Canadian Rumour Mill – January 24


Big congratulations to Robin Black who from all accounts had a wonderful marriage ceremony with his beautiful wife! Robin is a sweetie and I am very happy for him! Congratulations!

  • Mike Ricci will look to come back from his recent defeat against Tony Hervey at Ringside on March 17.
  • Sounds like Roger Hollett’s Bellator fight has been pushed back. Look for Hollett to headline the next ECC card in Halifax in April.
  • Rumour has it Mark Holst’s comeback fight will be for the Wreck MMA WW title vs Nathan Gunn.
  • Manitoba MMA Scene = Life Support. Just have Cage Fighting Manitoba, who’s going to step up in Manitoba? There was talk of Score Fighting Series, Armageddon, Hard Knocks or Aggression coming to the province but no news yet. Canadian Fighting Championship… Sigh!
  • Multiple sources have suggested to me that the UFC will be heading out west to Alberta. The show will almost definitely be held in Calgary around June. The UFC seems to not be interested in holding a show in Edmonton, not with the commission in place there and ½ point system, etc.
  • Indestructible MMA (formerly part of Hope Fight Productions) will hold their inaugural show on April 21st in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
  • Well I guess Joe Doerksen isn’t fighting in Quebec. His opponent has withdrawn due to injury.
  • Syd Barnier/management refused to fight Eric Perez, when offered by a promotion in the east.

22 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – January 24 ”

  1. Edmonton MMA says:

    disappointed with the UFC not coming here. Why was Hollets fight pushed back?

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    So Hollett’s not in the tournament?

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  3. Anon says:

    God bless time machines. Hollett made his debut in Bellator on November 12th of last year.

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  4. AlanDale says:

    Not surprised Ratner and the UFC aren’t impressed with the edm commission. Their repuation has been speading for being a 1 ring circus

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    I want a time machine!

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  6. Jeff Harrison says:

    I was under the impression Barnier was fighting Perez on an Ontario show ( I willl keep which one to myself out of respect for promoter) Last time I talked to Syd he was all for it and IMO that is a perfect fight for Barnier. What are your sources? I call bullshit!

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  7. Jeff Harrison says:

    Clarification: Syd is slated to fight on Instinct. The promotion trying to slate Barnier vs Perez wouldn’t sign him because the dates were too close, although Barnier was eager to fight both fights. Saying Barnier refused to fight is completely wrong and casts a negative light on that athlete. Syd and Perez would be a crazy fight hopefully it happens this year!

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  8. Ryan says:

    In talking about the Holett thing, Bellator IS NOT doing a 205 lbs tournament in the sixth season. The 205 tournament will be used for the summer series events.

    FFS ECC please move out of the casino. I really want to see these fights hahaha.

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  9. Derek LeBlanc says:

    The date has been pushed back and I was talking with Peter Martell of ECC today and they are searching for a fighter to face Hollett in April. Can’t say names but they have tried contact one ex UFC fighter

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  10. Demitri (trev) says:

    Might be a bit early for misha but I would like to see that. Desilet rematch would be cool as well.

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  11. Wonder if the announcement and failure to secure dates in Montreal had the UFC looking for another Canadian venue and got it?

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  12. Ryan says:

    I dont believe it was failure to find a date was an issue. They had a date and venue. It was cancelled because they had no main event for it.

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  13. CM says:

    Did they have a date & venue though? I’ve heard a couple rumours saying otherwise. The proposed date of March 24th would have been the night after a home Canadiens game so there might be some truth to those rumours.

    I don’t know how long they need to get set -up so I’m not saying they couldn’t do an event the night after a hockey game, but it would give them a lot less time & they would also have to hold the weigh-ins somewhere else as well.

    Add the lack of a real main event to the logistical problems & it’s not suprising that they scrapped the show.

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  14. Ryan says:

    Well, they did a show in Vancouver right in the thick of Stanley Cup play offs last year. I don’t think doing a show in Montreal the day after a habs game would bother them too much, esp considering how the habs are doing this year (I’m a habs guy, it’s very sad.

    I believe the problem was that there were no availible big names for the card. The biggest fight on the card was Schaub vs Rothwell lol.

    They’ll go to Montreal this year I think. I think they should go to the Olympic Stadium for GSP vs Diaz/Condit.

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  15. Gossip Queen says:

    Oops….yes it was not Roger Hollett’s debut. I knew that he fought Hawk.

    @Karimi.. it does not sound like there will be a Light-Heavyweight Bellator Season 6 tourney.

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  16. Updated Hollett’s debut to Hollett’s fight.

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  17. Pete says:

    Hopefully we get to see Ryan Fortin in UFC if it comes to Calgary. A fresh face on the Canadian scene. Does anyone really want to see Tim Hague again? He is already like 1-4 in UFC. There is literally no fighters he can beat in the UFC right now.

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  18. Pete says:

    Anybody notice the difference between Tim Hague in small shows vs UFC? He only has punching power and a decent build when he is not being drug tested. Its very obvious why he cannot compete in the UFC. Yeah, i said it!

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  19. Ryan says:

    There is literally no fighter he can beat in the UFC right now? Pat Barry.

    You know literally nothing about what you’re talking about. 1. Tim has been in much worse shape vs Jensen, Wuiff, Lucero and his boxing fight.

    2) Tim didn’t perform very well in the Jensen fight and was in A LOT of trouble. Not to slag on tim, but to imply he is on PED’s from that is retarded.

    Tim could beat many fighters in the UFC. Barry, Morecraft, Struve, Brougton, Hunt, Rothwell, De Fries, Johnson.

    The thing is Tim needs to step his competition up. He has no big wins. None. His biggest was over a green Pat Barry. He needs to fight Fortin, Lashley, Rogers, Mccorkle. Guys like that. Not Vince Lucero.

    You’re a complete dipship bud. Get in the cage before you talk shit about a guy with FIVE UFC fights.

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  20. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hey I think the Wiuff KO was a huge win actually, and the Jensen comeback KO was also a good win.

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  21. Ryan says:

    They were good wins. But Jensen has lost recently to people maing their pro debut. And Wuiff is good but his last name win at HW was a split dec to jeff monson and then before that it was fujita in 2008. Good wins for sure. But he is capable of a lot better. He needs to fight the guys I listen. Mabe try to fight AA in Pro Elite. That would be a good fight.

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  22. Pete says:

    There is not one heavyweight in the UFC at this time that Tim Hague could beat. Pat Barry might actually murder him if they had a rematch. Tim Hague needs to retire.

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