MFC 32: Weigh In Results – McKee Stripped of Title


MFC 32 goes down tomorrow night from the Mayfield Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. The Event will feature the return of Ryan “The Kid” McGillivray to the MFC as well as Antonio “Mandingo” McKee taking on Brian Cobb in the Co-Main Event. The main event features the long awaited return of Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis and UFC Veteran Wilson Gouveia in a five round non-title fight.

McKee Stripped of MFC Lightweight Title
James Haddad, Brian Cobb, and Antonio McKee all missed weight. Haddad will forfeit 20% of their purse. Antonio McKee will now fight Brian Cobb in a three round non-title fight and McKee will be stripped of the Lightweight title and cut from the organization following this bout. All other competitors made weight and their fights will go on as scheduled. See below for full results.

UPDATE:  Top MMA News initially reported that Cobb made weight at 155 lbs as announced by the weigh-in announcer.  In fact, he was actually .6 over weight at 155.6.

Main Card: (HDNet)

205lbs- Dwayne Lewis (205) vs. Wilson Gouveia (204)
155lbs- *Antonio McKee (162) vs. *Brian Cobb (155.6)
*** non-title fight

170lbs- Ryan McGillivray (171) vs. Diego Bautista (170)
170lbs- Dhiego Lima (171) vs. Nathan Coy (169)
170lbs- Jamie Toney (169) vs. Kyle Jackson (170)
155lbs- Dan Ring (154) vs. **James Haddad (158)

Preliminary Card:
155lbs- Garret Nybakken (155) vs. Matt Jelly (155)
185lbs- Allen Hope (186) vs. Brendan Kornberger (184.6)

*Overweight, now a three round fight.
** Overweight, will forfeit 20% of his purse

56 Responses to “ MFC 32: Weigh In Results – McKee Stripped of Title ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    From the couple interviews I’ve heard McKee seems apologetic that he’s missed weight for this fight.
    Says he tried to make weight and got to 159.5 or something then had health probs and decided it was in his best interest to be healthy than to push his body to dangerous levels.

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  2. jamon says:

    i wonder if hdnet has an out in mfc contract, ive been a supporter in the past the product has been very weak as of late, i think the MFC is gonna have to realize that being on tv is not enough to attract quality fighters anymore

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  3. Pete says:

    Pavelich is out for himself and not the fighters. He is bad for the sport. I love how he is burning all his bridges. Its only a matter of time before he cant sign any legit fighters!

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  4. Mckee's sister says:

    I think for all the victories Mckee has accomplished for the MFC that should have been considered. Pavelich has his thumb up his ass and his pockets open to be filled. Mckee’s talent will succeed with or without Pavelich whether it be fighting coaching or promoting. All fighter’s beware of Pavelich and Dana the demons of the sport that manipulate and control

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  5. Jamon says:

    Honestly McKee is a warrior, he would give anyone a tough fight, but he is what he is a wrestler nothing more he’s not a guy that put buts in the seats, he should train fighters cause. I think he is good at that

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  6. fightfan says:

    Bar minimum a fighter has to make weight. Their carelessness can put a promotion at risk . This is live tv. If a fighter cant make weight , then they should move up a weight class.

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