Top MMA News Breaks Down UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit


The UFC returns to the ever popular Mandalay Bay Events Center for their Superbowl weekend fight card in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 4th. After a long and stressful couple of months, Carlos ‘The Natural Born Killer’ Condit and Nick Diaz will go head to head for the UFC Interim Welterweight championship to see who will eventually take on current Champion Georges ‘Rush’ St. Pierre while he heals from surgery. The five main card bouts will be live on Pay-Per-View. There will be four preliminary bouts that will be on FX in the U.S. and Rogers Sportsnet in Canada while the first two bouts of the night are likely to be aired on Facebook.

Nick Diaz (26-7) vs. Carlos Condit (27-5) for the UFC Interim Welterweight Championship
We have all heard the story over and over again. UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was originally scheduled to fight Nick Diaz at UFC 137. After Diaz went missing for a while, the UFC took away his opportunity and gave it to Carlos Condit. St-Pierre suffered an injury and the main event spot was suddenly given to Nick Diaz and BJ Penn, where Diaz took out his anger on the face of Penn as he cruised to a very one sided decision. He used that victory to advertise his personality and called out St. Pierre which caused him to rage and ask for Diaz instead of Condit. The UFC then took Condit out and put Diaz in. One major St-Pierre surgery later and we have arrived to potentially one of the most entertaining matchups the organization could set up. Carlos Condit is coming off of an extremely impressive performance against Dong Hyun Kim where he rocked the Korean grappler with a flying knee and immediately finished the fight as soon as he hit the ground. Condit is well known as a finisher and of the 32 pro fights he has been in, only 3 have gone to decision. He is very well rounded and will need to bring his punishing style to the Octagon against Diaz, who has yet to lose since his doctor’s stoppage loss to KJ Noons back in 2007. This fight will no doubt be a war as both guys don’t come to prance around the cage. These are two fast paced, high action fighters that have the cardio of a couple of Bantamweights. The grappling advantage has to go to Diaz as he has proven that he is one of the most talented Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners in the sport. Condit may be the better wrestler but he will not want to roll on the ground with Diaz. As for the stand up, they are two completely different fighters. Condit carries the versatility, throwing a wide variety of knees, kicks and punches while Diaz is an extremely unorthodox boxer that gets the job done. Diaz will likely frustrate Condit as he did to Penn and have him confused as to what to do. There is a decent chance he will look like his little brother Nate when he fought Donald Cerrone. Expect a variety of shots to the head and body of Condit as he batters him en route to a date with Georges St-Pierre later this year.
Prediction: Diaz via TKO Round 3

Who will be the new UFC Interim Welterweight champion?

  • Nick Diaz (58%, 38 Votes)
  • Carlos Condit (42%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 66

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Fabricio Werdum (14-5-1) vs. Roy Nelson (16-6)
After being the first man to truly beat Fedor Emilianenko, Fabricio Werdum’s stock could not have possibly been higher. He went on to fight in a lacklustre decision loss to Alistair Overeem but is now slated for his return to the Octagon against ‘Big Country’ Roy Nelson. Nelson has shown a lot of issues recently in his game as his jiu-jitsu has looked a little iffy while he may be far too reliant on his one punch KO power which he showed in his first two UFC bouts. Nelson is the less talented fighter and there is a decent chance that he will need to depend on that one punch KO power or else he will need to turn this into a fight of strength by grinding out Werdum to victory. There is no doubt he has the strength advantage, but that may be the only real advantage he has. He showed in his last few fights he does not have the greatest cardio and can be beat up on his back or when he is up against the cage. Werdum has shown much improved striking, even in the Overeem bout where he statistically out struck the K-1 Champion. He has solid speed and technique in his stand up and trains with some of the best in the world which should give him the advantage as he manages to keep the fight standing for a decision win.
Prediction: Werdum via Unanimous Decision

