UFC on FX 1 Live Results – Miller Subs Guillard, Denis Impresses


Keith Grienke is in Nashville to catch Nick Denis’ UFC debut on UFC on FX 1. Decent size crowd of loud, knowledgeable MMA fans.

Here are his quick results:

Jim Miller submits Melvin Guillard by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:04
R1. Left by Guillard and a flying knee and he drops him with a punch. Miller shoots and Guillard throws punches as Miller wants to regain his wits. High kick gets blocked by Miller who shoots again. Jumping knee is caught and now Guillard is on his back in Miller territory. Miller passes to mount and Guillard gets up but Miller gets his back and locks on a Rear Naked Choke and Guillard taps out.

Josh Neer submits Duane “Bang” Ludwig by Guillotine in Round 1, 3:04
R1. Knees by Ludwig on Neer and they tie up. Right by Neer and a knee by Ludwig. Time called by Rosenthal to get Neer’s mouthpiece. Big right by Neer and the two throw hard. Neer goes for a single and finally steers Ludwig to the canvas. Neer in Ludwig’s full guard. Neer gets a tight Guillotine on Ludwig, who is out, and the ref stops it as Ludwig is limp. Neer admits he was losing the standup so he had to take him down to submit him.

Mike Easton defeats Jared Papazian by Majority Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-29)
R1. The two guys throwing rights from the clinch kicks this off for this lively crowd. Papazian has Easton trades places pushing each other against the cage and slow down the pace. Yamasaki breaks it up and Papazian throws a right. They trade leg kicks. Papazian jabs up the middle. Right lands by Papazian. Hard leg kick by Easton. Papazian with a knee and leg kick. Spinning back kick by Easton stops Papazian in his place and Easton lands a hard left. 10 secons left the two use one handed clinches and throw uppercuts at each other with Papazian winning the exchange. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Papazian.

R2. Leg kick by Easton by Papazian answers with a left-right. Easton lunges but Papazian counters effectively. Another counter left by Papazian. Nice exchange by the two. Huge leg kick by Easton stumbles Papazian who ties Easton up against the cage. The two trade knees while Easton’s back is against the fence. Crowd boos and Yamasaki immediately breaks them up. Great trade and Papazian throws a spinning back kick that misses. Papazian pushes Easton against the cage but Easton muscles Papazian down to the mat and lands in 1/2 guard and quickly moves to side. Papazian gets up. Hard left by Easton and the round ends with them on the ground. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Easton.

R3. Big trade between the two guys, who are looking to lock up Fight of the Night, as lefts rights and kicks are all thrown in combos. The two now slow it down against the cage and are broken up as Papazian receives a low blow. Papazian lands three in a row. Body shot by Easton followed by a right to the head. Body shot and Uppercut by Easton snaps Papazian’s head back. Easton is now winning the exchanges. Papazian pushes them against the cage. Easton’s punches have more force as Papazian seems to have lost a bit of power, possibly from the hard body shot. Easton pushes Papazian to the ground but he bounces back up. Clinch. Papazian now giving it to Easton. Papazian uppercuts Easton. Tremendous fight! Anyone’s fight. I am wimping out and scoring this one a 10-10 round for a 29-29 Draw. You just saw fight of the night!

Pat Barry defeats Christian Morecraft by KO in Round 1, 3:38
R1. Leg kick caught by Morecraft and Barry goes to the canvas. Morecraft puts on the Rear Naked but does not have the position. Crowd erupts when Barry explodes to his feet. Leg kick by Barry. Morecraft shoots and Barry steps aside. Barry lands a couple jabs and Morecraft shoots again and puts Barry on his back. Full mount by Morecraft but Barry bucks him off but Morecraft has an arm bar. Back on feet. High kick grazes Morecraft. Left by Barry rocks Morecraft and Barry follows up with some punches on the prone Morecraft. Barry says everyone thinks his BJJ coach is James Toney but he is better than that. He thanks Deathclutch coaches.

UFC on FX 1 Prelim Results
Jorge Rivera defeats Eric Schafer by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:31
R1. The two tie up and Schafer goes for the takedown and gets it. Rivera gets up and makes Schafer eat a right. Back on the ground, Schafer is giving Rivera some light lefts from top followed by some elbows. Schafer controlling from top position throwing the odd punch. Schafer is just fighting to not lose his fourth fight in a row in the UFC. River gets top but gets put in an omoplata. Round ends 10-9 for Schafer.

R2. Crowd firmly behind Rivera and his attempts to stuff Schafer’s shots. He does and he unleashes the fury on him and the crowd roars. Hard rights and lefts by Rivera and Schafer is turtling and Herb Dean stops it and the crowds is very happy for Rivera – chanting Jorge, Jorge, Jorge. Rivera says that he believed Schafer had a really rough cut and he would have the advantage as the fight continued. River is retiring, “I’ve had a wonderful career and I’m very grateful to the UFC, but I don’t want to do this anymore. This job isn’t easy. I’m ready to put my time in being a husband and father.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov submits Kamal Shalorus Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 2:08
R1. Left from Shalorus and Nurmagomedov stuffs his follow up takedown. Clinch and knees from Shalorus until they break. Head kick by Shalorus. Fake flying knee ends in a missed slap by Nurmagomedov. Shalorus is the guy stalking Nurmagomedov around the cage. Nurmagomedov drops Shalorus with a left uppercut and quickly follows up with punches. Crucifix by Nurmagomedov but Shalorus escapes. Nurmagomedov in side control but Shalrous escapes. Two uppercuts by Nurmagomedov and then Shalorus starts winging punches back. Crowd roars appreciation. The two slug it out to the end. Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

