3 Miss Weight, 3 Get Cut by MFC


McKee was heavy at MFC 32 weigh ins. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

The Maximum Fighting Championship has released Antonio McKee, Brian Cobb, and James Haddad from their contracts with the organization.

McKee and Cobb were both slated to compete for the MFC lightweight title at MFC 32: Bitter Rivals on Jan. 27, but both fighters came in over the contract weight at the official weigh-in – defending champ McKee by seven pounds and challenger Cobb by one-half pound.

“I was thoroughly disgusted by the lack of professionalism that Antonio McKee showed towards the belt he was scheduled to defend as well as the Maximum Fighting Championship as a organization,” said MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich.

“It was unacceptable behavior for a champion to demonstrate. On top of that, Antonio never really apologized for missing weight that badly. That was the end of things for him with the MFC. That’s why he was stripped of his belt immediately and told that he would never fight in the MFC again. I hope it’s a message to all the other fighters in the MFC.”

Cobb, who was coming off a win over Drew Fickett at MFC 30, lost a narrow decision to McKee at MFC 32.

“It’s disappointing to have to release Brian as he is a tremendous character person,” added Pavelich. “Everyone in the MFC has a great deal of respect and admiration for Brian, but unfortunately he admitted to making an error in preparing for the weigh-in and was over the limit. For a title fight that is a big mistake.”

Haddad, who lost via decision to Dan Ring at MFC 32, was over by two pounds for his lightweight bout.

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  1. Paveldouche says:

    Best of luck to all 3.

    They will be better off anyway.

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  2. peter puck says:

    That’s the right thing to do. Bigger shows like the MFC need to draw a fine line.

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  3. Jimbo says:

    Can Pavelich really afford to cut people? 85% of the MMA world wants nothing to do with the MFC anyway. He should be thankful for anyone he can get to fight in his circus.

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  4. harry balls says:

    Actual consequences to missing the agreed-to weight? Pav does something right….

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  5. Billy Smith says:

    If Dana what does it, your dam sure Pavelich will do it as well.

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  6. peter puck says:

    Missing by 7 that’s very bad

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  7. FillionMMA says:

    What about McKee’s marquee status? He saved the MFC card by making the sacrifices fighters make and not backing out. He could have pulled out and they would have lost their main event.

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  8. jamon says:

    at this point who DOES the mfc have left on there “ROSTER”? there was a time I would look forword to the mfc and actually make a 3hr road trip and make a night out of it, as they use to deliver top notch cards with great production value and profesionalism, now there only slightly better then a king of the cage card, Mark has to pick up his game

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  9. Brodie says:

    It is hilarious to see MFC act like a monster promotion when they are merely just another promotion trying to get by. I am willing to bet all 3 fighters will be picked back up by the promotion within a year.

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  10. Brodie says:

    Jamon- They used to have a lot of really good up and coming fighters and that is where they got their popularity, now the good fighters have either moved on or have past their prime.

    There is still good fighters fighting for them, but the the MMA market is flooded with really fighters trying to make a name for themselves and it is getting harder for MFC too stick out.

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  11. Demitri (trev) says:

    Obviously the right decision to release them. And since I, along with 99% of the mma world hate pavelich. I am happy to see he hurt his organization even more releasing McKee and Cobb. But I don’t blame him for doing so.

    I would love to see McKee and Cobb go to aggression.

    Jamon, I am with you. I used to love going to mfc cards but that ship has long sailed after the lack of professionalism he shows his fighters and the games he plays

    Interesting to note that he comments on someone else’s character and lack of professionalism When that’s the reason guys won’t sign with him

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  12. harry balls says:

    Lol@Fillion hahaha . burn……

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  13. slim says:

    Well how do you like that. Haddad only had a one fight contract anyways. How can you cut someone who is no longer under contract with your company.

    This reminds me of the time that he fired his ring girls for getting drunk at the after party. He just likes to fire people because it makes him sound as cool as the UFC. What a complete tool

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  14. evmister says:

    Even though Cobb missed weight, I think he should get a second chance….It’s not like the MFC has a lot of drawing power. It seems like Pav gets erections off of having the power to fire guys. That’s just my personal opinion, and I was joking about the erection thing, he can’t even get them- Just ask his wife.
    That’s also a joke-I know some of you will cry about me being mean.

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  15. peter puck says:

    Isn’t MFC on HDNET & TSN now? and I heard they are signing with Live Nation in the U.S, sounds big time to me.

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  16. Edmonton MMA says:

    Peter puck – What would you do?

    Option 1. Sign with an organization who is on Hdnet and TSN knowing there is a possibility Mark and the MFC will try to bend you over and Take advantage of you for money. Also, sign with MFC knowing that the UFC doesnt like taking guys from the MFC as of late. In fact, Dana white has bashed the MFC frequently, and now they are in court cases I believe. Yes, you may get more exposure from the general public. But how many MFC guys been to the UFC late, not all that many. Mark is a crook, its not worth it. MFC will only become a real organization when they stop threating to bring fighters to court, then screwing them out of money. These guys struggle to make money with fighting and working. For Mark to do that, is very low. Mark is all about himself and the spotlight. Hopefully that changes

    Option 2

    Sign with other promotions. If your a top fighter, you know other promotions will get you big fights as well. AFC, Aggression, instinct, Ringside, ect.

