Two Words That Will Solve the Whole Diaz/Condit Judging Controversy: IMMEDIATE REMATCH


I’m under no illusions that I’m anything close to the “average” MMA fan.

The “average” MMA fan doesn’t watch MMA every single week – and if UFC PPV buyrates are to be believed, it’s not even every month with you guys. The “average” MMA fan likely respects Roy Nelson’s ability to eat punches more than Carlos Condit’s game planning, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The “average” MMA fan thinks Gina Carano is a UFC champion because she kicks Obi-Wan Kenobi’s ass in a movie. You get my point.

So basically, I’m a snotty elitist hippster MMA fan who can look down his nose on all the rest of you while I sip my TapouT latte (coming soon, you heard it here) and talk all about fighters you’ve nevvvvver even heard of.

No, what i’m actually saying is I’m a complete nerd and thank God I’ve already locked down a woman with my rugged Tom Selleck-esque good looks (what the hell!?) or I’d be screwed.

Still, I’ve always considered myself a down to earth MMA nerd. I watch most MMA events with a wide assortment of folks, most of whom have never been excited about a good pass to half guard or a functionally perfect jab. So for me, watching UFC 143 by my lonesome, last Saturday was a shocking moment of “disconnect” from the average fan.

How do I mean? Here’s a rough recounting of my thought process post UFC 143:

Me: “Wow, what a great fight! That was thrilling! I’m so glad I passed on a party with friends, a fun evening out, or passionate sex with my special lady for this! And what a close fight – surely most fans can appreciate the technical chess match, and understand how hard it must be for judges to pick a winner. Let’s hop on the MMA internets/text my buds and see what the man on the street thinks!”

Then I went online.

Sweet myth of Fedor, Mike Goldberg! Turns out while I was enjoying a quiet night of fights, most MMA fans were getting their torches and pitchforks sharpened up and ready to go. There wasn’t a whole lot of regard for the difficulty of the judges job, and there was zero respect for anything resembling a “technical chess match”. There was simply anger. A whole lot of anger.

I’m not going to get in to who “should” have won. I’m just a guy sitting on his couch who watched the fight through a three-beer buzz – who the hell am I to decide who won a MMA world title fight? If only there were some officiating body who could be stationed ringside and who could watch and decide on a fight irrespective of bias.

For the record, I scored the fight 3 rounds to 2 for Nick Diaz, giving him the first two and the final rounds, while awarding Condit rounds 3 and 4. But so what? The moment the fight ended, I thought “this is going to be controversial no matter who wins.” When Condit’s name was announced instead of Diaz I wasn’t even surprised, let alone angry. It was a close fight.

Instead, I got to thinking: what’s the best way to resolve this latest judging crisis? You know, short of judges never, ever having to call a close fight ever again.

Then it came to me. The one solution where literally everybody wins – Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz, Dana White, and the PPV buying audience who apparently hates when the main event fighters don’t drop their hands and take turns slugging each other in the face for their $49.99.

Immediate. Rematch.

It makes too much sense. As far as I understand it, the plan is for Condit to sit on the shelf until GSP is ready to go, likely in November. That’s an awfully long time to freeze one of the hottest titles in MMA. Or maybe they’ll have Condit defend his “title” once before he returns. That seems like a good plan B, but there’s still a bit of a hitch. People said Condit winning “killed” the excitement around GSP’s return – just imagine what Jake Ellenberger or Johny Hendricks winning the strap from Carlos would do.

So have an immediate rematch. It’s a good thing for Diaz for obvious reasons: namely he can “unretire” and take another crack at the fight he thought he won. Plus all his legion of devoted fanboys can unwad their panties and get back to making fun of GSP fanboys for being too devoted while somehow managing to keep a straight face. You know, the usual.

But what about Carlos? Turns out it’s a good thing for him too, the same way the BJ Penn rematch was a good thing for Frankie Edgar. If Edgar had simply moved on as champion after the first Penn fight, doubts would have lingered about his legitimacy. Instead, the second Penn fight gave him the chance to really cement that title win, while at the same time reintroducing him to fans in a big way.

Same thing for Carlos.

Dana White and the UFC would love it for the same reason they would love any immediate rematch – dollar signs. It’s a chance to sell the same fight you already sold a few months ago, again, for likely even more money. Tell me what savvy, baldheaded former boxercise instructor President would pass that up? That’s probably why White is already pushing for an immediate rematch.

