Jimmo UFC Debut Postponed


Top MMA News has learned that Ryan Jimmo will be unable to make his UFC debut in Nashville next week. Jimmo suffered an injury to his right ankle while training and is unable to fight.

Ryan (16-1) was due to face Karlos Vemola on the UFC on FX 1 card on January 20th. There is no word on a replacement for Vemola (8-2) who would be fighting his fourth UFC fight.

When Jimmo regains his health, look for Top MMA News for updates on his new opponent and new UFC debut date.

*** Photo by Jason Bouwmeester|tkophotography.com

28 Responses to “ Jimmo UFC Debut Postponed ”

  1. Billy Smith says:

    Good, this guy is boring as hell

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  2. gj says:

    Here we go another critic unless you fight professional or competitively I don’t think you should open your mouth. Everyone is a critic especially the couch potato experts. It takes a lot of balls to get into a ring or cage. Keep your opinion to yourself. Jimmo deserved to be there a long time ago boring or not. He finds the win every time.

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  3. Awesomeass says:

    I find him so boring he finds the win like GSP but do we really need to spend money on more boring fighters lol I fight professionally so I guess I have the right to speak out on this matter lol we need more guys like JDS or Anderson

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  4. mymmaopinion says:

    gj, are you for real? This is a comment section on the Internet, where people express and share their opinions. It’s LUDICROUS to tell someone to shut up, keep their opinions to themselves or say that only professional fighters are allowed to have an opinion. Whether you agree with it or not everyone has the right to their opinion. And besides, you are both right on a couple points, Jimmo’s fights ARE fairly boring to watch and he definitely always finds a way to win and deserves to be in the UFC. Jon Fitch anyone?

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  5. Unzelle says:

    @Awesomeass; if you fight professionally you would understand injuries happen and great fighters have to pull out all of the time. And, what’s your record? Highly doubt it’s 16 W’s in a row.

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  6. @mymmaopinion….did Fitch find a way to win against Hendricks? :)

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  7. gj says:

    Well then you of all people should know that styles makes fights. And it can get boring when you put a counter striker against another counter striker. There are certain fighters I don’t want to watch so I don’t. I don’t bash them though from my computer. Also Anderson had a couple fights were he acted like an idiot. But I agree that JDS is exciting to watch. But I don’t agree with bashing someone for there style of fighting.

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  8. mymmaopinion says:

    @Keith Grienke, agreed, but I think over the course of 8years and 25 fights getting caught once is, well, once. His record speaks for itself.

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  9. mymmaopinion says:

    @gj, offering critism isn’t bashing. It’s an opinion, and there not all kudos. How about we all talk politics and see how positive the comments remain.

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  10. Demitri (trev) says:

    Jon fitch is insanely boring but his record speaks for itself. Getting caught once in that many fights, well thats just expected. Can’t use that to target him

    Jimmo can be insanely boring to, again; his record speaks for itself. Do I enjoy watching him? No. Should he be in the UFC, absolutely! Keep winning Jimmo and bring home the pay checks, that’s all that counts

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  11. was just a joke. Fitch is great and was close to finishing BJ Penn.

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  12. gj says:

    You guys have a point on everyone has a right to an opinion and honestly this is my first time commenting I normally don’t have the time but were dead at work and I need something to keep me awake lol. I think it just bugs me cause for the most part there are so many ppl out there that sit on there couch and think their an expert. And really until you train or par-take in the sport does your opinion really count for anything. Also I just don’t think you should put anything negative up about anybody or anything. To me it just sounds like your the cup is half empty instead of half full. Try and find the good or positive in something. And thanks for keeping me awake at work this is fun lol.

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  13. gj says:

    Also politics are depressing lol.

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  14. mymmaopinion says:

    @gj, you’re right, everyone thinks there an expert, even the experts, and they are wrong about fight predictions, for example, than just about anyone. One thing is for certain though, I of the opinion that every person who has an opinion is an Asshole! Lol ;-)

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  15. mymmaopinion says:

    …more than….

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  16. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I think you guys really want to see Jimmo vs Machida, lol!

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  17. mymmaopinion says:

    A 15 minute stare down to the death! Circling, circling, circling…..

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  18. gj says:

    Jimmo has a scarier mean face lol he’d win! But would be interest to see how’s karate rains supreme!

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  19. Robin Black says:

    What the hell is an ‘MMA expert’?

    Heal up fast Jimmo. Can’t wait to see you in there. Sorry to hear about your injury man.

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  20. Joe Smith says:

    I am an expert, an expert fan, i pay to watch fights, and i was paying to watch MFC on HD Net, the guy was the main event for 5 incredibly boring fights more than once. If your fan of him, u have to be related or his friend.

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  21. QuinnFan says:

    Great news, Jimmo is boring as shit and will most likely will get smashed in his fights in the ufc and sent back down to the mfc where he can continue to provide boring ass fights and show his robot off after 5 round boring ass decisions. If fighters made it to the UFC based on exciting preformances, Sean Quinn would be world champ right now he deserves to be up there not this boring ass ryan chimpo.

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  22. gj says:

    See before I pay to watch fights I ask myself how many of these fights I actually want to watch and how many I don’t because I don’t care or I think it will be boring. That way I don’t pay for the fights I don’t want to see. If there are more fights on the card that I don’t care or want to see I wait till the next day and find the fights via the web and watch them.

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  23. Just Sayin' says:

    I hate it when people criticize a fight in saying that it was boring or that it was just a lay and pray etc. If you want to see a boxing match, go to a boxing event, if you want to see a muay thai fight, go to one of those, if you want to see a street fight, go to a bar, if you want to see a wrestling match, well, you get the point. We are talking about MMA – Mixed Martial Arts where a VARIETY of martial arts skills are displayed. Sure, some fights may not be as exciting as others to watch, but from the fighters view they are just as exciting. These fighters need to be ready to fight any style of fighter. Just because a fight has a lot of blood and hits doesn’t make it more worthy than a fight that incorporated jiu jitsu or wrestling that may be slower and more ‘boring’ for some viewers. I respect all elements of a MMA match.

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  24. VON VON says:

    Jimmo stay positive. Big fan

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  25. Joe Smith says:

    @just saying, staring at a man and circling doesnt mean mma to brah.

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  26. gj says:

    I’m with just saying

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  27. MP says:

    fuck off everyone who is saying hes a boring fighter he is a counter fighter who waits for his opportunity than strikes. He has faced many aggressive fighters who when they fight him dont tend to be as aggressive. you know why not? because they are afraid of his counter stricking ability. Everyone seems to put the blame on jimmo for being slow or boring but its the opponents job to push the action especially against a champion. Jimmo deserves nothing less than to be fighting in the ufc and i personally am excited to watch him continue his winning ways.

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  28. NB says:

    Ryan Jimmo is from my town and I’ve trained with him, he’s a fuckin beast… He will do well in the UFC I’m sure.

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