Rumble on the Rez – OCN – February 11


Date: February 11, 2012
Location: Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre in Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Manitoba

155lbs – Dominick Blais (7-4) vs Leo Constant (2-5)
155lbs – Matt Zemlack (4-0) vs Vince Bercier (1-1)
140lbs – Louis Fisette (3-1) vs Curtis Constant (0-0)

Amateur MMA
185lbs – Leon Church (0-0) vs Sunny Bird (0-1)
?lbs – Obie Spence (0-0) vs Paul Raymond (2-0)
265lbs – Nelson Cote vs Dale Swampy
155lbs – Jordon Constant (1-2) vs Orion Lovequist (1-1)
185lbs – Paul Chartrand Jr. vs Mike Flett Jr

Jesse Genaille vs Dan Hogue
Kelly Spence vs Mark Wayne

99 Responses to “ Rumble on the Rez – OCN – February 11 ”

  1. QuinnFan says:

    I will only put money on quinn is there is proof of him training like a beast for this one. Then yes I will put money on this fight Eric.

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Get me a contract. I’ll take it and eat like a beast.

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  3. TheFacts says:

    *clears throat*
    QuinnFan is a fucking hypocrite who obviously doesn’t know the fight game. For starters he says

    QuinnFan: “I wish everyone a prosperous career, even so you Eric. Like I said I WASN’T PUTTING DOWN ANYONE FROM WAMMA just I think its rediculous matchmaking and lou and dom shouldnt have taken those fights. Even when they win that W doesn’t mean shat.”

    but before that he said
    “Curtis Brigham loves padding his fighters record, exact reason why delorme got his skull cracked open by TJ dillashaw on tuf”

    hmmmm… I’d say that’s talking down about other people. Secondly, fighter’s need experience to build themselves up in the early stages of their careers. That sometimes means taking last minute fights even against cans; it’s all about the ring-time. Say something useful or shut the fuck up. Good day maddam.

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  4. Louis fisette says:

    Ill take a fight on 5 days notice everytime… Pay me, give me a W and I’m in Quinnfan can shut his mouth and talk to me face to face. If you can’t use your real name on a forum don’t say shit.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Great opportunity on 5 days notice and you did a great job. Made weight, meds, got up there, got ready, and filled in last minute on a show in a town that really appreciated it and came out with a couple bucks, a win, and some more experience. And gave a fight to a card in need in a small town that worked hard to put it on.

    Great job guys.

    Hope to see more small shows like this in rural Manitoba overseen by the MBC. Nice job everyone pullin it off hopefully they do more.

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  6. In Dec of 2011 I asked the convention center if we could have 3 or 4 dates for CFM in 2012. I was told there was only a total of 4 dates for fight shows available and CFM and CFC would have to draw for them. I originally asked for March, May, Sept and Nov for my shows dates in 2012 and I was denied all.
    The WCC claimed to have put our names in a hat and I apparently lost, and I only say that because I was not allowed to be there to see the draw. I was given 1 date to run a show and it was Nov 2012. The convention center had a rule that no one can run a show 30 days prior or 30 days after someone else’s MMA event. So I told the convention center that if any other dates come available or someone cancels please give us the first opportunity as we have just started our business and would like an opportunity to grow.
    In Oct 2011 I get a call from the convention center and I was told I could have Feb 2012 if I wanted it turns out someone cancelled their concert or something, and I was given an opportunity at a second date for 2012 (Feb) and we had every intention of running a show in Feb.
    In Dec 2011 we had some discussions with Gatlin about bringing CFM to the Pas so we decided to cancel our date at the convention center as there was no way we could do a show in the Pas and in Winnipeg in the same month it’s just not possible. After having such a hard time running the Nov show IE Some matches I proposed not being approved by the MBC, Some fighters pulling out, Some fighters not getting their medicals done in time and my wife being pregnant I decided I was not going to run a show in Feb unless it was in the Pas since they would be handling all the ticket sales and promotional stuff. The show in the Pas would have been less stress for me and my wife to put on.
    Most people have no idea what promoters go through to put on a show. The countless unpaid hours that Myself, My wife, My family, George and friends do as volunteer is nuts. These shows don’t turn profits in fact most shows consistently lose money unless you’re the big ones.
    AS for Rumble on the REZ I was interested in putting on a Cage Fighting Manitoba show out there but it had to make sense for both parties and at this time it just did not. I wished Gatlin and the guys all the best. I am glad they put on this show. I really hope they do more the sport of MMA needs to grow in Manitoba and there has been so many douchbags out there trying to keep it down in our province.
    CFM still has Nov 2012 and we have every intention on running CFM 4 then!
    Louis will be offered a title shot as I promised against whom… will remain silent until the MBC approves a match up. I want it to be clear I do not help guys pad records at all, nor do I own a gym or promote any 1 gym more than the others. I have the utmost respect for all fighters, coaches and gyms in MMA community and we just love the sport! That’s it! Most people who know me for real know how I really work. I do my best to put on entertaining good fights and a good show for MMA fans with a small budget! The biggest challenge any show can have is the matchmaking part. The only reason I am posting this is the facts are the facts and to many people speak for me and Cage Fighting Manitoba.

