Top 10 Maple Leaf Match Ups In February


Another month rolls in and now it’s time for another instalment of Top MMA News’ Top Maple Leaf Match Ups. With fights taking place all over the country from BC to Quebec and even a fight taking place in the hometown of perogies and butter filled chicken Kiev, Ukraine. Not only is this list filled with many top 10 Canadians, there’s also 3 men returning to the sport after long lay offs and maybe we’ll even crown Canada’s first Flyweight king. As always, this list discriminates against all fighters under the Zuffa fold as their fights will be broken down on their own and on Top MMA radio. Enough with the rules and regulations let’s get on to what you all really care about, the list:

10. Cory Tosoff (2-0) vs. Jordan Beecroft (3-0)
Battlefield Fight League 13 – Vernon- February 11
When these two undefeated prospects from BC collide someone’s “0” gots to go. Beecroft who fights out of Champions Choice MMA in Kamloops, BC splashed onto the national scene with a 13 second KO of Jared McComb in late 2010. Since then, Beecroft has earned two more wins over Nick Hrychyshyn and Mike Jorgensen. Tosoff a member of the now famous Toshido MMA began his pro career with a TKO over Luke Spicer then followed that up with a split decision victory over Nathan Swayze. With both men preferring striking over the ground game, expect the ref to be pulling the winner off the loser.

9. Luke Harris (6-1) vs. Elliot Duff (3-2)
Aggression MMA 9 – Edmonton – February 11
Eight months after a cage malfunction ended his battle with John Troyer prematurely, Harris returns to the cage – let’s just hope it holds up this time. Harris one of Canada’s top Middleweights in skill but has been criticized by many for not accepting the tough fights even though he has victories over Mike Rowbotham, Nolan Clark and Dan Chambers. With his eyes now set on becoming one of the best in the country and fighting more frequently, Harris must get by Duff if he wishes to realize his potential. Duff a Gracie Barra Calgary protégé may only have had 5 fights but he holds a win over top 15 Middleweight Cody Krahn and his losses have come at the hands of UFC veterans Chris Camozzi and Ryan McGillivray. Sure Harris is the heavy favourite going in but let me leave you with this statistic, Harris’ only loss is via TKO and two of Duff’s three wins come by way of TKO, think about it.

8. Greg Welsh (6-1) vs. Matt Bagshaw (5-3)
Aggression MMA 9 – Edmonton – February 11
Possibly a new entrant into Canada’s top 10 Featherweights, Welsh is finally leaving behind his home territory of EFC and venturing into the harsh unknown of Aggression. Welsh fights out of Iron Circle Defensive Arts and has amassed the type of record that puts a smile on any MMA coaches face, 4 wins by TKO/KO and 2 wins by submission – an absolute all a rounder. Bagshaw, a product of BDB Martial Arts, is making his return to MMA after a nearly three year lay off. Before Welsh gets his chance to fight at SFS in March, he’ll have to dispose of Bagshaw, but that’s not necessarily an easy task.  Considering Bashsahw’s propensity to finish fights nasty and quick, Welsh will have to avoid the early onslaught if he wants to prevail.

7. Todd Stoute (4-0) vs. Sebastien Gauthier (6-2)
Instinct MMA 3 – Sherbrooke – February 25
It’s always good to see a fight with ranking implications and considering Stoute is just outside of the top 10 and Gauthier is dropping down a division, it’s very possible the winner here could slide into that number 10 slot. Stoute fights out of Shah Franco Martial Arts and has amassed an undefeated record while finishing three out of his four wins between the bells. Gauthier recently returned from a three year hiatus defeating Bruce Nelson a veteran of over 50 fights. Gauthier is by far Stoute`s greatest test to date as “Iron Leg” has twice as many fights as Stoute, but Stoute has shown great punching power and the ability to comeback after taking serious punishment so there’s no dog here. Given each fighters propensity to throw leather and entertain the crowds, this is an event to pick up some tickets for.

