ECC 13 Weigh-In Results


This afternoon Extreme Cage Combat held the weigh-ins for their 13th event titled Armageddon in Halifax. The event will take place tomorrow at Casino Nova Scotia A few fighters missed weight today as they only allowed the fighers to weigh-in once.

Here are the results:

205 Mike Kent (200) vs Chester Post (185.2)

170 Ricky Goodall** (170.9) vs Jerome Martinez* (172.6)
***Five Round Superfight – Welterweight Title Qualifier

155 Gavin Tucker (155) vs Jeremy Henry (154.6)
205 Nathan Hamilton (203.8) vs Todd Henry (202.6)
180 Mark Grey* (183) vs Christ Franck (178.2)
135 Matt MacLennan (134.6) vs Ryan Connor (135.6)
170 Matt Heim* (173) vs Tyler Reid (170.4)

*Missed weight

** UPDATE: Ricky Goodall weighed in at 171.6.  According to Derek Leblanc, the commission does not allow naked weigh-ins but the commission listed Ricky at 170.9 so  he made the weight.

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    170 Ricky Goodall* (171.6) vs Jerome Martinez* (172.6)
    ***Five Round Superfight – Welterweight Title Qualifier

    Double weight miss?

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    205 Mike Kent (200) vs Chester Post (185.2)

    Chester weighed in at MW?

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  3. UPDATE:

    Weigh-ins were at 5pm and the above weights are correct. However, word is that Goodall weighed in naked 2 hours prior to weighins at 170.9. Commission will go with that weight rather than the 5pm weight and Goodall is not over the weight limit.

    As well, Goodall allowed Martinez to keep the 20%.

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  4. That update was from Derek Leblanc who is at the weigh-ins.

    Strange weigh-ins today at ECC and MFC.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Wow, so Ricky made weight prior to weigh ins and they’re using that weight instead of the “official” weight? Weird, any more info on this?

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  6. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Unfortnally that is all the info I know this was from Goodall. The will also be new from the commission put in which I will have up shorty

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  7. TSM says:

    Jerome did not have a scale to check his weight prior to the weigh ins, so he had to guess his weight, There is some more going on right now but Ricky did allow Jerome to keep all his purse.

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  8. mike kent says:

    me and chester agreed to 200. I was 237 at the beggining of january and didn’t know he was going to be that light . The original contact was for 195 but it was obvious weeks ago that wasn’t obtainable .chester was good for upping the weight by 5 pounds . No clue when he agreed that he wasn’t cutting as well and he was that light

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    I thought the commission has to provide a scale a few hours before hand.

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  10. Derek LeBlanc says:

    The final weight by Goodall is 170.9 and not the 171.6, so Goodall did not miss weight for this fight. so just to stop any confusion that people are having with this.

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    so where did the 171.6lbs number come from?

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  12. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Also while there was the 171.6. The contract was for 171lbs. and they the commission will give the pound if a fighter is at the weight in his underwear.

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  13. Jana says:


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  14. Jana says:

    Contract for 171 lbs.? That’s just weird.

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    K Derek can you explain a few things for me.

    1) What was the 170.9 weight and what was the 171.6 weight.

    2) Why was the contract for 171? Or do you mean the fight was for 170 with a 1lbs allowance? And he was given an additional pound cuz he had his undies on.

    Please clarify

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  16. Jana says:

    So is it now a 171 lb. 5 round qualifier fight?

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  17. Derek LeBlanc says:

    The fight is 170 but they do allow the pound over. Goodall did a weigh in at 3pm where was 170.9, when they did the weigh ins at 5, he was 171.6 The boxing commission took the original weight of the 170.9 because they did not want the fighters doing the 5pm weigh ins naked because it was at a bar in front of a crowd so the 170.9 is the weight that the boxing comission used so the 171.6 was just for show

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    WTF, so was 3pm official? Cuz if weigh ins were at 5pm, then 5pm is official?!?!? confused

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  19. Derek LeBlanc says:

    This was on the commission. They let the fighters go over the one pound if there were in less of a pound in the underwear. HUbert Earle wanted it out of respect for the women that the men didnt strip.

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  20. I’m not sure how this is unclear…

    The fight was contracted at 171. The commission was allowing 1 pound for underwear because some of the commission’s wives were in attendance. At 3pm I checked weight in front of the commission first with underwear on weighing 171.6. I said I had better go cut but the commission said with the contract at 171 and an allowance for underwear I was technically underweight without underwear so it was fine.

    Martinez weighed in at 172.6. I told him because he took the fight on short notices I would not take 20%.

    I have told this to both Derek and Keith (not sure how Derek could fuck it up BEING at the weigh ins, especially how he didn’t even mention it to me when he was there) will have the full accurate story the first time.

