Steele Out of Aggression Fight with Ford, Goodall Steps In


Top MMA News has learned that Tyson Steele has been forced to pull out of his February 11th fight with Ryan Ford. The fight was to be the co-main event of Aggression MMA 9. Sources tell Top MMA News that he suffered an injury to his LCL (lateral collateral ligament).

With ten days until fight night, Aggression MMA will be scrambling for a suitable replacement for Ryan Ford. When contacted, Aggression MMA’s Moin Mirza responded,

“We are very disappointed in losing Tyson, however a replacement will be announced shortly. No matter who Ryan Ford fights it will be an entertaining fight for the fans.”

UPDATE: According to Ryan Ford’s Twitter, Ricky Goodall had stepped in to replace Tyson Steele at Aggression MMA 9. Goodall is coming off three straight victories including, most recently a TKO stoppage of Jackson’s MMA product Jerome Martinez at ECC 13 less than a week ago.

Stay tuned to Top MMA News for all your news on Aggression MMA 9.

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  1. Robin Black says:

    I always had Ford as a favorite in most fights, except against top 15-like slick skill guys. Those guys, to me, used to be a threat to him.

    Now with him training with lots of those guys at Tristar, I maybe have Ford as a favorite against some of those guys too.

    You take a guy with the guts and drive and explosiveness and athleticism and killer intinct like Ford, and get him training high skill level with Firas, and you got yourself a scary one.

    Don’t underestimate Ricky and, again, big props to him for steppin in.
    You don’t wanna be sleepin on Ricky.

    Great fight. Exoiting card.

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  2. Steve, since you’re done with MMA why don’t you put on a pair of boxing gloves and step into a ring with me in March, we’ve tried to contact your “management” many times about this. Let’s settle it like men in our sport do. Then you and your wife can go on with the rest of your lives doing whatever it is the hell you do between your childish posts.

    I’d fight your wife but apparently being a man in a woman’s body isn’t enough to sanction a fight so I’ll have to settle for you.

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  3. mike kent says:

    I was just saying that what Ford is doing now is positive and the past is the last . Lots of people have less then stellar historys . Its the people that go from that life and change to positive amd make somethkng of themselves should be commended not taunted amd insulted . Most people with history lile that would be in jail or dead . He is the minority and actually changed sorry you can’t wrap your head around that

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  4. Steven Rogers says:

    Actually I am no longer retired from MMA, so I believe that I can take you up on that offer , of a fight soon enough! While I dislike you as a person I do respect your abilities in the cage so I am taking a fight to knock off some ring rust and then I am sure we can make an arrangement and find a promoter that will set us up!! I would wish you luck with your fight but that would be silly ha ha….

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  5. You dislike me as a person because we disagree on what happened in our fight which is now being investigated by my attorney, and I’m sure will be over ruled soon.

    For anyone who’s not familiar, Steve and I fought and he claimed I landed a low blow, but also admitted in the fight to either not wearing a cup, or wearing a broken one, regardless here is a slowed down video of the ending:

    The fight ended by submission but a month later was overruled to a no contest. Luckily not for much longer :)

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  6. Brodes says:

    Your paying an attorney over this? Anyone else finds this a little silly? Dude your getting lots of fights, put your focus elsewhere and leave this alone. Just my opinion, good luck against ford. Props for stepping up against a tough fighter on short notice, made a fan out of me.

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  7. Robin Black says:


    Wtf is a fight to “knock the rust off”? Who are you, GSP?

    You know you’re talking about taking a fight with a human being who is cool enough to give you an opportunity to perform. Whoever that is is not there for you to “knock off some rust”, but there to compete in something they love.

    Maybe a little respect for the next guy good enough to give you an opportunity to perform?

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    I had no problem with Steven’s comment.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Maybe I’m oversensitive since I got all married and stuff?

    Bobby! :)

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  10. Bdc says:

    I knew wearing that glam rocker eye shadow and pink bowas would eventually seep into the brain and cause pms symptoms lol

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  11. Robin Black says:

    could be this^^^^^ :)

    I just seriously don’t think its cool when anyone refers to an opponent who is giving them the privilege of competing as a “tune up fight” or anything similar. That’s a human being over there and without them agreeing to compete with you you’d be sitting at home wishing you had the chance to perform.
    That person is not an object that’s there to give you what you want. That person is an athlete like yourself.

    Just my feeling. Maybe it’s a bit too ‘blue state” for some killers out there.

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  12. Jana says:

    Robin – I think you are over analyzing Steven’s comment about dusting the rust off …. he doesn’t mean any disrespect to Eric, he is simply talking about himself getting back at it.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    I hear ya and I think you’re right.

