MFC 32: Bitter Rivals – Recap


MFC held their 32nd event last night at the Mayfield Trade Centre in Edmonton. Despite a myriad of injury troubles, the MFC put together a solid lineup of fights. Although most bouts went to the judges scorecards there were still a number of action packed fights.

  • Fight of the Night – Jamie Toney vs. Kyle Jackson
  • Submission of the Night – Ryan McGillivray
  • Knockout of the Night – Wilson Gouveia

Dwayne Lewis vs. Wilson Gouveia
Round 1: Gouveia jabs and throws a leg kick. Lewis throws a high kick that glances. Gouveia lands another leg kick and another. Lewis’ calf is already showing the effects of the leg kicks. Lewis responds with a kick of his own. They trade jabs and Gouveia throws a front kick that connects. Lewis leg kick, body kick. Gouveia goes back to the legs with more kicks and Lewis unable to connect with his punches. Lewis lands a few leg kicks followed by one to the body. Lewis with another kick to the leg but unload a wild exchange but neither connect. They continue to exchange leg kicks and Gouveia sticks some jabs and they end the round with minimal action. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Gouveia

Round 2: Gouveia lands a pair of jabs and Lewis responds with a kicked that gets blocked. Gouveia lands a pair of lefts and another leg kick that. Gouveia continues chopping Lewis down with leg kicks that are hurting him. Gouveia lands a pair of jabs and another leg kick and Lewis drops to a knee. Gouveia pounces and ties up looking for a guillotine but Lewis escapes. Gouveia kicks the leg out and Lewis goes down in the corner and Gouveia lands some ground and pound. Gouveia jumps on the back and lands some more punches. Lewis escapes and stands, taking the back himself. Gouveia moves to the front and latches onto a kimura. Lewis defends but Gouveia again takes the back. Gouveia unleashes several big shots and Lewis can do nothing but cover up and Gouveia finishes him off with big shots.
Wilson Gouveia defeats Dwayne Lewis by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 3:19

Antonio McKee vs. Brian Cobb
Round 1: Cobb throws a high kick and a low kick but it’s blocked and McKee responds with a side kick to the stomach that drops Cobb. Cobb pops back up and McKee lands a solid right. Cobb backs him into the corner and looks for a takedown but McKee clinches and lands a knee. McKee catches a kick and pushes Cobb away. McKee lands another side kick and Cobb comes back with a combo to the body. McKee lands a combo with another knee followed by a takedown. McKee takes the back before picking him up and unleashing a suplex. McKee still on the back but Cobb gets him off. McKee stays on him and gets him back on the ground. McKee looks to strike but Cobb is through the ropes and they get stood up. Cobb throws a one-two and Mckee responds with a pair of his own. Cobb throws a combo and McKee lands a counter right. Cobb takes an errant finger in the eye and they pause briefly. Cobb throws a pair of shots but McKee ducks under for the double and looks to take the back but Cobb retreats. Mckee lands another side kick and they clinch in the corner. Cobb stomps the foot of McKee for the final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for McKee

Round 2: Cobb lands a pair of leg kicks and McKee responds with another side kick. Both throwing but coming up short until Cobb throws a head kick that falls short. McKee clinches and secures a double leg into guard. McKee stands and lands a few shots before dropping back into the guard. Cobb gives his back but stands and McKee pushes him into the corner. Cobb lands a knee and McKee drags him back down and mounts him before raining down some shots. McKee still in full mount landing shots until Cobb is able to escape back to his feet. McKee again gets a double but Cobb gets back to his feet. McKee fires a high kick over the head as Cobb stands. Cobb lands a kick to the body and McKee drops down but Cobb looks to attack the neck but runs out of time. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for McKee

