WRECK MMA 9 – Gatineau – April 20


Date: April 20, 2012
Location: Casino Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec
Tickets: Ticketmaster.ca

Main Event:
Randy Turner (5-2) vs. Eric Perez (7-2)
*** for vacant WRECK MMA Bantamweight title

Mark Holst (9-3) vs. Stephan Lamarche (8-11)
Nabil Khatib (11-7) vs. Brandt Dewsbery (8-1-1)
Jeff Harrison (5-4) vs. Kit Cope (4-7)
Manny Alfaro (1-0) vs. Pablos Santos (1-1)

Stephane Bernadel (7-4) vs. TBA
James Haourt (3-7) vs. TBA
Andrew Walters (0-0) vs. TBA
Randy Dube (0-0) vs. TBA
Jeff Chan (0-0) vs. TBA
Brandon Hachey (0-0) vs. TBA

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  1. idiots says:

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  2. kev says:

    nice try.
    make weight!! you should be a journalist or a writer, not a fighter. no legit excuses….. ok you miss weight once, let it go. but 3 or 4 times? keep making excuses, but you sign the contract!! when you sign a contract to do something, you do it!! end of discussion.

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  3. kev says:

    ^^^^ WHAT A TOOL

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  4. idiots says:

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  5. kev says:

    And the FACT is,she’s listed as a professional, signs a contract 3 or 4 times and fails to meet the contractual agreement.

    idiots, you’re wrong. and you’re full of excuses as well. talking about how she showed up dehydrated and exhausted. all fighters that have to cut weight show up that way. that’s why you have a training camp, and you manage your diet and your weight properly. it’s called being a professional and no matter what bs you type, you’re wrong. and there are no excuses for missing weight 2-3 or4 times. if she had medical reason for not making weight then she shouldn’t fight.
    theres nothing you can say to justify it. calling us internet losers lol grow up.

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  6. kev says:

    It’s not neccesarily the promoter who makes the call as to whether or not the fight happens when one misses weight. the fighters opponent makes that call. your opponent obviously don’t have to take the fight if there are weight issues. so you can thank the opponent for going ahead with the fight and making the event run smoothly. don’t act like anna is the one who saved the main event, when she’s the one who put it in jeopardy by being unprofessional and not abiding the contract. man pull your head out your ass. fact or fiction that

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  7. kev says:

    like you said, “this is life man even in the real professional world this happens”
    you’re exactly right, in the real professional world it just happened to anthony johnson and he lost his job.
    maybe anna should rethink her weight division.

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  8. idiots says:

    She did meet her weight requirement the day of the fight, fact. She could have just walked then and in most cases fighters in that position would have. And I thought it was end of story a while ago. So kev, hunt her down on her next fight and see if she was full of shit or not because from what I see her record isn’t consistent, so there has to be some shit going on, but when a fighter with two hard KO’s, and I saw one of her’s at a wreck show, gets their shit together he/she is usually very dangerous. So just go a relax and save up your energy to blast her if it happens again.

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  9. FillionMMA says:

    hi anna.

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  10. kev says:

    ok. and hopefully she gets her shit together and does great from this day forward.

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  11. idiots says:

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Anna, just post under your name. Shmuffintop and idiots? Ya, there’s “noobs” with detailed (albeit flawed) knowledge of weight cuts who all make the same angry excuses as you.

    Why did one of them (you) say “especially that Robin guy” (ya, they know all about you and your famous weight cuts but don’t know me well enough to refer to me as “that douche Black”) again?

    Oh, cuz I keep saying you missed weight 4 times.

    1. Josee fight. Forced a catch weight? (unsubstantiated, just from an internet poster)
    If you called day of to insist the fight has to take place 5 pounds heavier than the contract THAT COUNTS

    2. Hantleman fight missed weigh

    3. North Carolina missed weight (“but it was only .2 pounds and they didn’t penalize me cuz I had a heavy sweater!”). You are officially recorded in multiple places as being .2 over. If you bugged the commission and opponent to not penalize you, great, but they made a point to record you over. Most people would overlook this except from a habitual offender.

    4. Last fight missed weight.

    I didn’t invent these facts, and you (smiles/shmuffintop/idiots) should just take responsibility for it and move on and make weight in your next couple fights and have a couple good performances. Nobody’s out to get you. But, no offense, you are kind of making yourself look dumb(er).

    I never brought up this topic but, like a lot of other people who are fairly obsessed with this sport and the beautiful contest that it is between 2 great athletes, I do get offended by people who are unprofessional.
    And a lot of people around these parts (judging by this thread and the low comment rating on your rants) clearly get doubly offended by someone making a million excuses, especially ones designed to make themselves LOOK GOOD (I fought with a disadvantage cuz I cut weight but did it to save a fight card that would have been damaged by the loss of my “marquee status”). ???

    This is not a witch hunt, it is a typical internet response to someone who has missed weight multiple times.

