Score Fighting Series Officially Adds Top Bantamweight Fight


Hill grabs hold of Frederico Lopez (photo by Mike Fischl)

TORONTO, February 9th, 2012 – A showdown between two of Canada’s top bantamweights (135 pounds) – undefeated Stoney Creek sensation Josh Hill (7-0) and rising star Eric Wilson (5-1) from Saskatoon – has been added to The Score Fighting Series (SFS) event at the Hamilton Place Theatre on Friday, March 16th.

Additionally, a lightweight (155 pounds) matchup between unbeaten Jason Meisel (2-0) of Caledonia and Mike Sledzion (3-2) of Barrie; a featherweight (145 pounds) battle between Lyndon Whitlock (5-2) of Hamilton and Cory Houston (4-1) of Winnipeg; and a heavyweight (max 265 pounds) clash between John Macphearson (1-1) of Hamilton and Craig “War Dog” Hudson (1-1) of Brantford, have all been confirmed for the event lineup.

A marquee lightweight matchup between UFC and PRIDE veteran and Xtreme Couture team member John “The Natural” Alessio (33-14) and Strikeforce and WEC veteran and Team Quest member “Diamond” Ryan Healy (19-9-1) was the first fight confirmed for the event.

The 25-year-old Hill is part of a growing, new breed of MMA fighters who begin their careers without a concentration in any single combat discipline, but rather with a multitude of weapons in all areas of the hybrid fighting sport. Training primarily out of Iron Tiger Muay Thai, Pura BJJ and Bruckmann Martial Arts, Hill showcased a prolific striking arsenal at the start of his career, but has recently relied more heavily on his wrestling skills to secure wins.

Eric Wilson puts a lock on Roland Delorme (photo by Sean McManus)

Taking the fight to the mat, however, will be a dangerous strategy against Wilson who possesses a dangerous ground game, including brutal leg locks capable of finishing fights in abrupt fashion. Also 25 years of age, Wilson trains out of Outlaw MMA and holds a victory over current UFC fighter Roland Delorme.

Wilson suffered his first professional loss last May against another top bantamweight in John “The Haggis Basher” Fraser. Many MMA insiders believe that neither Hill nor Wilson will look to go to the ground, and that this fight will be settled on the feet.

“Eric is a very tough opponent and is coming off his first loss so I’m sure he will come out hungry, looking to get back in the win column and hand me my first loss in the cage,” says Hill. “I’m excited to fight at home in Hamilton for the second time and I’m ready for a war with Wilson.”

Tickets for The Score Fighting Series event start at $30 and are on sale now at the Copps Colesium box office and online at

18 Responses to “ Score Fighting Series Officially Adds Top Bantamweight Fight ”

  1. TLC says:

    Hill will never make the big show if he keeps laying on top of guys! I bet he has already been looked at by UFC scouts, but they turned their heads due to his fighting style. Wish him the best though – get a KO!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    I got Hill

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Hill will be training defense against footlocks and that x guard set up diligently at Pura BJJ, and those guys have some very very legit talent in house.

    If Hill is confident in his defense from the leg attacks and decides to put Eric on his back, Wilson won’t be able to stop the takedown. Hill is also very dangerous on the fence.

    If Hill does take Wilson down and finds himself in danger, he may want to avoid the ground. then its very very interesting.

    Wilson looked competent but unimpressive on the feet against Fraser. We haven’t seen Josh on the feet too much in the last 2 years. Interesting scenario.

    And what if Wilson tries his top game? Can he take Josh down?

    Its a very very interesting fight.

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  4. KURT says:

    We are very excited for the fight with Josh. Its really a great match up and glad to finally make it happen. I wish I could be there to watch it live!

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  5. Bring the Pain says:

    Cant wait …to have the WarDog back in action hes been gaetting hungrier and hungrier…cant wait to let him off his leash….not to mention hear his wicked walkout music…which btw is written played and sang by the WarDog himself…..

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  6. Mike Davis says:

    “Tickets for The Score Fighting Series event start at $30”

    Edmonton promoters should take note…amazing and cheap card to attend. SO much easier getting people to buy 30-40 doller tickets then 60.

    Side note Hill vs Wilson is a great match up

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  7. steve hill says:

    Gonna be a great fight…obviously I have josh…

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  8. THETRUTH says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    I was at Pura BJJ last night doing interviews and saw Josh training. He looks phenomenal. Super aggressive and offensive on the ground. Mind blowing shape. Scary.