Round 3: Cobb backs McKee into the corner and lands a solid combo. McKee drops down looking for a takedown but Cobb turns and takes the back. Cobb looks for a rear naked choke but McKee defends. Cobb continues to work but McKee scrambles away. Cobb to north/south but McKee is able to get on top in side control and lands knees to the body. Cobb gets away and back to north/south before spinning to the back again and looking for the choke. McKee is able to defend as Cobb has no hooks. Cobb chips away with punches and sinks the hooks and finally flattens him out. Cobb still working for the choke but can’t slip it under the chin. Cobb elects to pound away for the final seconds and makes one last ditch attempt at the choke but time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Cobb
Antonio McKee defeats Brian Cobb by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ryan McGillivray vs. Diego Bautista
Both men swinging and missing to open. Bautista land a body shot and McGillivray looks for some punches of his own. bautista lands a leg kick and a solid right. McGillivray shoots in for a single but Bautista stuffs it and looks for a guillotine briefly. They get back to their feet and Bautista lands a leg kick and counter a right with a nice flurry and McGillivray looks for a double. Bautista defends but eventually gets slammed and McGillivray ends up in north/south looking for the choke. Bautista escapes and McGillivray moves to side control and lands some elbows to the leg. McGillivray looks for a kimura but Bautista escapes. Bautista tries to push off the ropes to escape but McGillivray holds him down. Bautista finally is able to get back up but McGillivray is looking for a guillotine. Bautista defends and looks to get a takedown just prior to the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 for McGillivray

Round 2: McGillivray connects with a right followed by a couple more scattered punches. Bautista throws a wild combo and takes the back, locking on a rear naked choke. Bautista releases and hammers away. McGillivray spins and gets mounted but gives up his back again. McGillivray spins into full guard this time and knees the hamstring but Bautista lands a slicing elbow from the bottom. McGillivray is cut open and begins to pepper Bautista with punches for several minutes. McGillivray looks for an arm but Bautista is too slippery from the blood and is able to pull out. Bautista sits up but McGillivray continues to land punches until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for McGillivray

Round 3: They feel each other out to open the third, McGillivray is throwing but coming up short. McGilivray throws a teep but doesn’t connect with much power. McGillivray lands a leg kick and Bautista looks for a combo to the body and another that drops McGillivray. Bautista fires away with some shots and drops into the guard. McGillivray eats a few elbows but McGillivray pulls an armbar out of nowhere and forces Bautista to tap.
Ryan McGillivray submits Diego Bautista by Armbar in Round 3, 2:25

Dhiego Lima vs. Nathan Coy
Lima has to be held back prior to the fight as he can’t wait to get at Coy. Surprisingly the fight starts slow with a feeling out process before before they finally trade some shots. Lima lands a solid shot and they tie up. They separate and Lima stuns him with a straight right and Coy looks for a takedown ending up in the guard. Lima looks to get ahold of an arm but can’t secure it. Lima back to his feet and Coy lands an uppercut. They trade shots and Lima cojnnects. Coy lands a knee before shooting in for a takedown. Coy is finally able to drag him down but Lima looks for a kimura. Coy elbows the thigh in an effort to escape. Lima gives up on the submission and Coy moves to half guard. Coy lands some short elbows. Referee Jerin Valel stands them up and Lima lands a few shots. Coy chooses to exchange a few shots with Lima as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Coy

Round 2: Both men are landing shots with Coy getting the better of the exchanges. Coy lands a kick to the body and continues to back Lima down. Coy continues landing shots and secures a takedown passing to full mount briefly. Lima is able to replace full guard and Coy stands but can’t get his arms free to strike and Valel starts them back on their feet. Coy lands a leg kick and continues to outstrike Lima before looking for a single leg. Lima is able to stay up and looks for a kimura and drops to the ground. Coy escapes and drives forward but Lima again looks for the kimura. Coy elbows the legs and moves to side control before trying to take the back. Coy lands just enough strikes from the top to keep his position on the ground and time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Coy

Round 3: Coy tags him with a right followed by an exchange. Coy drops his mouthguard and Valel pauses to replace it. Coy shoots for a single but eats several hammer fists until Coy is able to complete the takedown into the guard. Coy lands a few shots from inside the guard before transitioning to side control. Coy works the body and Lima gets him back into his guard. Not enough action for Valel and he stands them up. Coy connects with a right and looks for a single. Coy eats a few more hammer fists on the way down but again is successful and lands in side control. Coy continues to hammer the body from a cradle position. Lima tries to stand, Coy keeps him down but they get tangled in the ropes forcing another stand up. Coy looks for another single and the story stays the same as Lima lands a bunch of hammer fists to no avail as Coy still gets him to the mat. Lima looks for a triangle but Coy pulls his head out and ends up in guard where he hangs out until the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Coy
Nathan Coy defeats Dhiego Lima by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Jamie Toney vs. Kyle Jackson
Round 1: Toney lands a leg kick followed by a nice combo and another. Toney continues to land shots prompting Jackson to tie him up in the corner. Toney lands knees to the legs and hits him with a shoulder thrust. Jackson attempt to break away but Toney uses the momentum and throws him down to the mat, landing in side control. Toney moves to north/south and looks for a choke. Toney releases and goes back to side control. Jackson makes it back to his feet and lands an elbow followed by a knee and another elbow. They get some separation and Jackson falls short with a combo. Toney lands a hard jab and Jackson responds with a nice right. Toney lands a a leg kick and Jackson looks for a head kick. Toney sticks another hard jab and Jackson looks for a leg kick followed by a combo and misses a high kick. Both are throwing shots but Toney is connecting more frequently. Toney ties up and Jackson looks for a takedown but Toney reverses and scores the takedown with top position as the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Toney

