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On this week’s Top MMA Radio, MFC president Mark Pavelich recaps MFC 32 with the crew.  Pavelich goes on to rebut Nick Penner’s thoughts on the contract issues that the two had that was discussed on Top MMA Radio on January 28.  Mark then informs us of some of the matchups he is working on for MFC 33.

Next, Greg Welsh comes on the program and talks about his upcoming fight against Matt Bagshaw at Aggression on February 11.  Welsh lets the audience know what to expect from his fight.   Greg then goes on to talk about his rumoured fight with Will Romero on the Score.

As usual, Big Win and Keith go on to discuss the Condit/Diaz controversy and all the fights from UFC 143.  They also breakdown this weekend’s Aggression and BFL cards.

Check it out by pressing play:

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45 Responses to “ Pavelich, Welsh on Top MMA Radio ”

  1. ktfomma says:

    LOL Mark sure you will show up to someones door. Your a clown buddy keep talking shit cause thats all you do. Your show was bunk show up to Aggression and see what a sellout really is.

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  2. pavalichisajoke says:

    Hahah Pavalich really needs to pull his head out of his ass. Hes running a B-grade operation. Its written on the wall. His show is run at the worst venue, all of his fighters are leaving him cause he thinks he is Dana White?? Open your eyes Mark, you will never even be close to Zuffa, not even Bellator for that matter.

    Holding boys back like Penner and Ford just goes to show how much of a GOOF you really are.

    I know I will be attending Aggression this Saturday. Missed your fights though.

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  3. J James says:

    Mfc packed lol sell out yes but when you put 600 seats in a barm wow great job the line for the bathroom at the aggression show will have more people then the last MFC.

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  4. J James says:


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  5. Cousin of Dale says:

    Pavelich for president

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  6. Demitri (trev) says:

    All you got to do is just laugh, than shake your head at this guy. Reality is, pavelich and the mfc are both going down, and quick

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  7. Demitri (trev) says:

    Oh, and seriously… Pavelich as manager? That can’t bE good news. Not only is he a Wiesel, but he sounds like one.

    How do you wake up every morning and approach your day knowing you are incredibly hated.

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  8. PavelichsFakeTan says:

    I really do feel bad for them. Its no wonder he cant sign any legit UFC vets these days. This guy pays world class fighters like $1000 and says he is THE BIG SHOW. What a clown. MFC is going down fast!

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  9. Edmonton MMA says:

    PavelichsFakeTan – may be my new favorite screen name

    I like how Pavelich whines, complains and accuses other people of lying. He is the dirties promoter out there.

    I also like how he pretends not to know who people are. Aggression is top notch, they have respect and loyalty to their fighters.

    Your show would probably be the best in Canada if you were not the owner. But with instinct, ringside and aggression, you wont be in the top 3 by next year at this time.

    No one wants to fight for you, you have no audience. Penner was right, no one goes to your shows, all the local people dislike you and see you for who you really are. Stop being a snake

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  10. Edmonton MMA says:

    It says something about your organization and how you run your operations when you have a tough time getting fighters who want to sign with you when your live on HDnet and have a deal with TSN.

    Shouldnt you easily get everyone in Canada, nevermind Edmonton to sign with you? if you really were that good, people would be biting down and taking pay decreases to fight with you to get on live TV and TSN

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  11. Paveldouche says:

    The truth is bubbling to the surface on this thread and it ain’t pretty.

    Keep up the good work all.

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  12. slim says:

    In regards to that whole “coming to your house and punching you” rant, anyone remember the infamous voice mail to Drew Fickett? Did he ever get on a plane and choke Drew like he said? Right now I’m having a hard time believing in his credibility…

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Just listening to radio show now, the first 17min or so with the UFC breakdown etc was just great, really enjoyed it.

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  14. fightfan says:

    Ryan Jimmo is one of the best fighters in Canada by far and he has been very loyal to MFC . Everyone knows the fight game doesn’t pay well. A fighter should forget the politics and fight on live TV (TSN and HDNET ) if they have the opportunity . GET the exposure . Sign 1 or 2 fight contracts . This being said I dont have much knowledge on contracts and management . I just think if you have an chance to fight on live tv , its the best promotion .I hope to get some feed back .