Josh Koscheck (16-5) vs. Mike Pierce (13-4)
After finally getting back into the win column against Matt Hughes, Josh Koscheck is getting himself into a fight that he may not want to be a part of. Mike Pierce has proven that he can frustrate anyone in the Welterweight division by using his size and his wrestling to get past his opponents. He gave Koscheck’s teammate, Jon Fitch, some trouble and it could be argued that he defeated Johny Hendricks when they fought this past August. There is no denying that he has a decent chance of beating Koscheck for his first big name victory of his career but Koscheck may have too much to offer. Although Pierce trains with some of the best wrestlers in MMA (Team Quests Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen), Koscheck is a proven Division I wrestler and is one of the few successful college amateur wrestlers to translate his grappling game into MMA. The biggest issue with Koscheck is that his improved offensive striking has left him overly confident on the feet and his defensive striking has shown quite a few flaws. It all really started with getting knocked out by Paulo Thiago, then after earning a title shot, he was picked a part by champion Georges St. Pierre and most recently allowed Matt Hughes to hurt him on the feet. If he is able to get past those issues, he should be able to use his speed and striking advantage to get by Pierce.
Prediction: Koscheck via Unanimous Decision

Renan Barao (27-1) vs. Scott Jorgensen (13-4)
One of the best prospects in all of MMA, Renan Barao, is not a prospect anymore after he dominated English boxer Brad Pickett at his own game. Scott Jorgensen will undoubtedly be his stiffest test yet as the wrestler possesses some of the best ground and pound in the Bantamweight division. He is one of the few guys in the division that can posture up and put a guy to sleep on the ground; however, Barao is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and should be able to nullify Jorgensen’s biggest strength and force the wrestler to struggle if the fight does get there. The quickness and precision of his rear naked choke on Pickett showed the killer instinct of the Brazilian, who has won 27 straight professional fights. Jorgensen will need to turn this fight into an ugly one if he wants to win this by slowing down the pace of the likely more superior overall fighter and he will need to use the cage and his power to his advantage. He can very well come out victorious if he makes Barao feel as uncomfortable as possible but Barao’s abilities are still far too underrated in the UFC. He will come out and prove that he is worthy of title contention in the UFC and should be able to earn that by mixing in his speed and technique as he beats up Jorgensen on the feet before Jorgensen feels the need to take the fight to the ground where Barao will use his superior grappling to submit the former Bantamweight title challenger. There is a decent chance we witness the Nova Uniao product in a title fight in 2012.
Prediction: Barao via Armbar Round 2

Ed Herman (19-8) vs. Clifford Starks (8-0)
After not fighting in all of 2010 due to injury, Ed Herman finally returned in 2011 and looked extremely impressive in his two fights. Herman will be taking on Arizona State wrestling product Clifford Starks who came out victorious in his UFC debut against Dustin Jacoby. Starks has top notch wrestling and he will need to use it against Herman who is the far more experienced fighter. Herman will need to utilize his jiu-jitsu game if the fight manages to make its way to the ground and he should be able to find some success considering he is a BJJ black belt, so much of this fight depends on how he will handle a big wrestler on top of him. Herman is the better striker and more proven on the feet. How will Starks handle his first shot on a UFC main card? He has quite a bit of potential in the sport and he is being given a major step up in competition. He has a long way to go in the sport but there is a good chance of an upset. Herman is a very good fighter and a heavy favourite coming into this fight but wrestling trumps a lot in MMA and I think we will see a long and hard fought decision victory for Starks. It will likely not be so pretty but he should be able to surprise many and get the job done.
Prediction: Starks via Unanimous Decision

32 Responses to “ Top MMA News Breaks Down UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit ”

  1. Bigtoe says:

    My picks:

    Condit UD – I don’t think Diaz has faced anyone the past couple of years that is on Condit’s level. I see Condit applying non-stop pressure in the clinch and on the mat on his way to an easy decision.

    Werdum – All the same reasons.

    Kos TKO – GNP 2nd round

    Jorgensen UD – I just can’t bet against Jorgensen, one of my favorite fighters.