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    Thanks for the clarification Ricky

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  22. mike kent says:

    In nova Scotia they normally put contracts at 186 , 171 , 156 becuase they sometimes don’t allow a pound or anything over the contracted weight . That way if someone fighting at 155 weighed in at 155.6 they wouldn’t be counted as a weight miss . What’s unreal jana ? How you continue to run your mouth while you have no relevance to the topic . Tell steve to unretire and except a rematch with ricky or anyone at all or shut up with your smug remarks . The only time you open your mouth is when a post has something to do with ricky or myself . Get a life and fuck yourself .

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  23. mike kent says:

    I won’t be on forums again after this until I fight tomorrow . But why everytime something happens to do with the Ginga ninja and myself you crawl out of your hole . I would have a tiny bit of respect for you if you had a opinion on anything else but us everyonce in a while

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  24. Jana says:

    NS never has contracts at 186, 171, or156 – to say that is ridiculous. So sorry to have offended you once again Mike :) Best of luck !!

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  25. Jana says:

    Oh, and Steven did accept a rematch with Ricky remember – back in July, Ricky backed out a few weeks before.

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  26. mike kent says:

    Yes they do and they have . How many contracts have you gone over in nova Scotia besides steve you idiot .for u to say anything is rediculous . As soon as hubert and the commission stopped allowing a pound a lot of contracts started coming in at a pound over the normal wait . Go perm your husbands hair

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  27. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Nova Scotia has contracts at 146 156 171 etc all the time. Fighters ask for the extra pound in writing all the time because the commission is very picky about weighing in naked and very indecisive about the pound allowance rule.. i have had several contracts in ns where the CONTRACTED weight would have an extra pound.
    Cant wait to see the fights tomorrow night. Tucker vs Henry pre fight stare down is worth my dollar and the fight has potential to be much more.

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  28. Latest: Ricky Goodall weighed in at 171.6. According to Derek Leblanc, the commission does not allow naked weigh-ins but the commission listed Ricky at 170.9 so he made the weight.

    Ricky also texted me stating the contract was for 171.

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  29. fitplusmma says:

    Even though it’s assumed normal in most other places, the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority has never made 1 lb allowances before (At least not to any fights I can remember). Hubert Earl has always made it clear that its the promotors responsibility to have it in the contract if they want an allowance. That is the reason for the unusual weights on contracts (146, 156, etc). It would be a lot easier for fighters and fans to follow if the NSBA just stuck to normal weight classes and gave the lb allowance to cover any issues.

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  30. james says:

    im not sure if you guys see what i see but i think im right. okay ricky weighed in at 171.6 okay so if the weight limit was 170 but the commission gives a pound for underwear than you have to way 171. so really the pound is already given to the fighter so when ricky weigh 171.6 that means he’s over the fucking limited. its 170 plus a pound for under wear makes 171. ricky weight 171.6 you cant give him another pound lol, this proves ricky failed at the weight again. if the commission is giving an extra pound for ricky now then the weight limited is now 171 plus a pound to make it 172. the normal weight class is 170 the commission only would give 1 pound so your not naked, its not 171 plus a pound. i dont care how ricky and them try explain it. any one know anything about fights no what happen is bull shit. this is probley y ricky didn’t take any of the guys money due to this.

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  31. @clinchcraig says:

    The contract was for 171 he weighed 171.6 and rather then strip him off (NSBC has always been against guys stripping off for weigh ins) they gave it to him. His opponent took the fight on somewhat short notice and traveled a long way so Ricky cut him some slack likely because he knows the trials of making weight himself.
    This article was a mess and the comments from the reporter made it even worse. Seemed like too much of a rush to get the results out and not enough time getting thew facts first. Sorry Derek this was bad IMO. Will try to tweet results tonight under #ECC13 if anyone wants em.

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  32. @clinchcraig says:

    FOTN prediction is MacLennan vs Connor Seen both guys fight and they go hard. #ECC13

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  33. Bobby Karimi says:

    Most interesting fight of the night.

    Gavin Tucker vs Jeremy Henry

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  34. @clinchcraig says:

    Agreed but I could see it being a positional fight. Both guys will bring it but I can see it being Henry’s TD defense vs Tuckers TD or it could be a barn burner who knows. MacLennan vs Connors will banging it out standing or on the ground.

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  35. Jeremy Josey says:

    Gavin Tucker vs Jeremy Henry is the fight i’m looking forward to the most. Gavin’s a beast. looking forward to watching him take some big steps forward in Canada MMA this year.

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  36. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Henry vs Tucker will be a barn burner regardless. Tucker has amazing boxing skills and will have an answer to anything Henry can throw standing. Henry’s BJJ game has come leaps and bounds and it shows with his new blue belt. Seems as tucker was awarded his in the past year as well.
    Gracie vs Uno… two very credable belts

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  37. harry balls says:

    the fact that ANYONE would give a shit about a fighter weighing in naked (it ain’t like they just get up there with their pecker hanging out; they hold up a towel) is fucking laughable. Clown Town extraordinaire…

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  38. Ricky Goodall says:

    Hey James, why don’t you throw some gloves on and meet me at any fucking weight you choose.

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  39. winston says:

    after richard punches out ricky i think he should show mike kent what time it is at a catch weight fight of the year ?

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