Cirkunov Heads South For Next Fight

Canada’s 8th ranked Light Heavyweightwill head south of the border for his next fight as Misha Cirkunov (5-1) will challenge Aaron “Tex” Johnson (9-9) at KO Kings in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17.

Tap Star product Cirkunov last fought this past December and earned a unanimous decision victory over prospect Ali Mokdad at the Score Fighting Series’ Meltdown in the Valley. A ground specialist Cirkunov holds many accolades on the national grappling scene including Canadian Junior National Judo Champion, two-time Canadian Junior National Freestyle Wrestling Champion, Canadian Junior National Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion and North American ADCC Trials Champion. In only 2 years in the sport this Jiu Jitsu phenom holds notable wins over Ricardo Francois and Ion Cherdivara and has shown great strides in pick up the striking aspect of MMA developing a solid jab and much better footwork.

Johnson, a native Georgian and KO Kings veteran will be the hometown hero in this match up and will look to use Cirkunov’s name and status as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. With 8 of “Tex’s” 9 wins coming in the form of submission, Johnson may look to take this to the canvas but trapping paint on the ground with Cirkunov may not be Johnson’s best game plan.
KO Kings kicks off March 17 from the Grand Ballroom in Atlanta, Georgia and will feature a mixture of pro boxing and MMA. If you need to stay in the loop for what’s going on with Misha Cirkunov follow him on twitter @Misha_Cirkunov or visit his website Stay tuned to for event results and future info.


12 Responses to “ Cirkunov Heads South For Next Fight ”

  1. Tex Johnson says:

    I’m 9-5 the records are wrong on sherdog

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    9-5 record, fights even better now!

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  3. Doc Johnson says:

    This should prove to be good battle! As a fan and friend of Tex, I look forward to him coming out victorious. Glad to see a fight of this caliber come to GA!

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  4. Drop Kick says:

    The most boring fighter in mma gets the heck outta hear to get a boring win over a can who’s a “ground specialist” in the middle of nowhere. Why is this even a story only the opponet and his buddy even comment cuz canadians have given up on this boring overhyped misha and bobby just chimes in to be nice.

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  5. Stan says:

    Any athlete who has an overall record of 15-6 is hardly a can.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Doc and Tex are you guys Cowboys?

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  7. Drop Kick says:

    And is this guy fighting a guy who always fights 185 again? He’s always hyped as a giant physical superman but all his fights are against smallguys. He’s a giant black belt and he always fights like 185 purple belts with no striking and his fights and he still fights boring and scared. and hes fighting a 9-9 (when guys say sherdog is wrong why does sherdog never have it wrong in there favor)grappler with no striking and they try to make it look like a tough fight I wont watch this guy fight any more.

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  8. Robin Black says:

    I’ve been talking to some very smart people in different areas of MMA about a topic a lot lately.

    From a PURE SPORT perspective, we all tend to really celebrate a dominant defensive shut down.

    In hockey we celebrate the shut out greatly. In football we celebrate the great defensive teams. In every sport defensive dominance is recognized for its brilliance.
    The defensive wizards have long careers and break new ground and shape the future of the sport. Its great defensive teams that stimulate the offensive minds to keep evolving.

    MMA is a sport.\ Yes, we seek simple entertainment in it (big crazy KOs and slams and kicks and flashy gnp and what have you), but it is a sport. It is a shame and a sign of a lack of education on the technical aspects of the sport that someone like Misha who shows brilliant positional dominance and is able to smartly prevent an opponent from getting any offense going en route to dominant wins gets categorized as boring by some.

    It is like a shut out in hockey or a brilliant D Line and special teams in football.

    Its time we appreciate some smart defense and positional dominance for what it is.

    Misha is still developing, but he is developing safely, smartly, and without injury.

    When you look at it objectively he and his team are making great moves and bringing him along just right.

    At 7-1 or so, if all keeps going well, he strings together 2 great finishes in a row as his complete game comes together and he moves to the top level.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great post Robin, you’re not just a sexy bitch!

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Bobby you’re my favorite greek mma guy. :)

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  11. Robin Black says:

    There’s other great Canadian fighters who do this well. Jimmo does it with footwork. Hill does it with power wrestling and explosiveness. Its legit.

    Being dominant to the point of shutting down your opponent’s offense (Condit did that to a degree, GSP has done it tons) is a big, brilliant, tough part of the game. We gotta stop labeling it as ‘boring’ and leard to understand how much skill and mind it requires.

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  12. Frenchy says:

    Cirkunov needs to fight Chemelli, Drysdale, Valimaki, or someone with a freaking bit of a name. Whats this guys deal?

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