    I think the world of Jeff and Joslin’s MMA. But, with Kru Alin’s leadership and training and the brutal top game he’s building at Pura, Josh is exactly where hr should be.

    Wilson is a very very good fighter and we don’t get a chance to see what he’s working on and how he’s training because
    he’s in Saskatchewan. He’s talented and a real X factor in this equation.

    Getting very pumped for this fight.

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    Yeah you’re wrong, and josh is exactly where he needs to be. He’s progressing fine. And who gives a crap about finishes, he’s a baby in the sport, he’ll be fine and amongst the elite soon enough.

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  11. Ryan Dickson is confirmed for the show. His opponent is confirmed and will be announced shortly. I think its a fight you guys will really like and a real good test for Ryan.

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  12. Brando says:

    As far as I know wrestling is and has always been a large part of MMA. To label a fighter as boring because he takes someone down is stupid. STUPID! Not all fights will end in finishes and a lack of finishes CAN indicate that a fighter is fighting good competition. If Hill had finished all of his opponents many of you would be saying he is only fighting cans and needs to step up his competition. COME ON MAN! Give a guy a little credit. He works to improve position and cause damage to his opponent. It is actually harder to control someone like that than it looks! (In no way does this posting support or condone Tyron Woodley)

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  13. steve hill says:

    the truth… what is with you!!! do you come out from under jeff joslins desk to make comments everytime josh fights…you obviously no nothing about josh and less about mma…so keep to licking balls and your ridiculous opinions to yourself….the only correct statement in your ridiculous commentary is that you could be wrong…

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  14. Tyler Davis says:

    Hahahaha Danm Tyron woodley

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  15. M.F.M. says:

    THE TRUTH..Before you say “YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE YOU TRAIN WITH, HILL SHOULD CONSIDER THIS IF HE WANTS TO MAKE THE NEXT LEVEL”…. You should consider asking who Hill is currently training with. Perhaps some of these people are currently at that ‘next level’ you speak of, or have been there at some point in their careers, or are expected to be there soon.

    Oh and by the way, besides Jeff Joslin’s lone UFC performance, who else at that gym is ‘next level’ calibre. In fact, how many pro fighters are at Joslins? I like Jeff and I am positive that your opinions and attitude is not a reflection of his gym or the ppl that train there. They seem to have plenty of keyboard warriors though!

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  16. Ned K says:

    THETRUTH Josh is right were he needs to be. Iron sharpens Iron and he has a lot of Iron around him. Jeff is good man and a friend, and a great marshal artist. Josh is not boring, only fanboys and people with novice understanding of the sport would say that. As far as were he should training, do your home work before your mouth opens. House of Champions MMA has one of the best teams in Ontario

    Claude Patrick
    Shane Campbell
    Mukai Moromo
    Will Romero
    Adrian Wooley
    Dennis Puric
    Josh hill

    this is the current team, i will not list the past champions

    and Kru Alin has worked with Mark Bocek , Antonio Carvalho
    and numerous fighters in the Muay Thai community and K1 community

    This is all fact that can be looked at through goole
    So if this is not a good training team than i don’t know what is.

    I know you are a new student that has a lot of pride for your gym and that is great, and the way it should be, but writing posts like this, you are embarrassing you, your gym and Jeff.

    Go on you tube and check out Josh’s training partners, if you still think they are sub par than come to the gym and see, we have an open door policy

    note i put my real name on this post because i back all my words and fighters

    and i love to discuss topics like this in the ring :)

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    Ned, nice post but it is a bit simplistic to think that the fighter’s listed only train in one place. That’s the beauty of that scene right now. When one gym has a K1 vet training out of there people come and when one person needs help getting ready for a fight doors are opened. People forget how long the Ontario scene has been going.

    I think the rest of the country, Alberta I’m looking at you, could learn alot about how to be successful from Ontario’s model.


    PS – If you ask around the ‘Shaw they’ll know Donnie.

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  18. kid lightning says:

    wilson for the upset! he’ll take out another undefeated prospect. not to take anything away from hill. the dude is an absolute stud and trains with an amazing crew i just think eric is going to surprise a lot of ppl in this. all in all an amazing fight for the fans and regardless of styles or so called boring fighters putting up a W is a W. in my time i have never seen on sherdog that a fighter won by “boring.” if a fighter lays on top of another one for 3×5 rounds you cant blame the fighter on top. why the fluff isnt the fighter on the bottom getting up and making some action. 2 way street. whoever executes the game plan better and is cuter wins.

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