R2. Nurmagomedov shoots a single and gets Shalorus down. Shalorus tying him up but Nurmagomedov improves to half. Yamasaki breaks them up. Nurmagomedov shoots again and has Shalorus down in half guard. A right by Nurmagomedov but not much else with 1:25 left. They get stood up with 1 minute left. Uppercut by Nurmagomedov at teh end hurts Shalorus. Top MMA News scores it 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

R3. Nurmagomedov misses the uppercut and eats some Shalorus leather for a change. Shalorus shoots and is stuffed. Then Shalorus stuffs Nurmagomedov. Another Nurmagomedov shot ends with him in a Guillotine but he slips out. Nurmagomedov full mounts Shalorus. Shalorus turns and Nurmagomedov slaps on a Rear Naked Choke and Shalorus taps out.
Nice debut by the Russian. Shalorus did not look sharp.

Charlie Brenneman defeats Daniel Roberts by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 20-27, 29-28)
R1. Side position control by Brenneman including a nice crucifix at one point. Roberts cannot get off his back and Brenneman lands good GNP and a few kneews. Roberts gets up with 10 seconds left but then dropped back down. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Brenneman.

R2.Head kick by Brenneman starts things off but he is quickly on his back again. Brenneman moves to side control and starts dropping rights. Crucifix with rights now. Roberts ties him up and Herb Dean stands them up. Brenneman goes for the single straight away but Roberts defends and threatens with a Kimura. Triangle by Roberts with 10 seconds left but buzzer sounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Brenneman.

R3. Takedown by Brenneman and Charlie quickly is in side control and is dropping rights. Roberts finally gets to full guard and a break by Dean. Roberts shoots immediately but Brenneman stuffs and quickly gets to the top. Big hammer fist by Brenneman with a minute left. Roberts going for the Kimura. 10 seconds left and once again Brenneman is saved by the bell. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Brenneman

Brenneman states his is trying to finish and realizes he won’t be on main card until he starts finishing. One thing is for sure, at weigh-ins and at fights, Brenneman was a big fan favorite.  Roberts very disappointed.  Three losses in a row from a once very promising Welterweight.

Fabricio Camoes submits Tommy Hayden by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:03
Great back and forth action until Camoes brings it to the mat and wraps up a Rear Naked Choke that Hayden taps to.

Daniel Pineda submits Pat Schilling by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:37
Domination by Pineda. Got full mount and then took his back. Might be a quick night!

Nick Denis defeats Joseph Sandoval by KO (Standing Elbows) in Round 1, 0:22
Denis picks him apart on the feet. Goes in close with standing elbows for the KO. Huge cheers from the crowd for Denis, who says his game plan was to take him down. John Anik says you cannot make a better debut in the UFC.
Keep showing replays of the KO even after the second fight.

Main Card

28 Responses to “ UFC on FX 1 Live Results – Miller Subs Guillard, Denis Impresses ”

  1. Nick Denis is looking relaxed.

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  2. WOW ! Nick Denis KO by Standing Elbow !!!

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  3. Bdc says:

    Bammm that was beautiful

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  4. Bdc says:

    Short and level elbows from the clinch, wow!

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  5. Brodes says:

    Way to go ninja!

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  6. Big Win says:

    Amazing finish by the NOL very impressive stuff. Denis highlight reel has just gotten alot better after his last 2 fights.

    @Keith Grienke you better be bringing me some southern BBQ home in a doggy bag.

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  7. booboo says:


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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Oh man, that was so awesome by the Ninja of Love! Super sexy debut!

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  9. Bdc says:

    Pineda looked great nice rnc

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  10. Brando says:

    Another vicious standing elbow by a Canadian. Beautiful!

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  11. Bdc says:

    Brenneman is a brutal lay n preyer. I think judgeing should score it for roberts for the two close submissions but it prob wont

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  12. Bdc says:

    I mean if u crusifix someone that many times and cant finish someone u need to do more! This isnt a wrestling match!

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    I agree with you BDC on how Brenneman shoulda finished the crucifix, twice! But I did have him winning.

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    Ninja Roberts looked devastated post fight, that’s 3 losses in a row I think.

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  15. Bdc says:

    Yea its just how you as an indvidual looks at it i think the two close subs were more than the laying and pop shots. I def see why they scored it for him just hate it. In sum past japanese promorions C.B would have been given card after card and lost that fight.

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  16. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Bobby called it, KO of the night!!

    Way to go Nick, you showed them how it’s done,


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  17. Wuzjustsayin, that’s like calling a ‘shutout’ before the game is over. Don’t jinx it !

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    BDC, my prob is that Ninja Roberts got controlled for almost 14:30 seconds of the 15min but had 30 mins of very dangerous subs.

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  19. Bdc says:

    Yea bobby thats true but of the 1430 was there any danger/damage?

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  20. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Whoops my bad!

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    Very limited bdc. Was a tough fight to watch cuz of that, but I think that control still meant something.

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    Nick Denis got KO of the Night!

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  23. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Was there any doubt?

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    Nope, $45k richer.

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  25. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Well deserved!!

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Nick, you sexy bastard.

    Knock out of the night is the best wedding present ever.

    I’m your biggest fan.

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    Congrats Ninja of Love!

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  28. Pat G says:

    Nick Denis is a FINSHER.

    That guy is dangerous. Brutal KO. The way his opponent’s arms were frozen as he came back to his senses, that was creepy as shit.

    Pat Barry too, I’m so glad to see him win that way. Also brutal.

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