Hard Knocks 19 Play-by-Play


Cody Bargholz was at Hard Knocks 19.  Here is his recap of the this event that was held in Calgary, Alberta:

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night – Wolfgang Janssen vs. Jesse Arnett
  • Submission of the Night – Wolfgang Janssen
  • KO of the Night – Jesse Pearson


Advin Omic vs. Paapa Inkumusah
Round 1: Advin lands a leg kick then closes the distance and clinches up. Advin has Paapa pinned against the cage but the action slows down so the referee seperates the fighters. Advin lands a great inside leg kick then drops Paapa with a right hand. Advin leaps into Paapas guards and lands a few shots before Paapa throws up a triangle choke attempt. Advin doesn’t look like he is in danger. Paapa is working for an arm bar but doesn’t seriously threaten Advin with it. Advin pops out of the triangle and land a hard right to Paapa’s face. Paapa turns and Advin takes his back. Both fighters are hand fighting but Advin is still landing a lot of punches from back mount. Advin locks in a body triangle and is getting really close with the choke. Paapa is forced to tap.
Advin Omic defeats Paapa Inkumusa by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:37

Ryan Machan vs. Keto Allen
Round 1: Ryan lands a hard right hook to the body then a huge high kick from his rear leg. Keto recovers and takes Ryan down. Keto passes to half gaurd and tries to submit Ryan by guillotine. Ryan sweeps Keto then passes to mount before Keto release the guillotine attempt and somehow just stands up with Ryan mounting him. Ryan lands another high kick but this time only connects with his toes. Keto takes him down again and passes to side control. Keto takes Ryan’s back and Ryan turtles. Keto is pulling Ryan back and now has Ryan’s back with Ryan belly up. Keto is working for a rear naked choke but Ryan doesn’t seem worried. Ryan tries to turn into him but Keto sees it coming and mounts Ryan. Ryan turns again and Keto takes his back. Ryan stands up and pulls guard with a guillotine that was not even close. Keto pops up and finishes the round on top.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Keto Allen

Round 2: Keto lands a right hand and Ryan responds with one of his own. Ryan attempts another head kick but Keto defends. Keto shoots for a takedown pinning Ryan against the fence eventually scoring a takedown. Keto passes to half mount. Ryan uses the cage to flip Keto and takes the top position inside Keto’s guard. Ryan passes into half mount and is landing short right hands to Keto’s face. Keto is triying to stand up but Ryan is controlling him and just keeps landing short elbows and punches to Keto’s face. Ryan passes to mount and Keto tries to sweep but Ryan takes his back. Ryan isolates and arm from back mount then sinks in a rear naked choke.
Ryan Machan defeats Keto Allen by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:59

Wolfgang Janssen vs. Jesse Arnett
Round 1: Jesse lands a hard right hand but Wolfgang recovers and lands a one two combination that stuns Jesse. Jesse lands a crushing left hand right on the jaw and hurts Wolfgang. Both fighters and swinging and landing before they clinch up. Jesse lands a hard knee and another straight right that drops Wolfgang. Jesse jumps on top but the fighters quickly stand up. Both fighters are throwing down but Jesse is getting the better of the exchanges. The fighters clinch and Wolfgang lands a brutal knee to Jesse’s face. Wolfgang is bleeding hard from his mouth from all the punches to face Jesse has landed. Jesse takes Wolfgang down and starts dropping bombs but overcommits and Wolfgang throws up a lightning fast triangle. Jesse tries rolling to defend but Wolfgang just keeps tightening the choke until Jesse if forced to tap. This was an awesome fight!
Wolfgang Janssen defeats Jesse Arnett by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 3:01

Chantha Bun vs. Chad Anheliger
Round 1: Chantha moves in quickly with a right hand but Chad counters with hard right of his own. Both fighters are swinging wildly but Chad is getting the better of the exchanges and Chantha’s nose starts bleeding . Chad lands a lead leg head kick that connects. Chad lands another head kick off his lead leg and a right hand but Chantha recovers and pulls guard with a guillotine. There is a huge mouse above Chantha’s right eye where the head kicks landed. Chad escapes the guillotine lands a couple of punches and stands up. Chantha’s right eye is already completely swollen shut. The referee stops the fight and has the doctor take a look at the eye. The doctor calls the fight off. I won’t be surprised if Chantha’s orbital bone is broken.
Chad Anheliger defeats Chantha Bun by Doctor Stoppage in Round 1, 2:12