And you fans? This is a chance to set the record straight on the first fight once and for all. If Condit wins, especially if he wins in similar fashion, it shows he’s the superior fighter and Diaz, sorry to say, is not as “elite level” as the Stockton faithful would have hoped. If Diaz wins, it shows he has the fight IQ and dedication to tweak his game and make adjustments, a nessassary ingredient for any UFC title fight. In either case, the hype for the inevitable GSP vs. Whoever fight would be greater with an immediate rematch than without it.

As far as I can tell, no one loses here. This is as obvious a move as giving Mike Goldberg a live source of stats during his commentary and telling him NOT to utter them every second sentence.

Sorry Goldy, couldn’t help myself. Besides, a Goldberg joke connects on 88% of the laughs in most blog endings.

31 Responses to “ Two Words That Will Solve the Whole Diaz/Condit Judging Controversy: IMMEDIATE REMATCH ”

  1. alex says:

    2 words that will solve the rest of our problems: PUPPY PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. troy says:

    really….I think condit won. why should there be an immediate rematch when there are other contenders. All I gave Diaz was aggressive. I would say condit had octagon control because he did dictate where the fight went. I think Diaz just needs to learn how to adjust his game plan because he did the same thing for 4 1/2 rounds and it didnt work out. He finally mixed it up at the end and had success……should be lesson learned.

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  3. Jc says:

    This dude is insane in the brain, a hardcore mma fan that cant score. No rematch needed!

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  4. Tyler Davis says:

    As big of a Diaz fan as I am I scored it for condit as well. Either way great article Kieth very enjoyable read.

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  5. Nigel Guerin says:


    I dig Nick Diaz, I do – and I love that Warrior mentality, it’s admirable! However, Condit won! Sure, Diaz was aggressive – big deal! Condit landed over and over again, used the cage to get out of the “Diaz Rush” and ultimately, imo – controlled the octagon. I had Condit winning all rounds except the 5th!

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  6. Really says:

    The guy who wrote this has some problems…is he mentally challenged? He talks as if hes some big shot who knows mma and its very clear he has no clue.

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  7. Bdc says:

    LOL no rematch needed

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  8. Biggdaddy says:

    A rematch = same outcome This article = pointless

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  9. evmister says:

    Really says:
    February 7, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    “The guy who wrote this has some problems…is he mentally challenged? He talks as if hes some big shot who knows mma and its very clear he has no clue”

    That mentally challenged man you speak of created the site you are commenting on. I would say he knows mma very well.

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  10. This was written by Elton Hobson. My apologies to Elton for forgetting the name change. I sometimes do this due as I have to post under my name and forget to change author name.

    Thank you for the compliment @Evmister!

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  11. steve hill says:

    i would love to see a rematch…However not fair to condit …He came with a gameplan and it was the better plan that night…He earned the spot
    to face gsp….

    If condit had lost would there be the same controversy….?????

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  12. Brando says:

    So I’m not alone! On his podcast Joe Rogan even rewatched it and scored the fight for Diaz(1,2,5)maybe he turned the volume off and wasn’t swayed by the bias commentary?!Lol. He went back and scored it round by round and he changed his mind. I know Joe Rogan was probably even more baked and I know he isn’t a judge but bottom line he and a lot of other people disagree with the decision and want to see it again. I’m all for it rather than having Condit on the couch waiting for a big payday with GSP.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    I thought Condit won but man I’d love to see Diaz and GSP it’d be fun from the moment it was announced.

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  14. steve hill says:

    couldn,t agree more robin…and brando you are one stubborn guy….lol

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  15. Wael Saghir says:

    For what it matters, I called it Diaz 48-47. When the judge announced it 49-46, I was stunned. When the call was for Condit, I was even more stunned. I’m not saying Diaz was ‘robbed’ but I’m saying I had an extremely hard time seeing it as 4 rounds to 1 for Condit. I had to watch the fight 2 more times to be sure of myself and continued to score it the same way. Rematch wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

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  16. Demitri (trev) says:

    I had condit on a close one. But 49-46 was a bit crazy

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  17. Brando says:

    Yeah I am Steve. I will stop now.

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    Keith Grienke is the fuckin man!