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  15. Edmonton MMA says:

    fight on TV then have to worry day in and day out about getting screwed? I do not think thats the right promotion. I wish I was making these things up and I was I was exaggerating. Unfortunately I am not.

    Fightfan, If its the “right” promotion, why wouldnt every fighter with (big or small) potential want to fight on their shows? Fact is, they dont. Now ask yourself why guys with opportunities to fight on MFC would choose not to? Its a pretty simple equation.

    I heard it before and agree with this. Live TV doesnt get you UFC deals. Dana White and Joe Silva are not watching hdnet on friday nights. They have their guys who help pick fighters. Hundreds of guys without being on TV have made the big show, and thats just fact.

    I used to be a big Mark Pavelich/MFC Fan Up until about a year ago. Now I cant stand his attitude, arrogance, integrity, plus his shows are just starting to suck

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    That was one of the best most entertaining Top MMA Radio shows yet.


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  17. Bobby Karimi says:

    Welsh is easily one of the most entertaining and exciting fighters in Canada!

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  18. peter puck says:

    Pavelich kills it everytime. I wonder how small his show is when Mark Cuban and HDNET and now TSN signed him. Look at his fight cards they are miles and miles ahead of anyone. Welsh is very exciting and hope to see you in bigger shows in the future.

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  19. Derek Abe says:

    Greg Welsh is the man

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  20. peter puck says:

    I just checked out Pavelich Twitter he has more followers then all the other Canadian shows put together.!/MarkPavelich

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  21. peter puck says:

    and his other one too.!/MaximumFighting good luck too Aggression this weekend the card looks great.

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  22. Robin Black says:

    Fighting on TV definitely does get you to the UFC.

    If you are a big time performer nothing proves it like being able to perform on TV. If Silva’s not watching live you send him footage of your tough dude with star power having an undeniably awesome performance and you know he’ll be interested.

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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    Don the Welsh interview was one of your best one on ones I ever heard. You too just clicked.

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    sorry meant “two”

    You two just clicked.

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  25. peter puck says:

    Don is the Man

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  26. Edmonton MMA says:

    Robin, there are a good percentage of guys who have made the UFC without being on TV first. Not sure how you could deny that. HDnet wont make you or break you like Pavelich claims

    Thats all I am saying

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  27. Gunner says:

    HDNet and Spratt made me famous like really famous not the wedderburn famous

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  28. Robin Black says:

    You can totally make the UFC without TV.

    But, lemme tell ya, I can tell the UFC guys all day how good my guy is.

    If I send them a link to his big performance I can shut up. They can see it and they can see he already belongs on TV.

    If I’m Joe Silva, I can see with my own eyes that the footage doesn’t lie (but managers do).

    Live TV is pretty meaningless, but a quality performance on a quality televised show that you can send to Silva or Shelby to show how legit your guy is and that he’s ready for TV (cuz he’s already performing well on TV) is undeniable.

    OF COURSE its not the only way. But it sure as hell helps.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    I told Sean Shelby till I was red in the face that Nick Denis was the bomb. He was very interested in his style, his finishes, his Japan experience, his oddball personality, our reliability and professionalism, everything.

    But he didn’t pull the trigger till I sent him Nick’s knock out on The Score.

    That TV appearance didn’t just tell the story of his great knock out. It told the story of his excellent nerves, his calmness under pressure, his split secon finishing ability, his charming post fight demeanor, his team, everything.

    That piece of TV sealed the deal, and it was undeniable. You watched it and you knew that was a legit UFC fighter (which he proved again with his 22 second KOTN in his debut).

    Without that Shelby seeing that tape, all he knew is that that seemingly good fighter from Canada knocked a guy out again.

    I had Nick firmly on his radar, and he would have probably got the call at some point. But bear in mind they were not looking for Bantamweights at that point as this was a week before the end og the Bantamweight TUF show, so they had 16 Bantamweights with TV exposure entering their ranks.

    Sending him that video sealed the deal. If Nick had that performance on an untelevised show he may not be in the UFC right now and might be $60 000 poorer.