Round 2: They both trade leg kicks and punches to open the round with Toney getting the better of the exchange. Toney connects with a huge right hook and Jackson looks to respond with a flurry but it doesn’t find it’s mark. Toney hits him with a leg kick and another big right hand. Jackson keeps coming forward looking to land but continues getting tagged on the way it. They clinch against the ropes and Toney throws an uppercut. Toney breaks away and Jackson continues to throw but can’t find the distance. Jackson finally connects with a decent combo but Toney hot him with another hard right followed by a combo and a very nice knee. Jackson looks to land a pair of kicks but Toney blocks them and counters with another good combo. A clash of kicks and Jackson keeps coming forward but Toney is able to avoid the strikes. Toney backs him against the ropes and lands punches and elbows at will. They tie up briefly before Toney lands an inadvertent knee to the groin. Referee John Braak gives Jackson a minute to recover and they restart. They meet and exchange shots. Toney lands a kick to the body and Jackson connects with a big right that puts Toney on the mat. Jackson folows him down but Toney sweeps and ends up in side control. Toney goes back to north/south and again looks for the choke but time runs out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Toney

Round 3: They trade low kicks and Toney connects with a head kick before landing a nice combo with an uppercut. Toney lands another right and Jackson continues to fall short with his strikes and Toney drives a punch to the stomach before they lock up in the corner. Toney lands shots and knees in close. Jackson falls through the ropes and they restart in the middle of the ring. Toney continues to land and follows up with another knee. Toney lands a beautiful superman punch followed by a head kick and a flurry in the corner before tying up against the ropes and throwing him to the mat landing in side control. Toney elbows the body and lands short elbows to the head. Jackson makes it back to his feet and they clinch against the ropes. Jackson presses him into the corner and Toney lands knees before firing a high knee and breaking away. Jackson goes into desperation mode and unleashes a wild but accurate flurry and Toney responds in like with big wild shots of his own. Toney lands a few more shots and Jackson continues to look to complete an amazing comeback but runs out of time and collapses to the ground in exhaustion after the bell. Jackson shows incredible heart and will to win but it was too little too late. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Toney
Jamie Toney defeats Kyle Jackson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Dan Ring vs. James Haddad
Round 1: Pawing jabs by both, Haddad lands a right followed by a nice combo that drops Ring to the mat into guard. Ring works back to his feet and they tie up in the corner. Ring takedown to full guard and lands body shots. Haddad tries to stand but Ring holds him down. Ring stands and body shot before dropping back down. Haddad gets back to his feet and Ring lands knees to the body. Haddad looks for and secures the takedown. Haddad stands and tries to clear the legs but Ring gets back up and they tie up against the ropes. Ring uses double underhooks and lands knees to the body. They jockey for position against the ropes before Ring lands a few more knees. Haddad lands a body shot and avoids a trip from Ring. They decide to slug it out as the ten second warning sounds and time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Haddad

Round 2: Ring misses a high kick and shoots for a double but Haddad defends. Haddad looks for a right but eats a knee. Ring strings a combo of punches together and follows up with a kick to the body. Ring another double jab and Haddad responds with a right. Ring another good combo punctuated with a knee. They tie up and Ring looks for a trip but Haddad counters with a hip toss but they pop right back up and tie up in the corner with Ring landing shots to the body. Haddad breaks away and lands a solid short elbow followed by a combo which prompts Ring to trip him to the mat and lands in half guard. Ring lands a few short elbows and a hammer fist. Referee Vern Gorman stops and warns Ring about strikes to the back of the head. On the restart Haddad lands a pair of leg kicks and they again lock up against the ropes. Ring lands a foot stomp and a hammer fist to the leg. Haddad secures a double leg to full guard. Ring looks for a Omoplata but lets go and lands a pair of elbows to the top of the head. Haddad stands and unleashes a knee to his still grounded opponent. Gorman sees it as a knee to the head however on the replay it appears to go the body with the thigh hitting the head. In any event Haddad is penalized one point and they restart the action. Haddad lands an overhand right and Ring lands a body kick. They again lock up in the corner and Ring works the legs and body with punches. Haddad looks for a trip but can’t get him down. Ring works for and secures a buzzer beating takedown. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ring (10-8 with point deduction)