    All the doughbags know who they are.. It still boggles my brain how most of you can even sleep at night.

    Keep the shows coming into Manitoba so I can go back to being just a seat fan with no risk or stress!


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  7. hawkes says:

    Quinn fan wont take that bet eric. in order to take that bet he would have to let you know who he is and that could be hazardous to his health.

    Gabe, make sure you tell tha MB commission to let you have ammys on your show, because apperantly its legal to do that now!

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  8. EPerez says:


    You absolutely were talking down wamma guys and if you ever are at a show that Im at Id recommend not introduce yourself unless you’d like to answer for this shit here, I may or may not want to listen.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    You don’t talk bad about a guy’s Mom or his Coach/team.

    You just don’t.

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  10. Dave "SHOULDRZ" Macmillan says:

    I don’t even know who said it, but I read somewhere someone bashing Rolie Delorme……. that ain’t right.

    “…….Delorme got his skull cracked…..”

    1st off. Rolie has never dodged a fight
    2nd, fighting Remi Morvan 2ce, Quinn and Wilson is not a way to pad your record.
    3rd. he deserves everything he gets being a top ten bantam in canada
    4th the amount of adversity that kid has been through to get where he is today, man that kid is a champ of life.

    oh wow, all you got bad to say about him is losing to one of the best fighters on the show?

    man, the more you fight, the more chances of losing.

    who are you to disrespect a man who competed in the UFC.

    you know what, don’t bother answering, I got better stuff to do then listen to someone bash athletes and teams who train till misery and get little pay.

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  11. Louis Fisette says:

    Hmm response fom Quinnfan……… Chicken flu?WEEEEEEEIRD

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    Easy, I lost some good friends to the Chicken Flu.

    Ah the coast to coast squabblings of the MMA community. And people wonder why we still struggle with mainstream acceptance.

    @QuinnFan, You should probably ease up least you talk Sean into an angry mob of friends of Curtis. The Little Boy has done some seriously good things for Canadian MMA.

    @Quinn – Get a fight already. Sheesh, I have often wondered if you’d have an easier time getting a fight if you wouldn’t have dropped Nick in that fight. Jeeze Louise someone has to be willing to sign on the dotted line and fight.

    @Louis – The complaints are legit man. Sure you guys did a good thing helping to fill out a card but you had to know you were going to catch heat over it. Some of these guys haven’t even seen MMA gloves let alone been in the ring with the likes of you.

    @Gabe – Stop making excuses. We all have live’s outside of the sport and when you list your laundry list of reasons behind not being able to put on a show you just make yourself look like a baby. Your whole post should have been:

    “We’re still here and working to put on shows. Had a date booked for Feb but that didn’t work. CFM will be back in November of 2012 with a Bantam Weight Title fight as promised.”

    Anything else comes across whinny.


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  13. Sean Quinn says:


    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  14. Louis Fisette says:

    Did I think I had a good shot in wininng? Of course I did that’s why I took it on short notice. I don’t make guys take fights, yes I agree I had way more experience than constant. Does that mean I shouldn’t take a pay day and a win??? I dunno in my opinion a fights a fight, noone forces you to do it.

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    Always good to rack up wins man.

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  16. Hey thanks Duck for your opinions as you are entitled to it, like the rest of us. If I choose to air out my laundry its my choice.
    Stay positive!!!

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    Opinions are like bum holes. Everyone has one.

    Mine however smells like roses.


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  18. Gatlin Church says:

    Well say what u need too. I would like to thank Curtis and the boy’s from Wamma. With out you guys taking fight last minute this event wouldn’t of happened.

