UFC 143 Results – Condit Captures Interim Title


UFC is in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight for UFC 143. Here are the quick results:

Main Event: (PPV)
Carlos Condit defeats Nick Diaz by Unanimous Decision (49-46×2, 48-47)
Fabricio Werdum defeats Roy Nelson by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)
Josh Koscheck defeats Mike Pierce by Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)
Renan “Barao” Pegado defeats Scott Jorgensen by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)
Ed Herman submits Clifford Starks by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:43

Preliminary Card: (FX)
Dustin Poirier submits Max Hollaway by Mounted Triangle Arm Bar in Round 1, 3:23
Edwin Figueroa defeats Alex Caceres by Split Decision
Matt Brown defeats Chris Cope by KO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:19
Matthew Riddle defeats Henry Martinez by Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)
Rafael Natal defeats Michael Kuiper by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 29-28)
Stephen Thompson defeats Dan Stittgen by KO (Head Kick) in Round 1, 4:13


58 Responses to “ UFC 143 Results – Condit Captures Interim Title ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Oh and I’d fight Brando but only if we go for beers afterwards and complain about the makeup wearing KD Lang look a like who posts here.

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  2. Sexy1 says:

    Extremely disapointed on Diaz performance in the octogon. I was sooo pissed after watching his fight with Condit. I am a Diaz fan too but what’s this with wanting to retire and focus on his brother Nate???? Effff you Diaz, we all want that Diaz Vs. GSP fight and you just ain’t bringing it!!!

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  3. MMA Addict says:

    Obviously not the ‘brawl’ everyone was hoping for, but I still enjoyed the Condit vs Diaz fight. I don’t think anyone would have predicted how techinical the fight ended up being, only because it seems prior Diaz opponents weren’t able to avoid said ‘brawl’. Great for Condit to show the mma world the blue print to beat Diaz. To Condits credit though, not just any slouch is going to come in and be able to execute that blue print. Anyways, great fight and good decisions. Diaz rounds 1&2 and Condit 3,4&5. Gotta go with the Duck on this one and say this fight definitely showed that neither fighter is going to hang with a %100 GSP (maybe not even an 80 GSP).

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  4. steve hill says:

    Gotta disagree…I think diaz was in gsp,s head and we would have got the brawl we wanted to see with condit…But I do agree as tecnically sound condit is….I am in agrement he will not beat gsp…but who thought Matt Serra would!!!!

    Food for thought….Maybe Nick Diaz just had a bad night…

    Despite his statements that were hopefully fueled from frustration….I hope we see him again

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  5. Tyler Davis says:

    He is an artist in the cage it would be such a loss if he did quit Mma

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  6. Brando says:

    I am actually a GSP nuthugger. Even after watching this fight 3 times I still score it for Diaz! 1, 2,5 for Diaz and 3 and 4 Condit. I think I just don’t think landing a “little baby leg kick”lol is the same as a good punch to the face. Diaz landed more punches through out the fight but I think Condit landed something like 68 to 4 kicks. The great Cecil peoples after judging Machida/Rua 1 said “leg kicks don’t win fights”. WTF! The only round he gave to Diaz was round 3. Diaz did nothing in round 3 and 4. I love a good game plan and Condit followed it well and based on sheer volume of strikes I see how others could have scored it his way. I don’t agree with turning your back to your opponent and running to the center of the ring to reset all the time but it won him the fight. As for Donnie you don’t want to fight me. I am so big of a pussy I can’t even be tough on the internet. You could buy me a beer though?!And I have nothing bad to say about Robin as I think we had a moment yesterday on this forum. He isn’t nearly as hot as KD Lang though.

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  7. Advin says:

    Let me just start off saying I’m a huge Diaz n Condit fan. I did predict a Condit victory and even tho it was a really close fight I do believe Condit won. His footwork and evasiveness in the fight was awesome, how else could you beat Diaz? He obviously can take a shot, his boxing is amazing and his output cardio is phenomenal. Condit had a great game plan and faught a great fight, my only regret is the takedown in the fifth round. That 1.5 mins of control made the fight seem lots closer then it actually was. Now with that being said I think the round still went to condit because he successfully got up and finished on top, and also outstruck Diaz the rest of the round. IMO round 1 was tied could have gone either way, rnd 2 Diaz, and rnd 3-5 goes to condit. I guess it all depends on how u look at this sport of mma. Diaz wanted to brawl, condit wanted to hit Diaz n not get hit. Seems like a good gameplan, the only downfall is neither fighter did huge damage. Rematch them and please the Diaz fans, I’d like to see it again!

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  8. MMA Addict says:

    @steve hill – Food for thought….Maybe Nick Diaz just had a bad night…

    I can’t chalk it up to Diaz having a bad night considering the way he opened the fight. I think most people would agree he looked sharp the first two rounds. Maybe instead of showboating like he’s Anderson Silva, he should have pressed harder and ended the fight so he didnt have to even fight rounds 4 & 5. All that cocking off really just made him look even more unintelligent than people perceive him to be already. What really adds insult to injury is when the pre-fight breakdown gives Diaz the check mark for the advantage in experience.

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