch of guys always at the gym always willing to train hard and learn new things we more then welcome you and anyone else from your team to come. Mr showtying Its so god damn hard to get a fight and a retard like you seems to get onto shows everywhere and never ever comes in prepared and disrespects the game in every aspect, Just so you guys know Im closer to edmonton then that tool was, cheaper to fly, in better condition, more skilled and most of all on time and on weight, unlike some morons I do respect the sport and know that making weight, showing up on time on weight prepared is equally as important then the fight it self. Yeah flights from tbay are expensive but you get professionalism when we fight and that is what your supposed to be paying for. Mr showtying you just took a big shit on mma and the english language for that matter!

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  14. hawkes says:

    thanks david!… also if rio needs an opponent looks like they are trying to match me for bullies fight night in lethbridge on march 30th.. would be happy to accept that fight.

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  15. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Wow thats horrible Show,u know i support u brother but wow. Honestly I get it,I appologize to my 5 opponents that i missed weight against.It shows & showed a lack of respect for how hard others are working or willing to work to make weight,& we sign to fight at a weight& this shows a lack of professionalism & dedication to the sport. I appologize for my mistakes with weight in the past,& i appologize to Rio for Markailes disrespect not making weight.Im sure u worked hard for this fight & its very nice ur getting paid but im sure u dont fight for money as much as for the fun. Good luck Ryan & Vic.

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  16. fightfan says:

    Mr wedderburn at least have the balls to be a man a own up and apologies to the fans, promorters and most of all Rio wells

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    Dear Marcus,

    Missing weight once is potentially forgivable. Missing weight twice (depending on how many fights a fighter has had) could be overlooked. Missing weight any more than that shows a complete and utter lack of respect not only for your opponent but for the people who pay their hard earned money to watch fights.

    No excuse is sufficient.

    Make weight or don’t f*cking fight.


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  18. Donald Duck says:

    @fightfan – That would make sense if this was the first time he missed weight.

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  19. Gunner says:

    i used to always prefer minnie mouse but i am slowly being converted to the duck

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  20. Donald Duck says:

    The Duck had a beer standing next to Mr Gun once. At the time the Duck was still fighting and kind of eyed up Mr Gun and then realized that if it was true that Mr Gun was training with Mr. Bongfeld than Mr. Gun was too much of a challenge for the Duck.

    I meant to talk to you that evening but was distracted by a very cute blonde who wanted to confirm for herself the size of my… well my little duck, if you catch my drift.

    Donnie aka Mr. Duck

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  21. Gunner says:

    Donald , Donald,,,,i totally understand i hold no ground what soever over a blond.

    But i wish you indeed had said hello as it involved beer and well i tend to really like things involving beer.

    As for the training honestly Jesse has been through a few tiomes but i have honestly only been on the same mats as him once before unfortunatly, wish i had more time for training with him he a tough mofo

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  22. Donald Duck says:

    Dammit. I had a nice couple of wins under my belt and you were mentioned as someone who liked to bleed and ‘giver hell’ in the ring. Would have been a nice tussle all said and we could have then headed out for beers and a quest which could have answered if the blond did indeed have a sister.

    Oh well, next time I see you beers are on me.


    PS – I got offered Jesse very early in his career but we (more my coach than me) decided he was too much for me.

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  23. j0 says:

    whoa!!! saw the pix fr the weigh ins… that was westcott??? damn… no wonder jay didn’t want me 2 go with him… =)

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  24. Gunner says:

    Jo, without hitting a dead horse when its down cause i like horses and i am just not in the mood to re-quote a bunch of junk but………………………………my credentials, my facts, my research and my opinion was all accurate to within 0:36 seconds

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  25. Gunner says:

    crap i am smarter than i thought make that 0:26 seconds

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  26. j0 says:

    ya gunner… u would’a lasted 30 right??? go ahead buddy, say it… coz’ ur just cool like that… (so u think)… rofl…

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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    More proof Gunner’s the man! :)

    Gunner when are you fighting next man?

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  28. j0 says:

    bobby… would’v <3 2 c UR MAN fight one of the utahn local fighters… would fly there 2 c that fight…

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  29. Gunner says:

    Give me some credit even my wife will vouch i can at least last a full 5 minute round

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  30. j0 says:

    rofl @ gunner… o c’mon… so YOU say… we all know guys can’t last even close 2 5min… unless ur talkin’ about “everyday”… which i highly daubt coz … u have kids… (lol)
    even if ur a canadian… unless ur a stud n about 50yrs old then u can prolly lasts longer than 5min… with help that is… lol…

    btw… u guys need 2 stop login on 2 diff comps n “liking” ur own posts… lmao…

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