Bellator 64 – Windsor – April 6


Date: April 6, 2012
Location: Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario
Broadcast: The Score/MTV2 (Main Card)

Main Card:
170lbs- Ben Askren (9-0) vs. Douglas Lima (21-4)
***Welterweight Title Fight

135lbs- Alexandre Bezerra (13-1) vs. Marlon Sandro (21-3)
*** Featherweight Tourney Semi-Final

135lbs- Travis Marx (18-3) vs. Masakatsu Ueda (15-1-2)
*** Bantamweight Tourney Quarter-Final

135lbs- Rodrigo Lima (10-0) vs. Hiroshi Nakamura (14-5-4)
*** Bantamweight Tourney Quarter-Final

Preliminary Card:
145lbs- Chris Horodecki (18-3-1) vs. Mike Richman (11-1)
170lbs- Matt Secor (1-0) vs. Nordine Taleb (6-1)
186lbs- Elias Theodorou (3-0) vs. Richie Lictawa (2-2)
155lbs- Lance Snow (1-2) vs. Kyle Prepolec (2-1)
170lbs- Chad Laprise (4-0) vs. Josh Taveirne (2-2)
155lbs- Taylor Solomon (3-3) vs. Jason Fischer (0-1)

22 Responses to “ Bellator 64 – Windsor – April 6 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Taking advantage of the fact that Lima has a tonne of Canadian fans! Nice, LIMA by SUB R2!

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  2. And Lima smashed Terry Martin in Windsor at MFC 29 last year. He must have some Windsor fans.

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  3. hawkes says:

    Adrenaline fighter chad laprise is on this as per his facebook… Talented guy.

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  4. CM says:

    I know it’s unconfirmed by the promotion, but isn’t Laprise supposed to fight Ricci in Hamilton 3 weeks before this? Is that fight off or is he hoping to do both?

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  5. Wael Saghir says:

    I’m going to enjoy watching Lima fight Askren! Not many big MMA fans in Windsor but this should be a very fun event. Can’t wait to watch it! Lima TKO round 2 :)

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  6. was hoping to see Horodecki vs Corey II to settle the Draw from their last fight. Looks like Corey is heading to Featherweight and is fighting on Bellator 60.

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  7. Bern says:

    MMA Weekly is also reporting that the BW quarters will take place at this event. That would be bonkers if they allocated a title fight AND the FW semis AND the entire BW quarters to this event. Gotta think they meant more like two BW quarters, which still bolsters the card greatly.

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  8. booboo says:

    I wish i was back in Detroit , lots of MMA fans there . Just over the bridge is windsor so should b a fantastic card , just wish i could make it.

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  9. cody krahn says:

    WAR LIMA!!!!

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  10. Bern says:

    Travis Marx reported himself he’ll be meeting Masakatsu Ueda at this event.

    Why does it still say Horodecki vs. TBA? I thought it was confirmed a while ago he’s meeting Mike Richman.

    Also Sandro-Bezerra, in addition to Straus-Corey, are the FW semis.

    Still feel like this event is missing one intriguing, main card caliber match-up. Maybe they’ll announce another BW quarter.

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  11. woodrow says:

    taylor solomon vs jason fischer, chad laprise vs josh taveirne, ali mokdad vs richie lictawa, kyle prepolec vs lance snow is the undercard i believe.

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Alexandre Bezerra vs. Marlon Sandro, Travis Marx vs. Masakatsu Ueda, and Rodrigo Lima vs. Hiroshi Nakamura

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  13. CM says:

    Bezerra vs Sandro is a great match-up, can’t wait to see that one!

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  14. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    As much as I’m impressed with Lima and a fan, I don’t think he wants any part of Funky’s ground game. Legit D1 All American wrestler and purple belt in BJJ, who’s now training with Dick Rufus! Lima’s best chances are to keep it standing, yeah?

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  15. Idolmaker says:

    You raise valid points, however Lima has only shown glimpses of his game. Admittedly that’s by design. He will win it and convincingly.

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  16. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I’m surprised Lima vs Askren doesn’t have more buzz around the MMA Community! Can’t wait to watch it!

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  17. CM says:

    That will change in the next day or so once tonights show is done. Having a show a week doesn’t give Bellator much time to hype anything but whatever is on their next event.

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  18. Askren should shoudl do well in this matchup

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  19. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ CM, good point! Guess that’s one drawback of the Tournament process, a super fight or title fight can get lost in the shuffle!

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  20. Updated entire card.

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