ECC 13 Play-by-Play


Last night Extreme Cage Combat held their 13th event titled Armageddon which took place at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax. A sold out crowd of 500+ fans were treated to seven fights that officiated under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts for the first time in Nova Scotia’s history. Most of the matches ended quick with only two of them going into the 2nd round. Here is a recap of how the fights happened.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Gavin Tucker and Jeremy Henry
  • KO of the Night – Mark Grey
  • Submission of the Night – Too many good rear naked chokes to choose from, although I would like to give it to Tyler Reid because of his walk out song being Let My Clear my Throat from DJ Kool, Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie

Mike Kent vs. Chester Post
Round 1
Post starts the match leaving his hands down. Kent tries for a big right hand and a left kick but both miss. Post then goes for an inside leg kick but Kent grabs it and moves it out of the way. Both are now back in the center of the cage where Kent is using his jab but Post is still keeping his hands down. Kent goes for a leg kick but Post pushes it off. Post then throws a leg kick and gets a good jab. Post is now trying to push Kent against the cage but Kent counters with a jab. Kent goes for an overhand right but Post moves out of the way. Post goes back to pushing Kent against the cage, Kent moves in but Post moves out of the way. The two move back to the center but Post is starting to put his hands up. Kent is still trying to use that jab but Post puts his hands back down. Kent goes in for a right hook but misses. Post tries to move in but Kent pushes him off with the front kick. Post then connects with a jab and pushes him against the cage. Kent tries for some punches but cannot connect. Kent goes for a leg kick but Post counters with a jab. Kent now has him pinned against the cage. Both men are in the clinch with Post landing some knee strikes. Kent is trying to get out but Post is trying to sweep Kent’s leg. Post abandoned it and is able to get the takedown and get on Kent’s back. Post is now trying for the rear naked choke and he has one arm hooked in. Post is trying to get the other arm locked so he is now hitting Kent in the head to try and loosen him up. Kent is able to grab Post’s right wrist and prevent him from sinking in the choke. After 30 seconds there has been little movement. Kent is trying to turn around and see if he can get out of the move. Both of them try to gain control but the round ends
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Post.

Round 2
After losing the first round, Kent wastes no time. He goes in for a left hook and connects with it. Post is now against the cage. Kent continues to punch him and it puts Post down to the ground. Kent is now throwing repeated punches and elbows. Post tries to move his hand out of the way but eats some more shots until the ref stops it.
Mike Kent wins by TKO (Ref Stoppage) at :32 in the second round

When asked about the fight and the tough first round Kent was very blunt about it.

“I was lucky to make it out of the first round. At this point in my career at 8-0, I am not going to be able to have performances like that. I have to come out of the gate guns a blazing like I did in the second round because in the first round I was a sitting duck.’

With this being his first fight when it was thought that his career was over three months ago due to concussions, he knew it would have a special meaning.

“This win probably means the most especially coming back from a little bit of adversity as well as having an uncertain future three or four months ago and then coming back to this. Honestly, when I was in there in the first round I was thinking why can’t you pull the trigger. I think there might have been something in the back of my head thinking don’t get hurt but that is no way to fight. I am going to wake up and I am either going to die or I am going to win. In the second round, I had that mentality but in the 1st I didn’t have the same