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  19. Idolmaker says:

    Read that condit has accepted a rematch

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  20. Brando says:

    Big props to Carlos for accepting the rematch. Hope Diaz is up for it.

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  21. Wuzjustsayin says:

    You might have caught Condit’s corner code for their “Game Plan”. It was “Exit to the Blue”. I wonder if they will change their plan to “Exit to the Red”???

    The only thing worse than a “Point n Run” game plan is a “Lay n Prey” game plan.

    “Technical Chess Match” or “Well Executed Plan”, call it what you want, the fans called bullshit and UFC listened.

    Personally I feel that I wasted my time watching that fight and I was very disappointed in both fighters!!

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  22. Elton Hobson says:

    Wow…I leave for one day to go to my grandma’s funeral and this place explodes…wow.

    @all the people who say I’m a “snotty MMA fan”…if you couldn’t tell I was making fun of myself there then I really can’t help you.

    @All the people who disagreed with my scoring of Diaz\Condit:

    I fully admit in my article that I’m a fanboy writer who’s jujdging opinion carries no weight beyond the words on this page. I also said I didn’t disagree with the eventual Condit scoring, so what ya’ll getting so worked up for? Also just look at the differing opinions in this thread, all of them so certain. Obi-Wan was right – only a Sith deals in absolutes.

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  23. Jamie Locke says:

    Great article EH, entertaining as usual.

    I am also one of the fans though that think Carlos had a game plan to beat Diaz and excecuted it well. He had a winning model and won the fight. Setting up this rematch is basically telling Carlos that it doesn’t matter that he fought the right fight against Diaz and won, they didn’t want him to win OR fans don’t care about technique, game planning and fighting smart, they just want to see a slugfest.

    A rematch is a good fight, and I’m just as excited to see it again because I still enjoy watching both guys throw down. I just think it’s a slap in the face to Condit.

    Also, as said before, I’d rather see this same fight again than have Condit on the shelf waiting for GSP.

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  24. Idolmaker says:

    Total slap in the face to Condit. He’s been screwed over quite a bit in the past year, I’d be pissed. What does everyone think of Cesar Gracie??

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  25. Graham Weenk says:

    I got Condit in the rematch too, unless Diaz suddenly adds a new level to his game… ie. wrestling or effective kicks. Condit already proved he can beat the boxer/bjj style with kicks and good movement. Condit also showed he has plenty of gas, diaz was actually the one who faded late.

    The only offense Diaz mounted in the last 2 rounds was 30s of back control in which not a single punch was landed, no submission really threatened and Condit escaped finishing the round on top.

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  26. Graham Weenk says:

    ps. hit and run has made Floyd Mayweather the most successful man in boxing. And he is praised for it. Hitting and not getting hit back usually means winning.

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  27. Elton Hobson says:

    @Graham actually, Floyd does get a bit of crap from fans for his evasive style, he used to get alot more…what Floyd is a good example of is the truism that it doesn’t matter if you fight “boring”, people will still tune in if you’re a compelling personality/can sell a fight.

    I mean people have been b*tching about GSP being “boring” for 2 years now, more and more with every fight – yet his PPV numbers are still through the roof. If GSP was so “boring” why do people keep tuning in?

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  28. Idolmaker says:

    Other than Dan hardy, Gsp has fought the best of the best. Nobody has faced as high a calibre of opponent as gap has. WW gets stronger everyday, and one thing remains the same, and that’s Gsp keeps on winning!

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  29. steve hill says:

    Hey Brando dont stop ….I,m a long time diaz fan…wish the outcome had been different…just dont think Diaz did enough….

    If there is indeed a rematch I hope diaz can get it done…

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  30. dizzydoc says:

    So I’m not the only one that sided with Diaz on the decision – who was robbed against a point fighter:

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  31. Bobby Karimi says:

    I had Condit winning and honestly killing alot of the Diaz hype. Condit was the best guy and first “real” (LW BJ doesn’t count) Top 10 WW he’d faced.

    Prior to this fight I’m sure the whole Diaz fan train woulda predicted that Diaz was gonna steam roll. Regardless of whatever they think of the scoring that obviously didnt happen.
    49-46 Condit.

    They didn’t need to do a rematch. Condit shoulda faced Ellenberger if Ellenberger beat Sanchez.

    I’m not really a fan of either, although I do favour Condit, but NO REMATCH was needed.

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