    As for Gabe or anyone else I will stay professional, This event was a great show for small town Manitoba.

    We now have Curtis comming back to town for a seminare this weekend, and have a lot of young men wanting to get involved in this sport.

    We look forward to our next show as we are planning for a show this summer.

    Once again thanks to the MBC and Wamma for making this show happen, this show is a great place for grassroot development.

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  19. harry balls says:

    I wanna hear from Orion Lovequist , but only because his name is Orion Lovequist .

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Congrats on the event Mr. Church.

    And this:

    “We now have Curtis comming back to town for a seminare this weekend, and have a lot of young men wanting to get involved in this sport.”

    Is awesome. You always hope that seeing MMA will inspire others to get involved with this great sport. It’ll give some young dudes something positive to do.

    Nice work.

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  21. HomeWrecker says:

    Gabriel you don’t even have a promoters license

    Isn’t George your patsy?

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  22. Nice comment homeWrecker, George is my partner and without him CFM would not be around. He holds the promoter liciense yes and I hold the Matchmaker one so? what’s your point? Don’t hide behind some shit screen name and start name calling people….

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  23. Donald Duck says:

    A good friend of mine reminded me of a time when a truly strange fight was promoted in Winter-Peg. A UFC vet against someone who was reletively inexperienced. He mentioned that a certain ‘matchmaker’ was sure this was a great fight but sadly it appears the commission agreed with the faceless anonymous interweb posters and the fight never happened.

    Odd that when one is called on bad behavior their only course of action is to accuse the teller of said information of not using their real name. Don’t get me wrong, if it is slander then it has no place but if it is simple varifiable truth you have to wonder why the person at the centre of the story wouldn’t just offer an explaination and move on.

    I hear that Big Donnie is a bad mother……

    shut your mouth

    I’m just talking about Donnie.

    we can dig it

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  24. HomeWrecker says:

    My point is you are not a promoter, but talk like one.

    you were calling people doughbags and saying MMA in manitoba was being held back, that’s more cowardly.

    Speak up if people are hurting the sport in Manitoba.

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  25. Tony says:

    cfm dead, ultimate cage war best promotion in the peg

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  26. homewrecker, Gabe has been running shows here for awhile.

    Despite others having the promoters license, Gabe was the driving force behind the last UCW’s and the CFM shows.

    Manitoba MMA is growing, and nobody is holding it back in my opinion.

    The province needs more shows!

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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    Peace in the middle east!

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  28. Thanks Marc! Yes I agree the UCW shows were very good specially when KSOS was involved. His partner and I will not say any names screwed that up..

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  29. I have no problem saying Tony Condello was bad for MMA in Manitoba.

    Thanks for being part of the start of the sport here, but he had no place in the business.

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  30. Totally agree with you MAD!

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  31. Donald Duck says:

    Of course you agree with MAD he’s not making you look bad.

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  32. Come on Duck you don’t agree with us? I think if people want to promote MMA that’s fine but you have to treat people with respect and he had none for anyone…

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    Well he’s no Dave Lockert or Jeff Wiley…. but yes I’d agree.

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  34. Thanks for your honesty!

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  35. Donald Duck says:

    Out of curiosity who are the douchebags holding back Manitoba MMA? Typically when people start complaining about being held back they’re either talking about competition or the press. Again, that’s just based on other promoters comments.

    As a matchmaker who’s been around the scene who would you say is your biggest obsticle?



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  36. In the past 8 years since I have been involved in MMA. I have seen all kinds of people trying to stop it from growing here. Now with all due respect I will not go on a public forum and name names, I am sorry but that’s just not my way.

    George and I have been faced with so many road blocks in this business you could not Imagine.

    From People telling local fighters to not fight on our shows. To others telling people not to come out to our shows. I will not lie that hurts ticket sales big time.

    People were on public forums saying I did not want to use local fighters and I should use more local fighters. The truth is everyone knows it brings the cost down to use local talent and helps ticket sales, I always wanted guys from all the local gyms first but some guys would not step up.

    Curtis Brigham and Wamma was our biggest supporters and without them we would be screwed.

    The venue is also a huge problem I feel I am always left with dates nobody wants and have been treated very unfairly. Which still may get addressed publicly soon.

    This is just a few issues I could probably write a book.

    I have always supported each and every show in this town. I never cared who was promoting it. I did my best to help sell tix for the MFC show that never happened in Brandon MB.