    And the fact that it keeps growing is because webnerds are stunned at the fact the violator not only won’t take responsibility for their actions but tries to say it was not their fault and THEY were in fact at a disadvantage and had to do it because they are so awesome and famous..

    ps. I’m a touch weirded out when I read your (just post under your own name for god’s sake) “especially that Robin guy”. There’s like 7 people, why ya gotta come at me. Kinda freaks me out. Spooky.

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    Robin is more than a ‘touch weird’ in my books. I mean the guy had a nipple ring the size of a tow hitch for a while. I’m amazed the little guy could stand up with that hunk of metal bolted to his chest. It had to weigh at least twize what he did.

    Mr. D Duck

    PS – I just googled Anna. She’s cute. That is all.

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  14. smiles says:

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  15. Robin Black says:

    You’re not sorry, you not only did nothin unprofessional but you saved the day with your greatness, you got 2 supporters who have all the exact same arguments as you, and we idiots should move on.

    Got it. Movin on.

    Best of luck.

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    I love when two girls fight :)

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  17. Robin Black says:

    I’m not a girl.

    I’m a fucking lady.

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  18. Jeff Harrison says:

    Robin should go up to 150 catch weight and fight Anna! Mr. Black via Triangle 1st round.

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    hahaha Robin!

    It’s so hot!

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  20. harry balls says:

    Robin was a gender-bendy rock n rolla (WHY THE FUCK do those guys get girls? Oh yeah, they’re in bands) but has been a chiseled hunk of manly manliness since 2008. That’s what “training in teh UFC” does.
    …..he’s no Nick Ring though….

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  21. Sean Quinn says:

    Lol…Smiles called herself a fighter. That’s cute. Like Robin. Maybe cuter.

    Onto a happier and more important note. I wonder how much a good sized muff would weigh?

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  22. Gunner says:

    i shave my head and my muff before every fight it saves me a good hour in the sweat suit and sauna

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  23. Jeff harrison says:

    Cut back on the intake of calories from beer instead. ..then Show up with a raging Afro and a massive bush of pubes creeping out of your shorts for your first wreck title defense!! Do it gunner … Hearing mauro make quips about manscaping would just be incredible :-)

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  24. confused says:

    I don’t understand about the fight where she was 0.2 over, if it was due to a heavy sweater one would believe it was a hoody and she would have been capable of removing the hoody, would she not?

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  25. Nigel Guerin says:

    On a more of an MMA note…..is Jeff Harrison on this card? 3 wins in a row and 2 of his losses coming from fighters currently on the UFC/Strikeforce roster. Get him a tough opponent!

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  26. Nigel Guerin says:

    Is Jeff Harrison on this card? he’s on a 3 fight win streak with two of his losses coming from guys who are currently on the UFC/Strikeforce Roster. Get him a tough opponent already! Will Romero?

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  27. Bring the Pain says:

    Craig”the WarDog”Hudson for your consideration…on this card would be fireworx….just sayin…

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  28. harry balls says:

    BIG things gonna happen on this card, folks. BIG! Oh i is a happy internetz troll.

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  29. Updated as per today’s press release:

    Added Robin Black, Eric Perez, Mark Holst, Randy Turner, Gideon Ray, Nabil Khatib, Chris Myra, Brandt Dewsbery, and more

    Removed: Anna Barone

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  30. Dwight Sutherland says:

    great to see robin black back in action train hard n give em hell!

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  31. QuinnFan says:

    perez is taking turner lightly, going to enjoy seeing perez get lit up.

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  32. EPerez says:

    Im sure that will happen one day, not in April though.

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  33. harry balls says:

    I read that as “going to enjoy seeing perez get it up.” At his age….

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  34. Bodysnatcher says:

    How about Ronson vs cardinal for the title? Only make sense

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  35. Robin Black says:

    Thank Dwight really appreciate it.

    Lookin forward to your next one always love watchin you fight.

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  36. 35er says:

    Are there any 135lb fighters not matched up yet?

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  37. M.F.M. says:

    I’ve got a 1-0 flyweight looking for a tilt.

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  38. 35er and MFM.. please feel free to email me at: alex(at)caporalesports.com…

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  39. 35er says:

    I could make fly weight as well. Email me back Alex, i sent you two days ago.

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  40. barrie says:

    Is harrison going to be on this card do to ramero’ injury

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  41. barrie says:

    Ramero pulle out of his last bout with sledzion aswell, sledzion and harrison should fight

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  42. Robin Black says:

    4 weeks away today!


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  43. barrie says:

    What do you think robin, good tilt

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  44. Robin Black says:

    I love Harrison vs Sledzion. It would have to be at 155 cuz Sledzion couldn’t make lower. But Jeff could do battle at 55

    Only problem is, Sledzion is probably down due to medical suspension. He showed a lot of toughness but he probably suffered some injuries.

    Jeff is ready for a good battle, they’ll find him someone.

    Gonna be a great night of fights in that beautiful casino.

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  45. barrie says:

    He’s ok his suspension will end before this card, lets see these two warriors hash it out

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  46. Thomas the Tank says:

    Women don’t belong in the ring, unless they’re carrying the round cards

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  47. barrie says:

    Who was that comment for

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  48. Sean Quinn says:


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  49. barrie says:

    Tom the tank no

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