6. Remi Morvan (8-6) vs. Phil Harris (19-9)
CWFC 47 – Ukraine – February 23
Now that Flyweight has finally opened up, Morvan is looking to rebuild his career at the new weight class. After testing the waters by slickly submitting Mike Reilly, Morvan is now comfortably at home in his new weight class and he looks to continue his comfort while taking on hot European Flyweight Phil Harris. Morvan, once one of Canada’s top Bantamweights, has not put back to back wins together since 2009. Now with a renewed focus and respect to training, he wants to show why he believes he’s the country’s top 125 lber. Harris, an Englishman, has finished 12 of his wins via submission and has even fought some top international competition in the form of Jose Aldo, Alex Owen and Paul McVeigh. Luckily for Morvan, ring rust could hurt Harris as he hasn’t fought in just under two years. With Mike Davis taking on Corey Lautischer in March for the Unified Flyweight title, Canada’s lightest weight division is finally starting to take shape, the question still remains who is number 1?

5. Graham Spencer (7-1) vs. Tim Jenson (6-1)
Battlefield Fight League 13 – Vernon- February 11
Where did BFL find Tim Jenson? For all you new fans, Jenson used to be part of the famed Toshido Fighting Arts academy – home to such greats as Rory MacDonald, Gary Wright and Mike Adams. Jenson may not have fought since 2007 but he does hold notable wins over Jordan Mein and Ben Greer, not too shabby. Spencer’s entire pro career has taken place while Jenson was MIA and during that time, Spencer quietly gathered big wins over Shawn Albrecht, Mukai Maromo and Bruno Capdeville. Now the old meets the new as the two men will duke it out for the BFL Featherweight Title. Both men bring in a similar records and a similar skill set as both competitors seem to enjoy the ground game. The biggest factor in this fight will be ring rust and how it will affect Jenson, Tim hasn’t been completely out of the game since 2007 as his named popped up on cards rather often yet he just never seemed to make it all the way to fight day. Has Jenson spent the last 4 years training? Or has he been drinking beer and eating chips? All these questions will be answered come February 11th

4. Matt Baker (7-2) vs. Andrew Buckland (14-8-1)
Battlefield Fight League 13 – Vernon – February 11
Nothing gets a fighter’s juices flowing or a fan’s mouth salivating more than a title fight, and BFL has put together a doozy of one as 8th ranked Middleweight Matt Baker will lock horns with just outside the top 10 Andrew Buckland. Not only did Matt Baker go 3-0 in 2011 but he also became a full fledged member of Team Nogueira Rio, an honour for any non Brazilian. Besides two Light-Heavyweight losses to Clay Davidson early in his career, Baker has defeated all foes put in front of him and will enter the cage riding a five fight win streak. Buckland, a sometime Welterweight and sometime Middleweight, will look to find his niche at 185 lbs. Long considered a gatekeeper of Canadian MMA, Buckland’s record doesn’t necessarily do him justice. Sure he has lost 8 fights but those losses came to some of the best fighters in sports including Jordan Mein, David Loiseau, John Alessio and Dan Hornbuckle. This is battle between the young buck and the wily veteran (sorry Andrew, even though your only 30, you’re the wily one here).  Either Baker will show all he’s learned in Rio or Buckland will finally find his stride and put together his first four fight win streak since he started his career in 2007. The real winner here will be BFL and its loyal fans as the organization will have a certified top 10 champion and the fans will witness one helluva scrap.

3. Martin Grandmont (12-6) vs. Brandon Thatch (6-1)
Instinct MMA 3 – Sherbrooke – February
When matchmakers do their job right you get fights like this. Grandmont versus Hatch is a battle of two high percentage finishers who frequently produce exciting tilts. Grandmont is looking to get back on the winning track after suffering a TKO loss to Pete Spratt at the last Instinct MMA event. Thatch, on the other hand, continued his winning ways defeating France’s Patrick Vallee at the last event. Now the two will face off, it’s the wily veteran looking to get back on track facing off against the hot prospect.  Both men possess great hand speed and kicking ability including the willingness to throw everything into the first five minutes. Sure Grandmont has fought everybody under the sun at 170 in Canada and sure Thatch is a budding prospect from a top camp but that’s not important. What is important is both men have head kick KOs on the record, Grandmont has 75% finishing percentage and Thatch has finished every fight in the first round. Those are the important stats; those stats let you know when you put down your hard earned dollars your going to see an exciting fight. Like I said before, it’s nice when matchmakers do their job right.