    He belongs there as he proved, and we’d have gotten him there eventually.

    But TV sealed the deal.

    Fighters: fight on TV.

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  30. David Letourneau says:

    I have fought on tv twice, once with mfc once with cfc, both fights were good battles but it was apparently not enough to land me another fight anywhere else on the planet and any weight. I need to hook up with showtying and get the blue print on how to become famous.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    Dave, your biggest challenge is geography.

    You are costly to bring in.

    Your guys should really work to touch base with Gabe in Winnipeg and get on the next CFM. Bring a couple van loads out to Winnipeg from T-Bag and make some noise.

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  32. Cam Yallits says:

    Greg Welsh is awesome to watch, his fights are always fight of the night. Guy goes 1000 miles per hour, the entire fight because he trains that way. This fight with Matt Bagshaw is one of the best local matchups Ive seen in awhile. I would have paid 60 bucks just to see this fight.

    Also, the last MFC wasnt packed, but the Toney/Jackson, Lima/Coy, MacGillivray/Bautista and Gouveia/Lewis fights were all good, especially the Toney/Jackson fight. Dont worry about the promoters personal actions, go see the cards that interest you as a fight fan, worry about the fighters competing.

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  33. Demitri (trev) says:

    I think robin proved that point, you don’t need tv. It helps because you can see if a guy can handle a tv type stage and keep yourself level headed. But if you show joe silva or Shelby guys consistantly knocking people out, submitting them and dominating whether highlight reel or just a video of your fights; I don’t think they will discredit those victories if they are not on tv

    So, again. I think that point has been proven that you dont need hdnet

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  34. Robin Black says:

    My point is what the hell are you going to show them if the fight wasn’t shot on tv? A shaky handicam crowd shot? You can’t tell anything from that.

    Trust me. I do a little work in the MMA business from time to time. If your guy is fighting on something that was televised or shot with a quality 3 camera shoot with quality post fight interviews and everything (this includes QUALITY web cast stuff too) its a lot EASIER to get to the UFC. Of course you can do it without, but its a lot EASIER.

    Also, there’s a lot of other shit that goes on at the UFC. Media, work out days, pre-fight TV interviews, photos, lots of stuff. A fighter gets that experience while fighting on a bigger televised show. And ask any fighter how shitty their first couple pre-fight interviews were. All of this stuff matters if you want your guy to succeed when he gets to the UFC. He needs this experience from medium sized televised shows.

    I have a bit of experience in television as it relates to the fight game. I’m not talking out of my ass. If a fighter wants to get to the UFC having a few of his fights, especially between fight 5 and fight 12, being televised will help him get to the UFC and have him prepared when he gets there.

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  35. Demitri (trev) says:

    Being on tv will help him IN the big show yes, but it will not necessarily get him there. It will help him feel calm in the UFC for media events, interviews and fighting his first fight and all that but it wont help him get there like you say. So don’t change my point robin. Half the time you get challenged you turn into such a girl.

    Me, and I would imagine you, know that many promoters have high def cameras, shoot videos for the fights but don’t get them on live tv. If your sole point is having sent joe silva video, you can get the video from these promoters. It’s been done, I have many friends who were not live on hdnet and I have their videos. I have my two videos as well, and not from a shady camera, but from the promoter and it’s high def.

    So if your one point is “you can send videos to joe silva” cross that off your list and don’t be a girl about it. You are allowed to be wrong, mistakes happen.

    I know there are advantages to being on tv. But what the point is, is that there are hundreds of guys who got Into the UFC without the use of live tv.

    And back to the original conversation, why choose pavelich and the mfc when they are crooks. Hdnet is not worth it

    So robin, answer this for me. Why, with so many amazing fighters in Edmonton and Alberta, do the mfc have very few? I am curious on your answer. Pavelich says he pays way better and his show is way bigger with more exposure. I’m curious what you think on why a lot more guys don’t sign with him. And don’t play dumb, cause I know your a really intelligent person

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  36. Robin Black says:

    “So robin, answer this for me. Why, with so many amazing fighters in Edmonton and Alberta, do the mfc have very few?”

