UGC 29 – Montreal – April 7


Date: April 7, 2011
Location: Centre Claude-Robillard , Montreal, Quebec
Tickets: via Admission

MMA Fight Card:
Fritz Paul (9-3) vs. TBD
Benoit Guionnet (1-5) vs. Anthony Doolittle (0-2)
Alex Halkias (0-0) vs. Jason Monsegu (0-0)

Boxing Fight Card:
Ali Nestor (12-5-2) vs. Martin Avila (13-8)
Roody Pierre-Paul (4-0) vs. Carlos Martinez (5-11)
Tony Luis (13-0) vs. Ferenc Szabo (14-16-2)
Dimitri Waardenburg (0-0) vs. Jaber Zayani (0-0)
Frank Cotroni (2-0) vs. Emanuel Guzman (0-4)
Frank Miville (2-1) vs. Ahmad Selemani (0-5)
Kevin Lavallé (7-0-1) vs. Istvan Paszti (2-3)

14 Responses to “ UGC 29 – Montreal – April 7 ”

  1. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    A lot of TBDs for now, but I’ll update opponents and weight classes as the info becomes available.

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  2. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    How about me vs fritz Paul,thats a good matchup.

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  3. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    or ricardeau francois

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  4. Big Win says:

    The return of Fritz Paul tickles me in the right spot. If he can regain the focus and tenacity he had before his long layoff, national top 10 MWs should beware.

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  5. Mort says:

    Where’s TJ Coletti on this list!?!

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  6. Lenny wheeler says:

    Who’s the promoter for this card

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  7. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    The promoter is Ali Nestor Charles. The man who is headlining the boxing portion of the card.

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  8. Julian Cymbalista-Clapp says:

    7-6 mixed martial artist Dimitri Waardenburg will be making his boxing debut on this card at his normal weight (135 lbs), giving him the distinction of having fought for all 3 Quebec MMA promotions within a single calendar year. Temporary sojourn, not a permanent combat sports switch.

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  9. Loyd Galindo is off the card.

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  10. On the MMA side of the card, the latest update has Mounir Lazezz (0-0) and Farid Lokdai (0-0) off the card, with a bout between Alex Halkias (0-0) and Jason Monsegu (0-0) added. Some changes in the boxing card too.

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  11. Sebastian says:

    who is the guy that is fighting dimitri? is he good?

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  12. There’s not much info on him other than that he has an amateur boxing background.

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  13. Sebastian says:

    ah okok, but in that fight who is the favorite? (Dimitri Waardenburg (0-0) vs. Jaber Zayani (0-0))

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  14. Well Ricardo Francois is off the card in the latest update, leaving the event with three MMA bouts. That is assuming Fritz Paul is found an opponent in time.

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