2. Victor Valimaki (16-8) vs. Tim Chemelli (8-1)
Aggression MMA 9 – Edmonton – February 11
Nothing brings a smile to an MMA fans face faster then when two top 10 ranked fighters face off. When 9th ranked Valimaki battles 10th ranked Chemelli, MMA fans coast to coast will be beaming ear to ear. It’ll have been over a year since fans last saw The Matrix compete albeit in a losing effort against Karl Knothe. In fact, Valimaki will be entering the cage on a three fight losing skid, but with a year away from the cage and a new found vigour towards MMA, expect to see The Matrix 2.0 come February 11th. Chemelli, a Team Sparta product, also will be entering the cage on the heels of a loss, albeit the first loss of his career. This is another big step up in competition for Chemelli who is still looking for that signature win, but really he has nothing to lose and lots to gain as he enters the cage as the underdog. Hopefully, for the fan’s sake, Valimaki will have kept his new found penchant for striking which he showed off in his 2 losses to Martin Desilet.  As Chemelli is always game for a throw down, this could be a sleeper for most entertaining fight of the month. Granted, the excitement level of this fight will based on both fighters game plan, if Chemelli chooses not to stand and bang, his wrestling and top control could prove problematic for Valimaki. But as the old saying goes “there is no substitution for experience…” and experience is something the 30 year old UFC veteran Valimaki has in bunches.

1. Ryan Ford (16-4) vs. Ricky Goodall (9-4)
Aggression MMA 9 – Edmonton – February 11
Ten days out from the event, Ford’s original opponent Tyson Steele suffered an injury to his LCL and was forced to withdraw from the fight. In steps Ricky Goodall, fresh off his win over Jerome Martinez just one week ago, and currently riding a three fight win streak with wins over Derek Gauthier and Lenny Wheeler. Ford had an excellent start to his 2011 campaign defeating Johnny Davis, Karo Parisyan and Nick Hinchcliffe before faltering against journeyman David Hullet. The loss to Hullet was more than a mere misstep for Ford as because of the loss, Ford’s Bellator debut was pushed back. With the loss to Hullet behind him, Ford decided to change up his training camp and moved to Canada’s mecca of MMA to train at TriStar with world renowned coach Firas Zahabi. This is an intriguing battle between 2 top Canadian Welterweights, both have found a new found respect for training and are both looking to take that next step in their career. Sure this will be a huge step up for Goodall but Ricky has looked good of late. If Goodall can survive the usual early onslaught from Ford, this will be an interesting tilt. Both Goodall and Ford have been working on their hands and with better speed, technique and power, this could prove to be one of the more entertaining fights of the month. Be sure to check it out live at

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  1. Edmonton MMA says:

    Looking forward to spencer and jenson! Also going for thatch and baker!

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  2. Jeff Harrison says:

    An interview/article with my team mate Remi Morvan.. Check it.

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  3. Dean Panas says:

    Some great match-ups on the list. Like EdmontonMMA I am also looking forward to seeing how the Spencer/Jenson fight plays out. Aggression match making is looking great with the Canadian talent they use. I am surprised the Wedderburn/Wells fight didn’t make the list because of all the attention it has been getting on the site.

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  4. Tim Jenson is out of the fight. Albrecht steps in.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    That’s happened a couple times with him. Is he maybe never comin back?

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  6. Demitri (trev) says:

    Most excited for valimaki vs chemelli. Intriguing match up for me. I think I’ll go with chemelli in this one.

    Does anyone know if Goodall is in shape? Good last minute replacement nonetheless. Couldnt have been be easy finding a suitable replacement on such short notice. Well done aggression

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  7. Brodie says:

    Demitri, Goodall is in great shape, just fought last weekend, all he does is train anyway the guy is non stop, so he is always on shape.

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  8. Mike Davis says:

    Kick some ass Remi, pulling for you!

    on that not im am most pumped about Bagshaw vs Welsh

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  9. islandwarriorBC says:

    My guess is Jensen probably realized he couldn’t make 145 as he has been inactive for quite some time and i believe he usually fought at 155.

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