    Joe silva and Dana White wont be sitting in their living rooms one day watching hdnet and suddenly be “oh wow, hes good, i’ll take him”. The UFC has a good scouting program, they know who all the top fighters are. Just because your on HDnet doesnt make a difference to UFC and Strikeforce. They know the top guys, they know who they have fought and who they have beat. Who would UFC want more; a 14-6 record on HDnet or 9-1 record on Aggression, instinct, AFC, ect.

    Yes, HDnet helps for sponsors and you can somewhat create a little fan base. But if your looking to get into a big show, it wont make a difference. Plus again, the UFC hates the MFC and hates how the MFC tries to bully fighters, threatens to take them to court, and they just hate Marks attitude period.

    Mark needs to get his shit together. They could be an amazing promotion if they had a new man in charge who looks out for the fighters best interest and doesnt try to take everyone to court

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  17. @Edmonton MMA… I don’t think the UFC cares where a guy comes from. UFC has signed guys like Jimmo and McKee last year from the MFC.

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  18. Edmonton MMA says:

    Yes Keith, in some degree you are right. But the MFC has had lots of great fighters over the past few years. You can do the math for me, Im to lazy. But a lot of those guys never made the big show. More guys from other organizations have who dont have the skill set some of the MFC guys had (in my opinion). Also, when an organization like the UFC constantly slams your promotion, doesnt that make you think they would stay away? Look at the Penner situation, UFC tries to sign him and the MFC jumps in with a bogus contract. You did the interview, you know what happened. You think the UFC wants to deal with those situations. Also, you said that UFC signed Jimmo? Jimmos contract was done, he was not signed with them. And Mckee, has one lose and gets cut…thats strange. Not saying it had anything to do with the fact he is an MFC fighter, just saying its strange. He didnt put on that bad of a performance.

    And, in some degree; you proved one of my points. “UFC doesnt care where guys come from” The guys dont need HDnet to make the big show. Thats fact

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  19. Edmonton MMA says:

    Keith, when I began by saying “in some degree” I meant; “in all other matters, you are certainly right” Except I disagree with you 100% when it comes to MFC. If guys fight one fight here and there with the MFC, yes; I wouldnt be shocked to see them in the UFC

    Guys who are in contracts with the MFC, I do not think that will happen at all

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  20. Paveldouche says:

    Edmonton MMA is a wise man.

    It is a well know fact that dealing with the MFC is a pain in the ass for all parties. Thus the reason that many can’t be bothered.

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  21. Demitri (trev) says:

    I think its widely regarded as a fact that trying to deal with mfc is difficult. What makes you think the UFC wants to? They don’t need mfc fighters to be successful. Top fighters are not rare because of the supply and demand (So many amazing fighters in this world with only one big promotion) Why go through the hassel of dealing with mfc when you could easily find similar talent elsewhere?

    In this case, I agree with Edmonton mma, paveldouch and not Keith.

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    Sorry what is it that you guys don’t agree with Keith on?

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  23. CM says:

    I’m guessing it’s about option 1 from Edmonton MMA where he said the UFC doesn’t like taking guys from the MFC as of late.

    Keith gave 2 examples of an MFC fighter getting signed but Mckee was cut & Jimmo was no longer under contract with the MFC.

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  24. Paveldouche says:

    Cobb manager claims: I forced MFC to cut us from roster.

    “I texted Pavelich right after the fight asking him if Cobb is released, I got no reply. I really felt Pavelich would NOT cut Cobb knowing the honest effort he made and that he saved the MFC’s main card on HDNet by still going through with the fight.

    However, after I waited for a reply with no answer after 24 hours I proceeded to send Pavelich an email stating that we acknowledge Cobb’s release because of his comments made on numerous sites (even though he never officially stated it until after I sent my email to him) and that we were thankful for the opportunity given to Cobb but we are moving forward (at this point, I already had Cobb’s next venture in place).

    I forced Pavelich to keep his word on cutting Cobb and it now benefits Cobb greatly.

    I can’t talk about Cobb’s next promotion yet but this deal is very BIG so we are very excited to be out of the MFC contract so Cobb can now give his solid efforts to a promotion and promoter that treats him with great respect and someone who is just as happy to have Cobb in his/her organization as Cobb is about being a part of their organization.”


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  25. Demitri (trev) says:

    Things continue coming to light, showing that mark has no respect for his fighters and that he only has his best interests in mind. Wonder if he will try to bring Cobb to court.

    If he didn’t actually release Cobb, just said he was released. I could see mark taking him to court the moment he signs somewhere else stating that he never actually released Cobb.

    Pride can be a nasty thing mark. Not taking away from the fact your fighters missed weight (which is disrespectful) but you will earn a lot of respect if you handle disrespectful people in a respectful way.

    Just another sign his show is on the decline

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  26. Ronnie says:

    Counting down the days until MFC and Pavelich are done for good!

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