    Herman UD- I’m going with experience on this one and Herman has looked good as of late.

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  2. Bigtoe says:

    Off topic but… I think Rory McDonald would walk through Nick Diaz with ease.

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  3. Tyler Davis says:

    Agree with big toe. But 209 for the win, Diaz is top five p4p condit is a killer but has never fought anyone on Diaz’s level

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  4. Tyler Davis says:

    K maybe top 10

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  5. Condit > Diaz.

    I don’t see how Diaz is considered in the Top 10 P4P.

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  6. booboo says:

    Diaz hasn t lost since 07 and keeps proving he s 1 of the best in the world . I think he s top 10 easy and he WILL beat Condit via tko 3rd .I dont see how u cant him consider him top 10 , only GSP has a shot in beating him . When he beats condit will he then b in your top 10 ?

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  7. Brando says:

    Condit is going to have to come out strong against Diaz. His starts against Kampmann, Ellenberger, and Rory were horrible and almost lost him all those fights. Diaz will win but they will both get a bonus for FOTN.

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  8. Brando says:

    Diaz is a great fighter but will have trouble against good wrestlers like Fitch, Kos, Ellenberger, Hendricks and GSP imo. If he proves me wrong then I would put him in my top 10 for sure.

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  9. IF Diaz wins, Condit will be the first top 10 Welterweight that Diaz has ever beat. Condit is coming off of giving Stun Gun an extraordinary loss. The reason GSP is hoping for a Diaz win is 1) its worth more money to him and 2) Diaz is an easier fight for him – don’t agree? just watch Rory Mac vs Nate Diaz. That will be the same as GSP vs Nick Diaz – a ragdolling.

    Its very debatable that BJ Penn was a top 10 welterweight when he fought Diaz, however Penn did fluke a draw against Jon Fitch.

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  10. Brando says:

    Penn is a much better opponent than Kim (Stun Gun) in my opinion. Yes Penn’s draw with Fitch was questionable but he has proven himself as a tough fight for anyone at any weight. Kim’s biggest win was Nate Diaz. The flying knee was pretty slick though.

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  11. Advin says:

    I like all your pick besides Diaz vs Condit. I see condit smashing Diaz with kicks, knees and some elbows enroute to a UD victory. (i could see a rnd 4 gnp stoppage) It could end via stoppage depending on how much damage Diaz face can take. This IMO is a terrible match up for Diaz. Condit is more then capable of rolling around with Diaz, and condit has submitted very good wrestlers in the past and has shown great grappling abilities in all his fights.

    Condit will be the new UFC champ.

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  12. steve hill says:

    this could be the fight of the year…both guys are animals with no quit in either….will be great

    I disagree with keith tho…I think condit is a much tougher fight for diaz than gsp…this fight will be won on heart….both guys never give up..

    gsp… well who knows…the only time we ever have seen him in any trouble…was matt hughes…and he tapped ….and matt serra…and he got finished….

    either way gonna be a great fight…but only my opinion

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  13. Bdc says:

    I also think diaz will lose but man do i love to watch that guy fight win or lose he allways puts on

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  14. Jake204 says:

    Condit wins rounds 1 and 2. Diaz wins rounds 3, 4, and 5 en route to a decision win.

    As much as Condit claims an exciting fight with Diaz, I see Condit working the clinch more likely than trading with Diaz. This will be extremely taxing for both fighters but Diaz got gas tank for days. Condit’s pace will slow down in the 3rd round.

    Diaz is one of the best volume punchers around. His boxing is phenomenal and lands at a high percentage. He will pick Condit apart when he slows down. Pat-pat-pat!

    I’m not a fighter and this is strictly from a fan’s POV. Regardless of the outcome, I’m truly excited for this card. A very interesting fight indeed!

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    Advin, I agreed with everything you said until “Condit will be the new UFC champ.”

