MFC 32 Press Conference Quotes


Mark Pavelich
“Whoever wins the fight between Dhiego Lima and Nathan Coy, I’m going to put them for the title May 4… If Ryan McGillivray beats Diego Bautista, he’s going to fight the winner for the title”

Nathan Coy
“I’m ready for this fight, it’s a great opportunity. They say it’s a short notice fight but I’ve fighting my whole life, this is nothing new, I train every day, I am ready. I couldn’t ask for better timing to be honest, I’m ready to do this, Friday night, getting down, getting dirty, gettin’ it on.”

Dhiego Lima
“I’ve been training real hard, it wasn’t a problem switching opponents, we train everything at our gym… It’s going to be a high paced fight, expect my hand raised at the end… I’m looking forward to Ryan and Diego’s fight, I’m coming for that belt and no one is going to stop me until I get it so expect my hand raised”

Ryan McGillivray
“Thanks to Pavelich and the MFC for having me back, it’s been a long time coming, I’m really happy to be back where I started. I have a lot of good memories here and I’m looking forward to making a few more… I know Diego is a very tough guy, he’s got a few wins on the ground, stand up, a few decisions and he’s never been beaten, I’m looking forward to a tough test. My reputation shows what it is, I’m very tough to finish, I always have exciting fights and I’m very well prepared for this fight… Like Dhiego (Lima) said I’m looking forward to their fight as well but one fight at a time, I’m not looking past Bautista, I look forward to making a big splash back in the MFC”

Brian Cobb
“I know a lot of people didn’t think I was going to to beat Drew Fickett, I surprised them with that… A lot of people don’t think I’m gonna beat Antonio McKee, hopefully I’ll surprise them again… We’re not doing this for the money we’re doing it because we really love this… He doesn’t wanna get rid of that belt and I really really want it”

Antonio McKee
“I’m very proud to be fighting for the MFC, Me and Pavelich have a long history, we’ve had our bump and bruises, our ups and our downs, we’ve come to an agreement I’m not too old to keep doing this and I’m going to show that on Friday night… Me and Brian are running the same race, I’m just a little further in the race, I think it’s going to be a really fun fight and I’ve never had a fight where it would be fun because there’s always been pressure, am I going to be exciting, am I just going to take him down… Let’s just put on a great show for the fans, if Brian can get this belt then he deserves it, I’m not the kinda guy that lays down”

Wilson Gouveia
“Last time I came to Canada to fight, I let my fans down, before I had a lot of problems with my personal life, but of course it’s not an excuse, I’m a professional… I respect him (Lewis) I know he’s a tough fighter, he’s one of the hardest hitters in the game, I give him a lot of respect, I trained very hard for this fight, I’m ready to go I never felt like this in my life, I can’t wait for Friday night because this in the first MFC five round non-title fight but I don’t believe it will go that long, I believe the fight will end in the first round… I’m ready for anything, striking if he wants to take me down you’re doing me a favour”

Dwayne Lewis
“I’m super excited for this, I’m absolutely pumped, I can honestly say I’m the best me I’ve ever been coming into a fight, first time in a while I’m actually 100%, no injuries, no sickness… I agree with Wilson, this fight isn’t going anywhere near five round, first round maybe, second round tops thats about it… I’m glad he’s in the best shape of his life because I wouldn’t want to fight anything less… Wherever the fight goes, I don’t care, I’m ready to fight, I’ve been off 11 months I ready to hit somebody.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I hope Mark keeps true to his wqork of May 4th. That seems to be a lot quicker turn around than usual for the MFC.

    Except I’d like to see how he’d sell a Coy vs Ryan fight. You can’t claim to be #2 with a guy cut from SF and a guy who couldn’t get past the TUF guys fighting for your title.

    Best of luck to the MFC though. WAR LIMA.

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  2. Sheldon westcott says:

    Best of luck to the Kid.. He works his ass off and is a great guy. I am excited for him the mop the floor with Bautista.

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