Amateur MMA

Tyler Kneiss vs. Randy Chung
Round 1: Randy opens up with a hard punch that drops Tyler. Randy pounces on top of Randy and passes effortlessly into mount Tyler scrambles to the edge of the cage and tries to sit up and wall walk up the cage but Randy maintains the mount position and drags him back down. Randy is dropping left hands from mount onto Tyler’s biceps. Really hard punches. Rands locks in an arm triangle and transitions to side control tightening up the choke. Randy chokes him out in only a couple of seconds after the transition and the referee quickly separates the fighters.
Randy Chung defeats Tyler Kneiss by Arm Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1:48

Bryce Berry vs. Zach Manywounds
Round 1: Zach opens up with a crushing leg kick. When Zack moves in again Bryce shoots for a takedown. Zach stuffs the takedown, recovers and locks in a standing guillotine. Bryce escapes but is bleeding from his nose. Zack lands a couple of hard punches and stuffs another take down attempt. The fighters clinch in the centre of the cage and Zach lands a crushing knee to Bryce’s midsection before Bryce accidently strikes Zack with a blow to the groin. The referee calls time. When the fight resumes Bryce lands a couple of hard side kicks to Zach’s body and Zach comes back is four or five hard right hands that land flush but don’t seem to hurt Bryce.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Zach Manywounds

Round 2: Bryce opens the round by landing a hard overhand right. Zach is starting to switch stances quickly. Zach throws a spinning backfist that connects. Both fighters are really tired but Bryce looks incredibly tired. Zach lands a couple of hard overhand rights and a cut opens up above Bryce’s eye. Bryce more or less falls down and Zach passes into side control and quickly locks in a guillotine from . The choke looked like the choke Jon Jones submitted Ryan Bader with.
Zach Manywounds defeats Bryce Berry by Reverse Guillotine in Round 2, 2:21

Todd Vatcher vs. Joel Monty
Round 1: Both fighters are throwing a lot of punches but nether fighter is landing anything. Joel lands a nice right hand prompting Todd to take him down. Todd passes into side control but Joel recovers guard quickly and starts trying to isolate Todd’s right arm. From top position Todd lands a few shots to the body before Joel succeeds in isolating that arm, throws up his legs and forces Todd to submit via arm bar.
Joel Monty defeats Todd Vatcher by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:11

Shawn Ressler vs. Keegan Oliver
Round 1: The fighters begin the round by circling and feeling each other out. Keegan makes the first move and drives in for a double leg takedown but Keegan stuffs it. Keegan transitions to a single leg, circles and scores the takedown. Shawn stands back up but Keegan relentlessly drives forward, locks up with Shawn and scores another takedown. Keegan is staying very tight but Keegan uses a guillotine attempt to reverse him and sweeps to top position. Keegan sweeps Shawn and the fighters stand up. Keegan immediately drives in for another takedown and gets it eventually passing Shawn’s guard into mount.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Keegan Oliver

Round 2: Keegan shoots in for a double leg in the centre of the cage and scores the takedown. Shawn scrambles to the edge of the cage and pushes off it, rolling Keegan and the fighters stand up. Keegan immediately changes levels and drives Shawn into the cage eventually scoring another takedown. Shawn scrambles to get up but Keegan takes Shawn’s back and then transitions to full mount. Keegan lands a few hard shots to the body before Shawn pushes of the fense again landing on top in Keegan’s guard. Keegan somehow squirms up onto Shawns back. I have no idea how he just did that! Keegan get mount and drops for an arm bar. Shawn is saved by the bell, the arm bar was very tight.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Keegan Oliver

Round 3: Keegan amazingly still looks fresh coming into third round. Keegan again instantly changes levels and shoots in for a takedown. Keegan gets the takedown and starts crawling up over Shawn guard Shinya Aoki style eventually passing into side control. Keegan is landing elbows and knees to Shawn’s body from side control while keeping really tight to Shawn and controlling position. Keegan passes to mount. It looked like Keegan was setting up a side choke just as the bell rings.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Keegan Oliver
Keegan Oliver defeats Shawn Ressler by Unanimous Decision

Rick Pfeifer vs. Louie Grover
Round 1: The fights exchange punches and Rick drives forward with a powerful double leg. Rick drives Louie into the fence and scores a takedown. Rick moves Louie into the centre of the cage and then stands up. Rick lands a few two punch combinations and Louie lands a couple of shots of his own. After getting punched Rick changes level and shoots in for another double leg takedown. Louie pulls guard with a guillotine attempt put it doesn’t look too tight. Rick escapes the guillotine and immediately passes into mount drops down for an arm bar forcing Louie to tap.
Rick Pfeifer defeats Louie Grover by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:25

Rod Powell vs. BJ Baldonado
Round 1: BJ opens up with a leg kick. He tries again but Rod counters with a hard right cross. BJ shoots in for a takedown but Rod stuffs it and makes him pay with a couple of punches. BJ tries again for a takedown and Rod counters with another huge right hand. BJ shoots and almost gets the takedown but Rod lands in mount and then stands up immediately. Rod looks very composed and is definitely the better striker in this round. BJ lands a great inside leg kick and Rod responds with a back kick right cross combination. Rod lands a hard push kick but BJ catches it and tangles up with Rod on the ground. The fighters scramble and stand up as the round comes to a close.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Rod Powell