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  16. evmister says:

    I think most sites had BJ as a top 10 welterweight when Diaz fought him. Diaz smashed him too. I’m picking Diaz to win, and i want Diaz to win for the sole purpose of fighting GSP.
    If it wasn’t for the GSP thing, I’d totally want Condit to win though. Condit was an EFFING MONSTER against Kim. No one has done anything like that to Kim.

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  17. Cyrus says:

    Holy shit KG you’re out to lunch. Diaz is top 10.

    Diaz tko doctor stoppage rd 2 5:00

    Roy Nelson via fat decision

    KOscheck via tko 1st rd.

    Can’t bet against Barao, via submission rd1

    Ed herman via rear make choke

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  18. Cyrus says:

    Rear **NAKED****choke

    all day ;)

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  19. Bigtoe says:

    There is a bit of debate regarding if Diaz is a top ten…

    Pound for Pound – no
    WW – Absolutely!

    A year ago, I would have pick Nick to win but after watching Rory destroy Nate and Condit destroy Kim, my opinion has changed. I think Condit is going to come in with an excellent game plan and he will end this before the championship rounds. Condit is twice the force Sanchez is and I don’t think Diaz has improved x2 since he lost to Diego Sanchez.

    I know mma math doesn’t work but Nick hasn’t fought any significant grapplers since he lost 3 in a row to Sherk, Riggs and Sanchez.

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  20. Brando says:

    I think Condit is more similar in skill set to Cerrone than he is to Rory and that is why I see this fight looking more like Nate vs Cerrone than Rory vs Nate. Condit isn’t strong or big enough to overpower Nick like that.

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  21. Donald Duck says:

    Wow. Um, not sure why people ride Diaz’s jock like they do but… since his loss to KJ who has Diaz faced that is even close to Carlos’ level (and don’t say Pineapple Boy). Like maybe you could make an argument that Scott Smith was a solid test but clearly Smith’s best days are behind him (no offense mind you I love watching Scott fight). Frank Shamrock? Sakurai? Daley?!?

    Carlos would have looked as impressive if not more so against every single one of Diaz’s last 11 oponents.

    Natural Born Killer will win this. It won’t be pretty but look for Carlos to get his hand raised.

    I’m also struck by the comments about Nelson. I’m wondering if Mr. Saghir has seen Roy fight outside of his last two outings? Roy has amazing cardio and incredible MMA BJJ. Sure on paper Werdum is the higher ranked BJJ player but we’ve seen what happens to his JiuJitsu when people smash him in the face.

    While I’m sure Dana is hoping the Burger King loses don’t bet on it. Roy via GnP rnd 2.

    Mr. The Duck

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  22. Donald Duck says:

    Oh one little thing, is Chael now in SoCal? I was pretty sure he was still Portland based which would mean Pierce is either training with Chael or Dan not both.


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  23. Wael Saghir says:

    @Donald Duck: What has Nelson done to impress you so much? His biggest wins were against Mirko, Schaub and Struve. Those are 3 guys that have worse chins than Werdum. I’m not saying he doesn’t stand a chance but odds are he won’t look too impressive in this fight against a guy that’s better than all 3 of those guys.

    His past doesn’t matter. His cardio has been horrendous for the past 3 fights so why should I believe it will be any different? His jiu-jitsu looked just awful against Mir and Werdum is better at BJJ than Mir. Go ahead and ask Mir his opinion on that and I’m sure he would agree. All you’re really doing is underestimating Werdum in this fight.

    Nelson can win this fight in two ways and I named them both. Otherwise, you have to be realistic.

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  24. Brando says:

    @Donald- are Daley, Cyborg, and Zaromskis not talented enough strikers? He finished all of them in spectacular fashion. Pineapple boy? It’s amazing how quickly a Legends stock can drop to the point where they get called pineapple boy. If anything people are hanging from Condit’s nuts because of a flying knee against a b level opponent. I may be wrong but i think Penn is the only guy on either of these guys records that was top 5 ranked when they beat them.

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  25. Cyrus says:

    Even if you’re not a nick Diaz fan u cannot say he’s not top 10 WW. hasn’t lost since 07(avenged) won every fight since.

