Hard Knocks 19 Weigh-In Results


Hard Knocks is holding its 19th show at the Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta on January 20.  Tickets are available here (Buy Tickets) or you can watch it for under $10 on the internet (Buy the Internet PPV).

Here are the weigh-in results:

Paapa Inkumusah – 171lbs
Advin Omic – 170.5lbs
Keto Allen – 180lbs
Ryan Machan – 179lbs

Jesse Arnett – 146lbs
Wolfgang Janssen – 146lbs

Chad Anheliger – 143lbs
Chantha Bun – 142lbs

Tyler Kniess – 144lbs
Randy Chung – 144.5lbs

Zach Manywounds – 189lbs
Bryce Berry – 192lbs

Joel Monty – 154lbs
Todd Vatcher – 156lbs

Keegan Oliver – 128lbs
Shawn Ressler – 131lbs

Louie Grover – 142lbs
Rick Pfeiffer – 139lbs

BJ Baldonado – 142.5lbs
Rod Powell – 145.5lbs

Jesse Pearson – 153.5lbs
Josh Szuch – 149.5lbs

Build 360 is sponsoring performance bonuses for the fighters tomorrow night. The bonuses are as follows:

$500 for fight of the night
$500 for stoppage of the night
$500 for cage control of the night

Amateur fighters are eligible to win the bonuses but if they win the money it will be donated to their clubs. No, a referee won’t be taking home the stoppage of the night bonus. Stoppage of the night will be awarded to the fighter with the most impressive finish by either knockout or submission.

6 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 19 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Jake P says:

    Best card Hardknocks has put on by far, lets go boys! Rick Pfeiffer, Chantha Bun, Wolfgang Janssen,Ryan Machan, Advin Omic.

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  2. Tyler Davis says:

    Great card. Ill agree with Jake’s picks

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  3. UPDATE: Bryce Berry made 191 lbs on his second attempt.

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  4. Konrad says:

    Definetly agree with those picks wish I could have come live but streaming will have to do

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  5. ASSASSIN says:

    Cage control of the night?

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  6. Tyler Davis says:

    Awsome they handed out bonuses

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