Round 3: Both trade wild shots to open the third before tying up and Ring looks for a trip but Haddad avoids and muscles him down himself. Haddad is uinable to hold him down and they get back ton their feet. Ring lands a solid knee up the middle and they separate with Haddad connects with an elbow and a big right. Ring looks for a double leg but Haddad goes for a guillotine and transitions to the back before eventually ending up in half guard. Ring looks for a Kimura but Haddad escapes. Ring gives up his bakc and Haddad looks for a rear naked choke. Ring fights the hands and spin to guard. Ring chips away with a few shots and hammer fists. Ring spins to back but Haddad rolls away. Ring gets back on top and moves to north/south where he lands a few body shots. Haddad gets to his feet but Ring holds onto his leg. Haddad is able to get up and takes him to the mat with the whizzer and the fight ends with both men scrambling for an advantageous position. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ring
Dan Ring defeats James Haddad by Majority Decision (29-27, 28-28, 29-27)

Garrett Nybakken vs. Matt Jelly
Round 1: The two are eager to get at each other and get right down to business with Jelly looking for a front kick, and jumps on the back looking for a standing rear naked choke. Jelly drags him to the ground but Nybakken spins to guard. Jelly locks him down with a rubber guard and Nybakken lands some body shots from the bottom. Jelly throws up a triangle attempt but Nybakken easily escapes. Nybakken postures up and lands a pair of solid punches. Jelly pulls him back down into rubber guard and looks for a gogoplata but Nybakken is able to avoid the submission and lands a short elbow. Nybakken stands up out of the guard and drops back into the guard with one solid shot. Jelly looks for an armbar from the bottom but Nybakken escapes and pushes Jelly into the corner where Jelly attempts a guillotine but runs out of time. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 for Jelly

Round 2: Nybakken opens with leg kicks and Jelly responds with a front kick that falls short. Jelly secures a trip takedown, landing in half guard. jelly lands a few shots and looks for the guillotine. Nybakken sweeps to full guard and looks for punches but nothing connecting solidly. Jelly looks for another gogoplata attempt, closer than the last one but again Nybakken escapes. Nybakken chips away with punches as well as short elbows. Nybakken begins to hammer away with body shots and they both exchange shots on the ground as the final seconds tick away. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Nybakken

Round 3: Nybakken and Jelly clash with kicks and a high kick from Jelly glances. Nybakken lands a leg kick and Jelly responds with a nice 1-2 punch. Nybakken looks for a takedown and Jelly gives it up without a fight into guard. Nybakken works the body with Jelly again locking him down with rubber guard and landing heels to the body. Jelly looks for another guillotine and works hard for it but Nybakken is able to escape. Jelly locks on an Omoplata and it looks tight but he gives it up and moves to north/south before they get to their feet. Jelly lands a combo and looks for a guillotine in the final ten seconds but time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Jelly
Matt Jelly defeats Garrett Nybakken by Split Decision (29-27, 27-30, 29-28)

Allen Hope vs. Brendan Kornberger
Kornberger opens with a leg kick and Hope responds with one of his own. Both men trade shots before tying up in the corner. Kornberger peppers the leg with knees, prompting Hope to look for the takedown. Kornberger is able to pop right back up and again they’re tied up in the corner. Kornberger continues kneeing the legs and adds some hammer fists to the thigh. Hope looks for another takedown but eats a few knees in the process. Kornberger lands a few shots and Hope latches onto a leg but they get tangled up in the ropes and referee Vern Gorman restarts them on the feet. Hope lands a solid jab and Kornberger responds with a leg kick and shoots in for a takedown. Hope sprawls and lands some solid body shots. Kornberger finally completes the takedown and begins to land punches that find their way through. Kornberger adds some elbows and continues hammering away until Hope attempts to roll away to turtle position. Kornberger lands a few body shots and Gorman steps in and calls a halt to the fight. Hope protests the stoppage to no avail.
Brendan Kornberger defeats Allen Hope by TKO (Body Shots) in Round 1, 4:45

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