Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana After UFC 143


It looks like the anticipated on again, off again Condit/Diaz rematch for the UFC interim Welterweight title is definitely off again as the Nevada State Athletic Commission has confirmed that Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana after his controversial loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

Diaz also failed a drug test back in 2007 while fighting for Pride in Las Vegas and was consequently suspended for 6 months and fined 20% of his purse. One can only assume a similar punishment will be enforced which would effectively kill any chance of an immediate rematch with Condit for the interim title.

Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship© organization, has issued the following statement on the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s report on UFC 143 interim welterweight championship contender Nick Diaz.

“I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana,” said White. “It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.”


37 Responses to “ Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana After UFC 143 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:


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  2. Robin Black says:

    Some serious discussion has to take place on weed and sports.

    If a guy smokes a couple days before competing its still in his system but it has no effect on the outcome.

    So why test for it? Who’s business is it? Why should a government office test for a harmless substance that has no effect on competition?

    What decade is this?

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  3. Dave R says:

    couldn”t agree more but he isn’t the only fighter who likes to smoke i’m sure but he is one of th eonly ones on that level who gets busted for it he got paid 200K for this fight blus bonuses he knows the rules and should play by them just like everyone else. it’s too bad he has his head so far up his ass he doesn’t see how good he has it

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  4. L-Boutin says:

    It may be harmless in some people’s view, but look at what’s its going to do to Nick’s career. Take a year away from his prime, take a significant amount of money away from him. Etc. IMO Somethings not right, if you risk your career just so you can get high occasionally.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Great points!

    IMO it’s an idiotic rule, but it’s perhaps more idiotic to ge dinged for it.

    If someone said ‘I’ll give you hundreds of thousands of dollars and tons of success and excitement and all you have to do is not smoke pot’ anyone in their right mind would put down the bong. True.

    Having said that, pot being a banned substance is idiotic and out dated.

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  6. Couldn’t have said it better than Mr. Black.

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    Banned is banned. Arguing over whether it should or shouldn’t be banned doesn’t make it legal. At this point it has been decided (perhaps arbitrarily) that THC is performance enhancing. As mentioned this isn’t Nick’s first spin round the dance floor so there’s even less excuse.


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  8. Dean Panas says:

    I feel it is politcal. He said in his post fight interview that he was going to retire. There has been a tonne of pressure to put on a Diaz/Condit re-match. By having these results publicized it takes the focus off the results of the last fight and puts it on Diaz and the test results.

    It’s too bad, because the fight that made sense to me after the results of the weekend was Rory MacDonald vs Nick Diaz. I think Rory wins his upcoming fight and then a match with Nick makes sense because of what Rory did to Nate. I don’t think Rory would ever fight GSP, but if Condit were to beat Georges (which I think is possible) and Rory beat Nick, a Condit/MacDonald re-match for a title would be AWESOME!!

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Banned is indeed banned.

    The upside is when this happens to someone it restarts discussion and debate.

    That’s good cuz weed should be off the banned substance list. It’s too late for Diaz cuz the broke the rules as they stand but maybe some attention will be drawn to this.

    You got guys taking dangerous addictive painkillers for things that could be treated by something safer because of this kind of ancient thinking.

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  10. booboo says:


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  11. booboo says:

    As crazy as Diaz is he should nt have a hard time getting his weed card in cali..

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  12. Mike Davis says:

    Johny Hendricks should get his chance to fight Carlos Condit now.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Winner of ellenberger vs Sanchez should fight Hendricks.

    I see Ellenberger finishing Sanchez. But you never know.

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  14. I Did Not Inhale says:

    Diaz is a dumbass !


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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    It was banned, he knew it was banned. He tested positive. Major error! No rematch. GSP beatsem all right now anyways.

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  16. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Diaz has his medicinal card in california,he can smoke legally in cali. U think the cheque & world title would be enough to chill off it for a few weeks. hes still a phenominal fighter,especially if he smokes mad weed and still out conditions everyone,lol

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  17. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Question, was anyone smoking pot while posting there comments, lol! Too bad for Nick (sort of) but on the bright side after his 6-12 month suspension GSP has already gone on record to say that he wants Diaz so bad he’s willing to relinquish his belt just to fight him!

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  18. L-Boutin says:

    You could look at it this way too

    You can’t use steroids because they are proven to help you recover/gain strength quicker. You have to put in the time and do the hard work.

    You can’t use diuretics to help you lose weight. You need to have the self discipline to diet properly and put in the work to cut weight.

    Maybe you shouldn’t be able to use weed cause it allows you to get rid of the pre-fight nerves/jitters in the weeks leadin up to the fight. Personally, the worst part of an upcoming fight or tourney was always the time leading up to it where you get nervous and have butterflies. IMO dealing with pre-fight nerves Is also a part of being a pro fighter as well. The fighting/competing is the fun part.

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  19. Update: Added Dana White’s brief statement that was sent to media outlets.