Ricky Goodall vs. Jerome Martinez
Round 1
Martinez throws a leg kick to start the match and pushes Goodall against the cage. Martinez is trying for a takedown but Goodall is able to stuff it. Both men clinch up where Martinez throws an elbow. Goodall is able to push him off and land a knee strike. Goodall continues to push him and connects with a knee strike that looks to have hit Martinez in the kidney. Martinez tries to go for a double leg takedown but Goodall has a hold of him and is able to stop it. Goodall stands up while Martinez is on his knees as he gets up. Both men are in the clinch with Goodall trying to push him off. Goodall is able to use his Muay Thai skills for a knee to break it. Martinez then goes for a front kick and then another. Martinez then goes for an inside leg kick. Goodall spins around and is able to take Martinez down. Martinez is able to get on his knees but Goodall tries to push him back down. Goodall is able to get him down and now is on top where he is trying pass his guard. Goodall then tries to go from some ground and pound. After a few punches, Goodall stands back up to see if he can get a better position. Martinez is trying to get to his feet but Goodall keeps him down. Martinez then tries to grab a leg but to no avail. Both men are against the cage as Goodall is pushing Martinez down on his back. Goodall then throws a knee to the gut and then a couple to his leg. Goodall goes for a right but Martinez is able to block it. Goodall is back up as Martinez is trying to get back up but Goodall keeps him down. Martinez then turtles up but then tries for a leg. Goodall gets some striking as Martinez tries for a double leg. Martinez gets up and pins Goodall against the cage. Martinez then tries for a takedown but Goodall is on top of him. Goodall is looking to get on his back. Martinez turtles up as Goodall works on some ground and pound. Goodall moves up to get a knee and gets on his back. Goodall mixing up his ground and pound with a mix of punches and elbows. After about 20 seconds or so, Goodall is looking at the ref to stop the fight but after a few more strikes the ref stops it.
Ricky Goodall wins by TKO (Ref Stoppage) at 3:09 in the first round

When asked about how he was able to set the tone, Goodall had some mixed thoughts on it but knew the result would be the same.

“I expected a little bit more of a challenge from him but in saying that he did take the fight on very short notice. He wasn’t training to fight me but I was training to face a ground guy already to work on my takedown defense. I love standing and I love working with my hands and my feet, so I am always excited to do that but obviously sprawling is something I have challenged to do and work on all the time. It is just working on the game plan and training from one guy to the next.”

Gavin Tucker vs. Jeremy Henry
Round 1
The match begins when Tucker throws kicks with one hitting Henry’s leg and the other hitting him in the chest. Henry then throws some kicks of his own to push Tucker off. Tucker then goes for a one-two punch combo which helps him throw a leg kick. Henry comes back in with a couple of leg kicks to push Tucker off. Tucker comes back in with some punches and clinches with Henry against the cage. Tucker throws a few knee strikes and the clinch is broken off. Both men start to exchange but Tucker is able to clinch up where he gets a few more knee strikes. Henry then throws some jabs which leads to an exchange with the two. Tucker then throws a kick and goes back in the clinch and then is looking for a single leg takedown. Henry counters with some punches that moves Tucker back. Both men then throw some leg kicks until Tucker goes for a double leg takedown that is successful. Tucker is now in side control but Henry is able to grab Tucker’s arm. Tucker is able to get out and hits Henry with some rights. Tucker is able to move around and get on top of Henry where is trying to pass guard. Tucker then goes for some ground and pound until Henry pushes him off. Tucker is still able to maintain his position but Henry turns around and is on his back. Tucker then decides to work on some more ground and pound to end the round. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Tucker

Round 2
Before the round begins, Tucker’s corner forgets to put his mouth guard back in and he tries to get into the cage to give it back. Both center around the cage and Tucker goes for a right kick that connects. Both circle around the cage and Tucker tries to go for the takedown and pins Henry against the cage where he is able to get him down. Tucker is on top, Henry tries to hook his legs but cannot. Tucker is trying to pass guard now but he gets up and goes back down and is able to slip his head through. Henry has a hold of his head but Tucker has no problem getting out. Tucker stands back up and is able to get a right hand on Henry. Tucker is now trying to pin Henry down and does so with some right hands and some elbows. Tucker is now in side control where he throws a couple of lefts. Tucker throws an elbow, Henry trying to what he can to block those shots. Tucker tries for some ground and pound but Henry tries to push him. Tucker stands up and Henry goes for the up kick. Tucker is able to block it and move it into side control and eventually gets on Henry’s back. Tucker then hits him with a right and is looking to hook his arms in for a rear naked choke but throws a few more rights. Tucker is able to hook his arms and get the rear naked choke. Henry tries to do what he can but is forced to submit.
Gavin Tucker wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:25 in the 2nd round

When asked about having a fight with someone who was able to trade with him Tucker knew he would be ready for it.