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  14. Jana says:

    @ Ricky “You dislike me as a person because we disagree on what happened in our fight which is now being investigated by my attorney, and I’m sure will be over ruled soon.”

    That is NOT true. Steven (nor myself) had any ill feelings towards you after that fight and you know it. He attempted to hush the boo’s following the fight. You went ballistic when it was overturned to a “no contest” and that’s when things got messy. Steven only formed his dislike for you and your buddies when you guys had to tear me up because he wasn’t responding to your foolishness. I think it was some failed attempt to get him to fight you again, although he had already agreed to a rematch in July (2 months after the original fight)which you backed out of (2 weeks before). Although I have made it clear on these posts that I am never rooting for you and I pick at you about missed weights – I have never call you names, mocked your family and home, or hoped that your house burned down (I know that one came from Mike Kent not you). As far as your legal quest to get your “win” back I seriously wish you the best of luck – then maybe you’ll move on. Only you will know if it was a true win or not.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Jana is making good clean sense today.

    Does that mean 6 more weeks of winter?

    jk Jana have a good day today

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  16. Jana, as I told you before, I’m not going to lower myself to your level of needing (for whatever reason) to put me down as a person or a fighter. If my friends, teammates, or random supporters feel the need to insult you or your husband I wish to remain on the sidelines. I consider myself a professional in this sport and any aspect of my life and your childishness has grown to a level none of us expected.

    You’re in no way an advocate of the sport, a well educated opinion or anyone to pass judgment on. You’re a fan at best, and although I envy your relationship with your husband because you obviously care deeply for one another and are inseparable as a marriage should be, enough is enough.

    I’d love this fight again if my management would even allow it, and yes, after I get my win back that is owed to me, I will leave it alone, as should you.

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  17. mike kent says:

    I just want to state for the record because I feel bad now that I actually had no idea that u lived in a trailor if I did I wouldn’t have said that . It was just a cheap shot at jana and poking fun . Nor did o want your house to burn down . Jana speaks fot steve so much without steve talking that we started quite te fued and verbal jabs were exchanged . While I don’t care much for jana I have a lot of respect for stev and his ablility and professionalism . I’m happy he’s back . It was silly hour retired and look forward to him and rick squaring off eventually . I only took offesnse to janas comments amd made fun becuase I felt most times she ripped into us not in a manager/client defense but as a angry wife . I thought it should have been steve responding all along Steves ability has never been in question . Maybe if can get a tummy tuck we can fight some day as well

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  18. Robin Black says:

    It’s gonna be a good day. Lotsa love today.

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  19. MMA Addict says:

    It’s too bad this feed is being used for people to air out their personal shit. It takes away from the real stories the main article was about. How disappointing it is for a young and upcoming fighter like Tyson Steele to suffer an injury and lose out on such a great opportunity. Also, how great it is that Ricky Goodall stepped up on such short notice to take what is his toughest fight in his career. It’s really too bad that Steele can’t fight cause I think he would have took the fight with his jitz or g&p. That would have shot him up the rankings to where he belongs, in the top 10 Canadians in his weight class. I hope he will be back in the gym soon and back to his old self, as injuring any ligament can change a career.

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  20. @MMA Addict…great post. 100% agree.

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  21. Adam Lorenz says:

    I agree, good post MMA Addict…Steele is a beast, is constantly approving and will be back better then ever.

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  22. Tyson Steele says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys! I’ve been meaning to come on and give an update for everything but I don’t have much news as I haven’t met with my doctor again since I first saw him. So far all we know is that I tore the LCL, along with something else which I’ll know from an MRI. The timing of this was horrible and I’m very disappointed that I can’t take this fight. Hopefully I’ll get another shot at Ford down the road. I was happy to hear that Ricky stepped up on such short notice so Ryan can still fight. I’m looking forward to going and watch that along with all the other fights. This is an awesome card. Good luck to everyone and hope to see lots of you there!

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  23. Its always a pleasure dealing with chuck at brawl sports management and graham weenk at alliance mma in saskatoon. Tyson, you know you are always welcome to fight on our shows and whenever you are ready we would love to give you the stage to showcase yourself. Again, huge props to rob and ricky for stepping up. Should be a fun night feb 11

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  24. Tyler Davis says:

    Heal up man

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  25. MMA Addict says:

    No offence Ricky Goodall, but was Karo Parisyan not available to step up in place of Tyson Steele???

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  26. komma says:

    Ford Beats Goodall, Steele, Parisyan with ease. Watch Saturday night.

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