    I went to almost every CFC show and filled at a min 1 table. I enjoy MMA at every level and thought when I got into this business the MMA community was a close nit one. Shit was I wrong, the back stabbing cheating, lying shit that goes on will blow your minds.

    I think the sport like most people say needs to mature a bit and it needs to ween out these types of people. I guess boxing was wacko in the old days to with shitty promoters, crooked mangers and bad commissions. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with the MBC commission they are the leaders in helping the sport grow. Look what they did to help Rumble on the Rez happen on short notice.

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  37. Donald Duck says:

    Just for clarification, when you say ‘I am always left with dates…” did you promote at one point and are now exclusively matchmaking?

    Sorry, my Ontario is showing which may or may not be a good thing.

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  38. George and I are partners we both make all the decsisions as a team. We both own Cage Fighting Manitoba. Since I am an Operations Manager in my day job I am the one that deals with most of the operations of CFM. So I wear many hats. The matchmaking part is my responsibility completly though.

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  39. Donald Duck says:

    Odd that people would thumb down my question…

    Thanks Gabe, that helps. I’m still interested though in details around who is holding back MMA in MB. To me this is the exact forum to bring those names forward. One only has to look around the country to see where not talking about things leads to greater risk to athletes and sports.

    Look at how the blind eye turned towards Edmonton has turned out. While a few posters here loudly objected to the approval of Pride rules many many more either kept quiet or voiced nuetral opinions.

    If you are in the know you need to voice your concerns.


    PS – Is it Robin? I’ve always been suspicious of that guy.

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  40. Jamie Locke says:

    DD, You seem to have a hate on for Gabe?

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  41. I gave your question a thumbs up!!! It was a good one. If one really wants to know the skinny on mma in WPG very little research needs to be done. Or maybe ask KSOS for an excusive he is never been afraid to speak the truth! Also he has way more clout then I do.

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  42. Donald Duck says:

    That’s an interesting interpretation of my posts Jamie. I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t a big fan of the Rumble on the Rez card matches and when Gabriel came to the defense of them I may not have been as nice as I could have however I wouldn’t classify my interest as ‘hate’.

    What seems odd to me is that the MMA world seems to always want polarizing issues and discussions. This leads to the ‘if you disagree with me you must hate me’ mind set which is very limiting when it comes to debate and improvement. It also leads to people not wanting to use their real name when they post due to backlash over having a simple opinion.

    I have in the past posted under my real name (I’m sure the admins on this site have noticed the email similarity) and was very disappointed in the reaction I got off of simple truths. I choose now to post under an alias precisely because it shouldn’t matter. If I have spoken untrue and been corrected I have apologized however for the most part I have been pointed and truthful to the best of my knowledge about the issues at hand.

    To take the instant assumption that I have a ‘hate on’ for someone implies that you a severely limited in your understanding of the discussion. Your previous posts have not indicated to me that you struggle with comprehension so I’m at a loss to explain this.

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  43. Donald Duck says:

    @Gabe – I still feel strongly that you should bring these issues forward in a forum such as this.


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  44. Gunner says:

    Duck i can understand your perspective on the whole name thing but to be honest myself and most people that use the forum tend to by pass or read very little into well what someone says that is rather ducky in nature. Most reasons for name alias is to allow someone to slander, misdirect or bring up items that well in the end are not productive. My opinion is if i believe something and i feel string enough that i wanna address it i dont really give to shits who sees my name attached to it.

    (which is unfortunate as you quiet often have som every interesting ideas and thoughts on stuff and actually make sense sometimes unlike myself)

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  45. Sean Quinn says:

    I gave Gunner the thumbsdown.

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  46. Gunner says:

    I wish nothing but Dennis Hallmans banana hammock firmly against Quinns chin

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  47. Jamie Locke says:

    I understand where you’re coming from Darkwing, I suppose “hate” was just a too strong of term, I was just noticing you were – like you said “not as nice” as you could have been.

    I don’t enjoy mismatches any more than the next guy, it just seemed to me, from your questions to Gabe that you weren’t a fan of him or how he rolls.

    I also don’t care what name you post under. I usually enjoy your comments and insight… I also have no idea who you are, but I am sure we would have some fun chats in the real world.

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  48. Sean Quinn says:

    I know Donald, you wouldnt get along with him. He’s stupid, has small hands and smells like cabbage.

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  49. Gunner says:

    It is Quinn

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