“It was different but I felt he got only one real good shot off on me that caught me on the nose but I felt the rest of it was all mine. I didn’t feel like the momentum swung in his favor for even one exchange. Not taking anything away from Jeremy, it was a tough fight and I felt it was all mine.”

Mark Grey vs. Chris Franck
Round 1
Grey takes the center of the cage to start and he pushes Franck off with a right hook. Grey is able to hit Franck with a knee that moves Franck back. Franck then goes in for a roundhouse but cannot connect. Franck then goes in for an inside kick that connects, but the shot hits Grey in the groin area and the ref stops it. After taking two minutes to recover the fight resumes. Grey is now working his jab and then hits with an uppercut that pushes Franck against the cage. Grey then goes for an inside leg kick that hits Franck’s groin. Franck waits a few minutes till he is better and the match continues. Franck then goes in to exchange with Grey where he connects with a knee. Grey answers back in swinging as both men go back and fourth trading punches. During the exchange Grey throws a overhand right that puts Franck out on his back.
Mark Grey wins by Knockout at 2:08 in the 1st round

Ryan Connor vs. Matt McClennan
Round 1
The fight starts off a little slow as both men are pacing around. After this, Connor is able to push McClennan against the cage where he is able to get him down. Connor has him pinned along the side of the cage where he is throwing some right hand punches. McClennan counters back with some rights to try and get back up on his feet. Connor then is able to get McClennan on his back but McClennan hooks his legs together to try if he can stop Connor. Connor then throws some punches and is able to get on McClennan’s back where is trying for a rear naked choke. Connor cannot get it so he moves off him. Connor looks for another opening and is able to get his back once again for the rear naked choke. McClennan is able to stop it but it does not last long as Connor gets the arm under his chin and squeezes for the submission victory.
Ryan Connor wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:56 in the 1st round

Todd Henry vs. Nathan Hamilton
Round 1
After the bell horn goes, Hamilton moves to the center of the cage to gain control. Both fighters start to scramble and throw some punches but Hamilton is able to take him to the ground. Henry tries to get back up but Hamilton moves to side control on Henry’s back. Hamilton then starts to use his ground and pound with some fierce right hands and then some lefts. Henry tries to find an opening to get back up but Hamilton keeps him down. Henry then puts himself in a turtle position and he eats some knee shots to the side of the body. Hamilton then stops and waits for a few seconds and then works to get a some more knee shots. Henry then moves and tries to grab Hamilton’s leg but he can’t muster any offense. Hamilton stays on top of Henry’s back and throws a couple of right hands. Hamilton then stands up to throw some more right hands. Henry then tries again to grab his leg but Hamilton goes back to giving him some knee shots. Hamilton then gets on his back and moves to side control. Henry again tries to grab a leg to get back up but Hamilton stops it with some lefts. Hamilton is now sitting on top where he throws some rights. After this, Henry finally gets his opening as he is on his feet and clinches with Hamilton against the cage. Hamilton is able to circle and push Henry on the cage and throws some knee strikes and punches. Henry counters back and the fight moves to the center of the cage. Hamilton then throws a right hook but he misses. He decides to try for it again and connects. Henry throws a couple of jabs to push him off. Hamilton goes to throw a right hook only to see that Henry comes with one of his own that sends Hamilton down to the mat. The ref stops the fight as the horn sounds so the crowd doesn’t know what the result is. The ref did stop the match before the horn rang and Henry gets the win.
Todd Henry wins by Knockout at 4:59 in the 1st round

Tyler Reid vs. Matt Heim
Round 1
The match begins with both guys circling around the cage when Heim decides to move in and take a few swings at Reid. Reid is able to get in control and push him against the cage. From there, Reid is able to grab Heim and slam him down to the mat and move into side control on his back. Heim is trying to get up but he moves and gives up his back. Reid gets on his back and throws a punch to help secure the rear naked choke. Reid holds on and Heim submits.
Tyler Reid wins by submission at :43 in the 1st round

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