UFC on FX 1 Post-Fight Quotes


“Couldn’t have gone any better. I came out strong striking. The plan was then to take it to the ground, because I know he’s not as strong a grappler as he is a striker. I threw some punches and he didn’t react well, so I finished it. He was open for the right elbow; it landed and I kept them coming and put him down.”

“It happened so fast, I really don’t know what happened. I didn’t expect him to come out banging. Thought we would circle for a bit, but he banged it out.”

“My first fight in the UFC and I really wanted to do a good job. I expected him to wrestle but he wanted to stand with me. He rocked me then I rocked him. Then I tried to take him out of his comfort zone, by doing the opposite of what he was showing me. He wanted to stand so I took him down and finished it. I just squeezed and squeezed and choked him out.”

“I stood there with him and got him with a good left hook. I landed some good shots. I probably should have stayed away from him a little. I wanted to get to him first but he got to me and took me down. I tried to escape and just couldn’t.”

“It feels amazing. I been waiting for this opportunity in the UFC my whole life and I’m so happy to get the victory in that way. I’m a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but I want to show the world I’m a well-rounded fighter. We started striking, which surprised me because I know he’s good on the ground. We scrambled a bit, then I got the opportunity to get on his back.”

“I took this fight on short notice – 7 days. I busted my butt the last week with no rest. No excuses though. I wanted to keep him standing because I know he’s a black best in BJJ. I tried to use my wrestling to keep him on his feet and strike it out. He got me down on the ground and just flat got the better of me.”

“He’s so powerful. His Jiu-Jitsu isn’t real technical but he ‘s real explosive. I figured if I kept some distance I could inflict the most damage. Everything I learned in camp was going through my mind the entire fight, including being careful with him till the end, which I didn’t do. I was whipping his butt and he almost got me at the end. I got content with my position and he capitalized.”

“My mind just wasn’t in this fight. It was on other things. I would have done a lot better if my mind was into it. I tried for the tap at the end, but knew time was running out. If I had a little more time, I think I had him.”

“I thought the fight would go to the judges’ decision. It was my UFC debut and I was being very cautious. But when I mounted him in the 3rd round, I felt I had him and just went for it. I was prepared for this fight. I trained for three months in Russia and a couple weeks here In the States. I was ready. This was my first fight in the U.S., my first fight in the UFC and my goal was strictly to win. I did have butterflies, though – the lights, the pretty girls. Hey, it’s UFC.”

“He’s young, he’s fast. He likes to strike, but can also take you down. He just fought better than me tonight. We got into the 3rd round and he got me.”

“As far as the fight, I just played to my strengths and never felt threatened by him. Hey, I like knocking people out but if I have to go to the ground I will, but I’m not going to mess around, especially when I know my opponent has a better ground game. I told myself coming in tonight to just relax, let it all hang out and hopefully walk away with a win. I’ve had a wonderful career and I’m very grateful to the UFC, but I don’t want to do this anymore. This job isn’t easy. I’m ready to put my time in being a husband and father.”

“I won the first round and got stupid in the 2nd. He dazed me. I got caught underneath him and that was it.”

“Very excited right now. I had that killer instinct tonight. I had some very accurate punches on the ground. I want to thank everyone and anyone who ever helped me with my jiu-jitsu over the years, especially my current team. We drill and drill and drill, and it really helped me escape all those submission attempts tonight. My confidence is always through the roof and want to always put on a great show for everyone. I haven’t slept a wink all week thinking about this fight. I’m going to leave here, go right to bed and enjoy my first good night’s sleep in a while.”

“He’s a tough dude. I knew he was going to show up. He came to fight. I came to fight. We talked a little trash and put on a great show. Hey us 135lbs fighters know how to bang and entertain. It’s non-stop action. And what a better time to do it than on the first FX show. There was also a lot of technique out there as well.”

“Just a great fight. He was trying to take my head off and I was trying to take off his. I really thought I got the better of the first two rounds and that last round we just went at it in the middle of the cage. The plan was to keep moving, in and out, hit and counter. And to watch out for his kicks because he can do some damage with those.”

“When I was on top of him I could feel blood trickle down my neck. I didn’t know how bad the cut was above my eye so I knew I had to finish him and finish quick. I saw an opening and got him. He’s probably the hardest puncher I’ve ever faced. It feels to good in working towards establishing myself. Got a couple wins under my belt and really want to get a nice streak going.”

“I was lighting him up. Shots to the body, shots to the head. Then he spits out his mouthpiece and gets a break. I hesitated for a split second and he caught me with the guillotine.”

“I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to find out how hard he hits. He has explosive shots. I don’t get knocked down too often. I was able to find my home on his back in the scramble and was able to work my arm underneath his neck. I feel pretty good once I get in that position as I can usually work things the way I need to. The win is just so gratifying, here in the main event on FX.”

“I’ve actually been working back escapes all camp. I just fell the wrong way, fell right into him. I hurt him, had him down. I think he was still hurt even when he had a hold of me. I don’t like to tap, but I had to. The way I fell he just got too tight a grip on me. I’ll be back. I want to fight my way back from the bottom up. That’s the right way to do it.”

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