    (1.) Because he’s built himself a reputation as someone who is hard to deal with, and (2.) because he’s not keeping up to a changing pay scale (ie he’s paying too little), especially taking into account (1.)

    I never said choose Pavelich and HDNet. I said choose tv.

    And since you’re being a little girl about it, I will amend my point to “It is much easier to get fighters to the UFC if they have a few fights on tv OR fight for some non-existent-shows-that-shoot-everything-at-a-high-level-on-HD-even-tho-they-aren’t-televised-and-will-spend-countless-unpaid-hours-editing-fights-and-will-give-you-copies-so-you-can-use-the-power-of-video-to-undeniably-prove-your-guy-is-a-legitimate-UFC-level-performer.

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  37. Robin Black says:

    Let’s put it another way.

    Its my absolute belief, informed by experience in the mma business and tv, that in today’s world of thousands of fighters all trying to get in the UFC, that the fighters and their managers who possess quality footage of their fighters performing at world class level will have an easier path to get to the UFC. And those that have medium sized televised show experience (there are at least 15 of these in North America, you don’t have to choose one if you don’t like its reputation, there’s many other options) will be better prepared if they do get there.

    Just my belief, supported by my experience and analysis.

    No one else has to agree.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  38. Demitri (trev) says:

    Okay, next question. Many promotions are not on live tv. What’s better:

    A good quality fighter fighting a 13-6 opponent on live tv or a quality fighter fighting a 12-2 or undefeted type fighter which is not on live tv?

    So my point to the question is. Whats more important, fighting top quality opponents or fighting on tv? Your reputation kind of shows that you don’t answer direct questions frequently and slightly change things when people ask you questions.

    The reason I ask that is, again. Hundreds of fighters who were not on tv made the big show. Fight high quality fights, win and it doesn’t matter. You will get there on tv or not. It’s proven, hundreds of times.

    And I like how you call me the girl. With all due respect, Minus your friends who comment, I think most people would agree that you are, in fact, a bit of a whinny baby.

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  39. Robin Black says:

    It’s better to fight a 12-2 undefeated type on tv.
    It’s best to fight the toughest guy you can get and it’s best to do it on tv. That’s the best sure-fire way to prove you belong at the top level. Beat other very tough fighters and do it in medium sized shows with quality footage.

    Live tv is of no advantage whatsoever. Just quality tv.

    For example, here are Some fighters that recently fought their last fight on the score then went straight to the UFC.


    There’s lots more too.

    Add Jimmo to that list (fought last fight on tv) and you get an idea.

    Yes, there’s lots of guys who got there without. But here’s some good examples.

    You are a girl. :0

    Yes I’m kidding around. I begrudgingly admit I like your style.

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  40. Robin Black says:

    Add Jordan Mein who fought his last 3 on tv. Add mitch Gagnon who fought his last few on tv. There’s more too.

    Mitch Clarke is the last canadian I can remember goin to the UFC with little or no tv fights. All the rest fought a fight or 2pm tv right before or a fight before their first UFC fight.

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  41. Robin Black says:

    Do facts help prove the point of this fun spirited savate? Or are facts too girl-y for ya my friend?


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  42. Robin Black says:

    Savate= debate.

    Autocorrect is for girls.

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  43. Idolmaker says:

    Savate??? I thought you were referencing Gerard gordeau with that one…haha.

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  44. Demitri (trev) says:

    I love facts, now when I get time (don’t be afraid to do it yourself) I will go through the UFC roster and check for you. I’m sure the list will be a whole lot more than your six.
    Also, again; you changed my question. It was just a yes or no and you turned it to “12-2 on tv” well of course!

    I do, as well; and hate to admit, like your style. But sometimes you annoy the piss out of me! as I’m sure I do to you.

    All the argument stated was that you don’t need live tv to make the big show. We can agree to disagree and go from there and argue about something else. This is going in circles

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 4

  45. Robin Black says:

    Please go thru the UFC roster of Canadians. And go within the last 18 months. So its relevant to us.

    I admit live tv is irrelevant. TV is great but live is irrelevant.

    You don’t piss me off too much you seem pretty smart and you dig the same stuff as me so we’re basically sisters.


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