Mike Davis and Corey Lautischer meet for Unified Flyweight Title


What was initially scheduled as a Bantamweight Title fight at Unified MMA 9 will now go down for the Flyweight title at Unified MMA 11. Mike Davis and Corey Lautischer were slotted to do battle about 6 months ago however with the upcoming emergence of the Flyweight division in the UFC, and both fighters desire to drop to a more natural weight, Davis and Lautischer will now meet at 125lbs to crown the inaugural Unified MMA Flyweight Champion.

Mike Davis had a rough start to his MMA career suffering a pair of losses before hitting his stride with 7 wins in his last 8 fights with the only loss in that stretch coming to former KOTC champion Clayton Sheen for their Bantamweight title. Davis’ most recent victory came in a close split decision to Daniel Mark at EFC in Lloydminster. Davis has also posted wins over Tony Bibby, Corey Knapp and Matt Knysh and has 5 first round finishes among his 7 victories.

Corey Lautischer has been on a roll of his own with wins in four straight following his only defeat which was suffered at the hands of Marc Beausoleil. Lautischer’s most recent victory came against Mike Glover also under the EFC. Lautischer has finished all five of his victims, with the likes of Robin Black, Ryan Dallyn and Adam Bodwell among others all succumbing to some form of choke.

Unified MMA 11 will take place on March 30 at their usual home at the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta and will also feature a Lightweight Title fight between champion Tim “Shady” Smith and challenger Troy Sorensen as well as Unified mainstays Chase Maxwell, Merrick Duggan and more.

Unified MMA 11 – Edmonton – March 30

15 Responses to “ Mike Davis and Corey Lautischer meet for Unified Flyweight Title ”

  1. Konrad says:

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  2. Guns Loaded says:

    barn burner

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  3. I think Top MMA News will start ranking Canadian Flyweights following this fight.

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  4. ginger says:

    Mike is gonna kill it 125 is a great weight for him

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  5. Chappy says:

    After training with mike for the past couple months I feel very bad for anyone he fights, the guy is a beast and I can’t wait to watch this fight!

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  6. cody krahn says:

    can someone explain what sorensons done thats worthy of putting him in a title shot?

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  7. EPerez says:

    Lautischer looks like a tough kid

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  8. Konrad says:

    Lautischer is super tough and has great skills, but I feel these two guys jits cancel each other out and mike has a more diverse stand up and I don’t know many ppl who can deal with the g&p pressure mike puts on ppl he’s relentless I just think his overall skills r better but anything can happen in a fight so we will see

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  9. Mike Davis says:

    Corey is a great fighter and a super nice guy who presents a ton of problems for me. Look forward to facing him but also kicking off the Canadian 125 division with a great fight. Thanks for the support everyone and wish Corey the best in his camp.

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  10. Remz says:

    Great to hear more 125lbs coming down… have a great fight guys.. i’ll be watching… dibs on the winner…

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  11. kjr says:

    it would be tough for anyone to forcast the outcome for this one. Both Lautischeur and Davis are really good fighters! However, I’m giving the edge to Corey! This is a fight I’ll be sure to be there for.

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  12. Jake P says:

    I agree with Kjr its a tough fight to call but I will give Corey the slight advantage. Both guys are tough and have no quit in them but also very talented. If it hits the ground I will have to lean towards Corey though.

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  13. R Coventry says:

    This should be a good fight, as both guys are talented fighters. I will be paying close attention to this bout for sure!

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  14. Katheleen says:

    F*ckin’ awesome fight.

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  15. King Kong says:

    Great fight seen both fight at Aggression should be good. Corey is a VERY tall 125er that will be a problem for anyone on itself. Who else is dropping to 125?

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