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Vaughn Anderson lands a right.

Name: Vaughn Anderson

Height: 180 cm. 5/11

Walking around weight: Should be 85kg (187lbs), but I am 89kg (196lbs) now

MMA competition weight class: Welterweight

DOB: July 21, 1978

City born in: Manila, Philippines

City currently residing in: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

First Job: Paper route

Current Job: I am an mixed martial arts coach, mixed martial arts commentator, mixed martial arts/ Muay Thai/ Sanda fighter, and Groundskillz gear dealer.

That is the real answer, but sometimes I tell people I am Bruce Willis and they buy it.

First Car: Honda Civic

Current Car: I ride a little scooter here in Thailand. How bad ass is that!

Favorite Movie: Scarface

Favorite Band/Singer: I left Canada 10 years ago, and I have not followed music since. I still listen to Wu Tang Clan. My taste in music is probably out of date now.

Vaughn Anderson with snake blood and other delights

Nickname, and how you got it: “Blud”

I started drinking snake blood before fights and bjj competitions when I first started out. Then, after one fight I left this guy on the canvas bleeding badly and coughing blood too. After that the guys at Taiwan BJJ started calling me “Blood”. The real gezza posted some of my bjj matches under the name “Blud”. I guess you just gotta take whatever name you are given.

MMA Team/Camp: Legacy Gym

MMA Titles Held: Asia Vs the World Open weight- champ

Belts attained in other combat sports:

  • Pro Fighting Heavyweight- Champ
  • King of Sanda Super Fight- Champ
  • K-1 2008 Asian Heavyweight GP- 3rd place
  • Beijing Open no-gi advanced absolute- Champ (x2)
  • Jolly’s Restaurant 2007 beer drinking contest- Champ
  • Kaoxiong Mayor’s Cup Judo >82kg – Champ
  • A bunch of BJJ medals

Favorite UFC Fighter: Eddie Alvarez is my favourite fighter, in UFC I like Nick Diaz. Both have really good boxing which I focus a
lot on myself, but mostly I think these guys are the most exciting fighters to watch.

MMA Inspirations/Mentor/Idol: There is a group of old judo guys in Taipei that smash each other every Sunday. I think because they never stop training they are still able to take throws so well.  They are in their 60’s and have trained judo together since high school. I want to be a part of something like that my whole life, too. Also my boxing coach, Arnold Urquidez is a mentor for me. I write down everything he tells me and take advice on life as well as on fighting.

First Martial Arts memory: Watching Kung Fu movies and then trying out stuff from the movies on my friends and brother. Once,I tried this move with a knife and stabbed myself in the head. I learned how much head wounds bleed that day.

First MMA memory: Waiting in the warm-up room before my first fight in Taipei 2004 and watching a guy on the monitor get badly knocked out. I remember thinking ‘WTF, I hope that does not happen to me!’

Greatest MMA Moment to date: It should be winning the Pro Fighting Grand Prix in front of the guys that got me started in MMA. I have not lived in Taiwan for a few years now, but I send all the trophies back to the gym.

Closest MMA Friends: The guys I spar hard with are the ones I am closest too. It seems like a strange way to bond, but you cannot take a beating every day by someone you do not consider a good friend.

Funniest MMA Fighter you know: Hands down it is Ning Guangyou. We lived and trained together in Beijing. Awesome wrestler, but not the most reasonable guy in the world. He got busted once stealing fruit off another teammate. The next day Guangyou suplexed the same guy 3 times in training for bringing up the fruit issue. He spazzes in fights too, hitting guys after the fight is over. He eventually got kicked off our team. Then he went to China Top Team and tried to arrange fights on his own thinking he could cut out the team purse cut this way. Pretty sure he is not training there now either. He also eats at least 5 ice cream cones a day.

Toughest MMA Competitors Encountered: Kim Dong Hyun. When we fought in Art of War 14 I was in really good shape and still unable to beat him. I also had Arnold Urquidez and Pedro Schmalls in my corner, I have no excuses and think I fought well. In my mind it was my best performance in the ring. It was a great fight. I wonder why no one has arranged a rematch yet.

Most Memorable Finish: It was in a Mauy Thai fight- I knocked out this dude with a spinning backfist. He got up, but a few seconds later got knocked out by an elbow that kept him down- both knock outs with my left, the opponent broke that arm with a kick earlier in the round.

Serious Injuries: 5 broken bones (left arm twice/ 3 metacarpals in both hands), 2 torn knee ligaments, stitches in my face 4 times.

Cage or Ring: I like the ring. I like corners and bouncing off the ropes. When I get thrown through the ropes and break my neck I will probably change my answer, but till then, I prefer the ring.

Embarrassing MMA Memory: None I can think of in MMA, but once in a Sanda fight between rounds i was rocked badly and walked to the neutral corner hitting the ropes and screaming for my stool, then I heard my team calling me to the proper corner. Really good my opponent did not notice that.

Funny MMA Memory: Once I saw my friend pass out cutting weight. We were slapping his face and pumping his chest for a minute at least to wake him up. Looking back now it was pretty funny.

Favorite MMA move (finish/strike): Gotta be the soccer kick. It is actually pretty hard to pull off. I have drilled it for a long time, but have only ever done one.

Favorite Sport Outside of MMA: Well I guess Muay Thai does not count. Honestly, “outside of MMA” is not really a term that fits in my life very well.

Favorite Food: Tom Yam shrimp, Wonton ramen noodles. I guess its Japanese, Chinese, Thai fusion. I have only seen it at Bangkok Airport. I guess nachos are pretty damn good too.

Relationship status: Available, please spread the word!

Twitter Account: None

Facebook Account/Fan Page: None


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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Real good read, enjoyed it. Well done Marina!

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Hopefully we stay on top of what this guy is doing!

    What’s next for Blud?

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  3. Bdc says:

    Thought he was from canada?? Didnt top mma news rank him as a canadian?

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  4. Marina says:

    I believe Vaughn’s dad was a diplomat. He has lived in Ottawa a long time before going to Asia.

    I will ask Vaughn this and post it after he responds.

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  5. Josh says:

    As a nephew of Vaughan,

    I can confirm that his father was working with CIDA in the Philippines at the time of his birth. Thus making him a Canadian born-abroad.

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  6. Linda says:

    Well written

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