    Condit lost to Kampman. Kampman got stopped by Daley. Daley got peppered by Diaz. I know it’s MMA math but these fighters are all in the same evolution.
    Is Jon fitch top 10???? Yes? No? I would say yes despite his KO loss to ET phone home.
    Fitch fought bj Penn and could not secure a win. fought penn to a draw. Diaz, openen a boxing clinic on bj and sent him home a bloody mess. Again, MMA math isn’t legit but you can tell who’s top 10 wake up!!!!!

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  26. Donald Duck says:

    I’m torn because I’m a huge fan of both of them and being honest Fedor, Silva and Kyle are not impressive wins for Werdum. If I look for shared opponents we see that JDS was able to stop Werdum easily while he couldn’t put away Nelson. Nelson’s ground is respected enough that JDS not only struggled to get anything going but pretty much gave up trying to grapple Roy.

    Their other recently shared opponent was Arlovski. Roy won that fight and then the moronic ref stood them up and made him fight Andre a second time whereas Werdum struggled to get anything going outside of a nice pimp slap. Also, outside of the two losses in the UFC I also think the loss to Monson was a BS decision (personal opinion).

    Both dangerous, both very close to being solid A level HW fighters. I just think Roy is the better rounded MMA fighter and should be able to win this. If rumors are to be believed he had health issues for both the Mir and JDS fight (we’ll know for sure on Saturday as he’s reportedly healthy right now).

    Everyone gets all excited when they see a Johnny Hendrix finish an opponent of GSP in more impressive fashion. Roy stopped Struve cold 20 seconds faster than JDS did. That’s impressive to me.

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  27. Brando says:

    @Wael- I thought Nelson’s conditioning looked great in his last fight against Cro cop. He also did very well against Dos Santos proving that he can really take a punch and has decent striking. Werdum is definitely better on the ground but Roy is good there too. If Werdum gets it to the ground I think he will win but he is gonna have to do more than sit on his ass and beg Roy to get in his guard to get Roy down imo.

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  28. Donald Duck says:

    @Brando – Read my comments. They’re all talented in their own right but Carlos would have looked as impressive or more had he fought them instead of Diaz. Unfortunately GSP has cleaned out the division to a point where we’re selling people as Top 10 who just aren’t there.

    GSP showed every single welterweight on the planet how to beat BJ. Since losing the split to George’s in ’06 the only WW that Penn has been able to beat is an over the hill Hughes. This isn’t disrespect just facts man. So for people to justify Diaz as Top 10 based on beating Penn at Welterweight when Penn only has one win at WW since ’06 is just wrong.

    @Cyrus – Losing a brutally close split decision to Kampmann hardly supports your MMA Math. Also Fitch can’t strike for sh*t so he’ve left grappling against a world champ. BJ is awesome when he fights at lightweight or when he convinces people to just grapple with him.

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  29. Brando says:

    @Donald- I read your comment. I think Penn and Daley are on Condit’s level. Condit’s biggest win is against Kim and as close as his loss against Kampmann was his wins over Ellenberger and Rory were equally close.I also think Penn gets underestimated a lot because he was fighting at LW. His first loss to GSP was very close and he took a draw against Fitch. They were 1 and 2 at WW for the last 3 years. Beating Penn is a huge win for anyone at LW or WW. This is going to be a close fight.

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  30. steve hill says:

    after watching roy against junior dos santos if you wernt a fan of his; you became one, the man has more heart than he does belly….well maybe not….

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  31. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Diaz is one crazy MF!

    That being said, get ready for the fight of the night!!

    Look out GSP, Diaz all the way!!

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  32. Robin Black says:

    Diaz’s boxing relies on a really really heavy front foot.

    If Condit can kick that heavy front leg a lot in rounds 1 and 2 then we got us a Condit win in a great great fight imo.

    If not then Diaz beats him badly imo.

    Both guys are animals. Exciting awesome fight.

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