Indestructible MMA 1 – Yarmouth – June 1


Date: June 1, 2012
Location: The Mariners Centre in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Fight Card:
145lbs- Dave Henry (2-2) vs. Morgan Rhynes (0-0)
165lbs- Christopher Corporon (0-2) vs Dave Claroni (0-2)
Cory Comeau (0-1) vs. Ryan McKenna (1-1)

Allen Hope (7-10) vs. TBA
Mitch Muise (2-0) vs. TBA
Todd Henry (3-6) vs. TBA
Joel Jacquard (0-0) vs. TBA

81 Responses to “ Indestructible MMA 1 – Yarmouth – June 1 ”

  1. mike kent says:

    Super greasy things pulled. By allen last show
    1. Came and trained with me then told my opponent about my injury
    2. Accepted sponsor money from me amd never once promoted or mentioned my gym ( was supposed to be main event sponsor )
    3. Went online promoting a rival gym he never stepped foot in before when he was being payed to promote us .
    4. After we said no to a rediculously hard fught for one of my fighters . They contacted the fighter directly and offered themmore money behind our backs for him to take the fight
    5.Constantly bad mouthed opponents to each other .

    Have fun working with allen hope

    I don’t get it …. I accept the fight with allen (no contract signed) and take a rediculous ammount of heat. Then I pull out of the fight asking for a fighter with a similar record to mine and a tougher opponent for 1/3 of the moiney anf get heat for that lol, I have lots of reasons for disliking mr.hope . After reconsidering the fight with my managers were going with other offers. I respect the people around allen so I hope bobby, sarah and everyone success .

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  2. Gunner says:

    Mike hope you were not taking my comment as flack was just trying to break down the thought process i use when evaluating a fights worth.

    Some fights increase your draw to the fans…..
    some fights increase your draw to promoters…… and others just plain and simply help the fighter get mentally confident as to where he is and should be fighting (or can work in reverse and be to big of a jump to fast)…

    very seldom do all three of these areas all have a plus beside them

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  3. Gunner says:

    this fight is accually about as close to making all 3 happy as i have scene with the exception of you could care less if the promoter is happy and well you can never EVER make all the fans happy

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Gunner makes Robin happy.

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  5. mike kent says:

    no gunner i never took it wrong at all , i have a ton of respect for your comments and put alot of weight in everything u say . thanks for your comments

    I wanna fight Luke harris among lots of others, im not scared to lose i know i will eventually and im not holding onto my “0” for dear life. im eager to test myself and at 8-0 i feel that i should be fighting fighters with similar records . i know i can win these fights or lose them and thats the exciting part , to actually get into some battles and hush the naysayers. At 8-0 i have the ring experiece i need to feeel confident to take the next step . if im wrong then i lose dust myself off and get back to the drawing board. 8 fights against guys with less then stellar records is enough and im ready to fight whoever will make me move up the ranks. everyone should have 3-4 fights to get there feet wet and i had 8 .

    also i in no way wanna help support allen. he has done nothing but fuck me over , be nice to my face , use my facility to train and then turn around and talk shit and disrespect me .

    thanks for your advice gunner . i agree with alot of your points and KNOW that i have proven nothing , hopefully i can be as successfull at the next level. ill find out in 2012.

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  6. Demitri (trev) says:

    If mike was scared to lose, Why would he pass up hope to fight a guy like Harris. I like hope, but i think its fair to say that there are many fighters who are ahead of hope. Mike, we never met but Im rooting for ya, who cares what people say on this website. If you didnt sign the contract, your making the right decision.

    Fight top competiition and win. Good luck

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  7. booboo says:

    Great call Mike , nice to see u looking out for # 1 here , Hope s not worth u risking your career . Any 1 can get caught by any 1 at any time , but your skill level is way further than his and i think u made a great move not to fight that CLOWN ! I dont care what any one else feels on u not wanting to fight him , GOOD MOVE , and i hope u get to fight LUKE , what a solid fight that would b for 2 very talented fighters who s stock would greatly go up , for the winner . ( THE SHITS GONNA GET REAL THICK NOW ! )

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    I liked the Hope fight for you Mike, it was a step up in competition for you and he’s a really tough guy.

    In the end, you’re 100% right to look out for you and your best interests. There are a tonne of great match-ups for you, it’s just finding the promoter to bring you in. At least with this Hope fight, it was a step up and close to home for you.

    You vs Harris is a solid match, hopefully you can find someone to bring you out West.

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  9. Dan chambers says:

    I want this fight with hope! I have wanted and tried to get this fight for awhile now

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  10. mike kent says:

    Me and Harris will be fighting . Probally sooner then later .

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Hope vs Chambers is a good time!

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  12. Frenchy says:

    Who’s in charge of matching the fights? I got guys healthy and ready to go…. 403-554-2813

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Frenchy, your guys need to be from the maritems. :)

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hope vs Chambers would be awesome, let’s try to set it up in Alberta! Would be a definite slobber knocker!

    Two of my favourite fighters going at it!

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  15. Frenchy says:

    Mitch MacPhee is from there born and raise in Dartmouth Nova Scotia…..

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  16. Sean Quinn says:

    Bobby “the Greek” Karimi is racist Frenchy. Racist against the western provinces.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Bobby is a Greek guy.

    Karimi? Duh, Greek!! :)

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  18. Dan chambers says:

    Bobby let’s set it up for his belt he has…. I down for that

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    EFC belt?

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  20. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m greek/italian mix, right Robin?

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Yes. Yes you are a greek/italian mix. And you know it.

    Just proves I’m never ever ever wrong.


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  22. Dan chambers says:

    Yep the efc belt…. I know we have asked for that fight a few times

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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    k, I’ll talk to them man

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  24. MacPhee says:

    Yo Frenchy, Im actually from P.E.I. ..

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  25. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Update, unfortnally the card has been pushed back. We got conformation that the card will now be on June 1st

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  26. Bobby Karimi says:

    Way better time of year, trust me Derek you’ll wanna be coming. :)

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  27. Dave Claroni says:

    Oh well Yarmouth will be beautiful in June!

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  28. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Already booked Bobby. You know I will be sitting cageside for the event with my laptop doing my work

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  29. JohnnyG says:

    Are these guys only looking for local talent or are they willing to ship a couple guys from out west?

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  30. Bring the Pain says:

    Or how about a heavyweight from ontario….

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  31. Unfortnally they will not be looking for anyone as the card has been called off. We have confirmed with a source from the promotion. According to Allen Hope’s facebook page, The arena is the problem

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