Elite 1 MMA Weigh-In Results


Elite 1 MMA held their weigh-ins today to make their January 27th card official.  If you are in Moncton, you can purchase tickets at Casino New Brunswick.  If you are out of town, you can catch it on Internet PPV.

Here are the weigh-in results:

205lbs- Chris Johnson (205.6) vs. Dana Dickeson***** (215)
***non-title fight

160lbs- Chris Doucet (160) vs. Phil St. Pierre (159.6)
Lightweight Wild Card Round 2:
155lbs- Adam Hazelton (155.2) vs. Christopher Corporon**** (156)
155lbs- Stephen Clement (155.8) vs. Dave Simms*** (155.6)
150lbs- Justin Bourgeois (151) vs. Remi Chabot** (151)
190lbs- Adam Hunter (190.6) vs. Brad Webb (189)
155lbs- Devin Viner (155.4) vs. Jeff Miller (153.8)
145lbs- Jon Foster (143.6) vs. Sung Jin Lim (146)
200lbs- Cory Smearer (193.8) vs. Matthew DesRoches*
155lbs- Morgan Rhynes (153.8) vs. Jeff Griffiths (155.4)

*Matthew DesRoches was stuck in the storm and could not make the weigh ins. He will weigh in once he arrives in town. It should not be an issue as he walks around under 200lbs.

**Remi Chabot was given 1 hour to lose .6 of a pound and came back weighing 151 lbs so he made weight

***Dave Simms was given 1 hour to lose 1.8 lbs. and came back weighing 155.6

**** Chris Corporon was given 1 hour to lose the 1.6 lbs and came back weighing 156

*****forfeits 20% of his purse to Chris Johnson

2 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    WOW 10lbs over for title fight!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  2. Shar 1 says:

    Wasn’t a title fight due to Dickeson not making weight.

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