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  20. steve hill says:

    Maybe Nick smoked a big fatty before the fight!!!would account for that lackluster performance…come to think of it !!Nate passed him a joint right after the second round…lol

    Who gives a shit he lost…Diaz is getting ten times the press for losing, than condit did for winning….

    and the worst thing is ..I,m a Diaz fan

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  21. Diaz makes terrible decisions and his marijuana usage may be the cause of his inability to make good decisions.

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  22. Idolmaker says:

    The big question remains…Robin is yours medicinal or recreational…haha. I like to watch Diaz fight! There are rules to competition! He broke one of them! I’m not gonna defend him regardless of how much I like his fighting. Yes he is a dumbass, and deserves the scrutiny, not the worship. IMO no one should be defending him, he f@&ked up end of story!!!

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  23. Brando says:

    This isn’t Nicks first fiasco. He has proven many times now that he doesn’t deserve the oppurtunity to be a world champion or fight in the UFC. The press conference situation should have been enough of an eye opener for him to change his way. Whether it is mental sickness or just being a victim of his environment that causes him to make these mistakes I dont know but anyway you look at it it’s a damn shame because it has stopped him from reaching his full potential and putting on even more great fights. Hell of a fighter… and he won rounds1,2,and 5.

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  24. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Brando

    You know what I agree with you, I think Nick had rounds 1,2 & 5 too.

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  25. Brando says:

    On this site we are rare… Not Leon? None of that matters anymore though. I’m actually glad condit got the nod cause had Diaz won the decision it would have been overturned anyways.

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  26. harry balls says:

    I never thought we’d still be talking about this bullshit in 2012. Never. What a monumental fucking waste of people’s time and resources; penalizing people for catching a buzz off the clock. THC stays in your system forever; fighters could binge on coke and not get caught but he may have taken his last toke ages ago. Total waste of time.

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  27. Tyler Davis says:

    Where’s big boi at? He’ll have an irrefutable argument one-way or the other.

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  28. Alex says:

    Nick is the rosa parks of weed.

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  29. Tyler Davis says:

    Hahahaha its tienimein square all over again

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  30. Lenny wheeler says:

    Weed is a hell of a drug

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  31. Jamie Locke says:

    I don’t understand why there is “hot debate” over my first comment:

    Jamie Locke says:
    February 9, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    The guy is getting paid a tonne of cash and gets the biggest fight of his career. He knows the rules and the stipulations he has to follow in order to play the game at this level. Yet, this idiot can’t lay off the chronic for 1 month, 1 month is all it takes to clear the system, and that’s in an average person with average body fat, not someone as conditioned as Diaz…

    How is he not an idiot for doing this? 1 month off the chronic, than smoke away…

    This isn’t an argument over whether pot should be off the list or not, fact is, it’s on the list. If you want it off, petition the Athletic Commissions to take it off, don’t just smoke anyway and when you get caught be like “aww man, this rule is so old pot shouldn’t be on that list…”

    I have a job where I’m not allowed to smoke pot, I got caught once and had to do a year of probation. I lost a promotion and got held back a year out of my career. I was an idiot. I knew the rules, broke them, got caught and learned my lesson. Nick Diaz got caught before for the same thing, he knew the rules, broke them and he is an idiot….

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  32. Robin Black says:

    Great post and yessir he is an idiot for throwing it all away cuz he doesn’t think food tastes as good without some weed.

    The fact that it’s a banned substance is dumb but the fact that he can’t put down the bong during training camp to keep his job in good standing is way dumber.

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  33. Brando says:

    Couldn’t possibly agree with you more Jamie. I would lose my job if I got caught or tested positive. He knew the test was coming for hells sake.

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  34. evmister says:

    On one side weed is relatively harmless, and the fact that you can get in trouble for it is bullshit. It in no way enhanced his performance, and didn’t do anything negative to his body. I know some of you still live in 1930 where reefer madness is the truth, and weed is horrible, but it is 2012.
    That being said it is still against the rules. Diaz knows the rules and he broke them. He’s at fault. Banned is Banned.
    But another very interesting thing I thought of is that Diaz has a medicinal card. He is allowed by the state of California to use marijuana. Many fighters have prescriptions for TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy- But we all know that). Doesn’t it seem odd that his medicine is banned, when TRT, something that can enhance performance isn’t? Of course though there is the point that fighters on TRT let the commission know before hand. I’m not trying to dispute the laws or rules,I’m just throwing out some points and such. The bottom line is rules are rules and Diaz broke them….but he’s looking at taking some time off anyways, so it didn’t really ruin any upcoming plans for him haha.

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  35. Jamie Locke says:

    If he had of won that fight it certainly would have messed up his plans. I’m sure DW would have taken action as well had his interim champ just lost his belt via no contest due to sweet sweet Cheeba…

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  36. Tyler Davis says:

    ” I fought the law and the law won” everybody now

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  37. Robin Black says:

    “I fought the law and the, law won… I fought the law and the, law won.””

    that gets stuck in your head but quick

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