Round 2: BJ lands a nice side kick to the body of Rod. Rod returns with a spinning back kick. BJ throws a superman punch out of nowhere that that lands flush on Rod’s chin. Rod throws a right hook but BJ ducks it and shoots for a takedown. Rod stuffs it and the fighters stand up. Rod takes BJ down. From guard BJ throws up an arm bar attempt and Rod is forced to stack him to defend. Rod tries to pull out but BJ locks in the arm bar even tighter. Rod is saved by the bell.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 BJ Baldonado

Round 3: Rod takes down BJ and BJ happily obliges. BJ is really tying Rod up but neither fighter can get anything started. Rod stands up and is starting to look tired. Rod lands a right hand but it doesn’t’ look like it hurt BJ. BJ scrambles for a takedown but Rod winds up on top and in side control. Rod transitions from side control into an arm bar attempt forcing BJ to defend. This round was almost exactly the opposite of Round 2.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Rod Powell
Rod Powell defeats BJ Baldonado by Unanimous Decision

Josh Szuch vs. Jesse Pearson
Round 1: Both fighters start off by circling around each other and feeling each other out. Jesse and Josh both land simultaneous leg kicks. Jesse lands a couple of hard punches to Josh’s face stunning Josh. Josh looks hurt and the referee almost stops the fight. Jesse lands a hard front kick to Josh’s midsection and follows it up with a right cross scoring a knockdown. The referee has seen enough and stops the fight.
Jesse Pearson defeats Josh Szuch by Technical Knock Out in Round 1, 0:35

15 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 19 Play-by-Play ”

  1. slim says:

    This was a night of really good fights. Aside from all the good fights, Hard Knocks actually paid tribute to a former fighter and volunteer who passed away earlier this month. It was a pretty classy move that they didn’t need to do.

    All in all, it was a great night!

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  2. Tyler Davis says:

    No mention of rick’s post fight tbow?

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  3. Tyler Davis says:

    Overall great show. Great production.

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  4. Hard Knocks says:

    Great job at covering the fights, Cody. Thanks to all the fighters, clubs, volunteers, and all the fans who came out to support. It was a great night!!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  5. Paapa says:

    Cody what fight were you watching clown? Landing kicks? droping me with a right hand? fool, watch the tape

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 5

  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Take a deep breath there, Paapa.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  7. Paapa says:

    It is what it is, i lost fare and square. its hard enough dealing with a loss then you have to hear some loser writting what ever he pleases. you go back and tell me where i got dropped with a right hand or took any leg kicks, or where i got punched in the face after i sliped. im not taking anything away from his win, i got caught. let people know how these fighs realy happen from someone who knows what they are watching

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 3

  8. Paapa…I will watch the fight and read the re-cap and take your comments under advisement.

    Thanks for posting.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  9. Tyler Davis says:

    im sure after watching and scribbling down the actions of 10 fights or so, your bound to have a mistake or two in the night.

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  10. Lee pop says:

    is there any where i can watch the jesse vs wolfgang fight online?, it was a sick fight buddy showed wicked heart both had an awesome fight gotta see that again and i dont wanna have to watch the fight network for like a day lol i do that enough

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  11. Cody Bargholz says:


    Depending on the position and orientation of the fighters within the cage, I don’t always have the best view of the action when sitting cageside. This is especially true if there is a post blocking my view.

    There is no doubt that at times I will confuse a slip for a knockdown, a hook for a straight, or strikes that totally miss their mark for strikes that land. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of watching any tape while typing up these play by plays and posting them after each fight so mistakes will happen.

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m working to improve after each event.

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  12. Hard Knocks says:

    Hey Lee,

    You can watch the fights on PPV at this link: http://bit.ly/xSzPdq Use the CouponCode HK19MSXN to save 10%.

    The fights will also be available on YouTube in a few weeks. Follow us on Facebook.com/HardKnocksFighting to be notified when the videos are available.

    Just a note on the play-by-play – it’s a tough job. You’re looking through a cage, and you don’t always have a good view of the fight. We’re working on making this easier with replays, etc.. but in the meantime you guys are doing a great job.

    Thanks for covering our event, Cody. Hope to see you out at the next one!

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  13. Paapa says:

    Play by play is the hard part of these nights? Try getting in there

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  14. Tyler Davis says:

    I’d probly have a harder time doing the play by play than fighting.

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    Not unless you also hand pick your PBPs…. (wait, was that mean?)

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