Canadian Middleweight Rankings – January 2012


Over the past two years, the majority of the fighters on this list have fought in the world’s premier organization. More recently, this division has faced lean times as only two fighters remain with the UFC and many of these Middleweights have received losses in their last fights.

Times are not entirely bleak for the 185ers though.  The Crow still has his Tachi title and some new blood is joining the division is determined to show the old guard what they can bring to the cage.   To top it off, Patrick Cote is making a very strong case to get his spot back with the UFC.
Here is the top 10:

Top 10 Canadian Middleweights – January 2012

1. Patrick Cote (16-7)- Previous Rank (2) – In October, ‘The Predator’ notched his third consecutive win over a former UFCer since his dismissal from the big show.  Is it enough for a return at UFC 145 in Montreal in March?  Top MMA News believes wins over Crafton Wallace, Todd Brown, and Kalib Starnes merits a call from Joe Silva and gives him his first #1 ranking.  Next fight: TBD

Cote is #1 with a right. (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

2. Nick Ring (12-1) – Previous Rank (1) – At UFC 135, Tim Boetsch proved too much for Nick Ring, handing him his first loss of his career.  Still, Ring is 2-1 in the UFC, 12-1 overall, and is one of Canada’s best 185ers.  There is no doubt that Ring will learn a lot from this loss and it will make him a better fighter the next time he enters the Octagon.  Next fight: TBD

3. Jason MacDonald (25-15) – Previous Rank (3)– Jason MacDonald faced a very tough Alan Belcher in his last UFC bout and was overwhelmed by his offence.  Sadly, MacDonald hinted at retirement following the bout.  If JMac does indeed hang up the gloves, he should forget this last bout and remember all the times he thrilled fans with his performances.  Who could forget the Canadian TUF Killer’s stoppages over Ed Herman and Chris Leben in his first two UFC fights, his thrilling submission win over Ryan Jensen in his return following his recovery from a severe injury, or even his amazing duel with Demian Maia?  Next fight: TBD

4. Jesse Bongfeldt (21-5-1) – Previous Rank (5) – After being dropped by the UFC on the heels of only a single loss in the big show, Bongfeldt took on journeyman Brandon MacArthur at Rumble in the Cage 45.  He submitted MacArthur for his first ‘W’ since 2009.  With the win under his belt, he is rumoured to be taking on the tough Brett Cooper at Score Fighting Series 3. Next fight: vs Brett Cooper on SFS 3 on February 18.

Kang drops to #5. (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

5. Denis Kang (34-15-2) – Previous Rank (4) – Kang’s fall from #1 perch continues as he drops another spot on these rankings.  After looking good against Shungo Oyama early in their fight, Kang had the tables turned on him as Oyama ground out a TKO victory late in the first round.  Kang has all the tools to beat fighters of Oyama’s level, but mentally does not seem to be there.  Lets’s hope Kang can pull it together. Next fight: TBD

6. Joe Doerksen (47-16) – Previous Rank (6)– Coming off a win against Luigi Fioravanti, Doerksen fans were hoping he would make it two in a row against Brett Cooper. Unfortunately that was not the case at the Score Fighting Series, as Cooper TKO’d El Dirte. Next fight: TBD

7. David Loiseau (20-10) – Previous Rank (7) – The Tachi Palace Middleweight champ has yet to defend his title and has not seen action in eleven months due to a leg injury. If he does not fight before the next rankings, the Crow will drop from the rankings once again. Next fight: TBD.

8. Matt Baker (7-2) – Previous Rank (10) – Baker takes a run at the Battlefield Fight League Middleweight title against Andrew Buckland this February. For now, ‘The Riotmaker’ moves up two spots with the departures of Bastien Huveneers and Jordan Mein from these rankings. Will he stay on this list in February or will Buckland bump him off? Next fight: vs Andrew Buckland at BFL 13 on February 11

Mike Kent makes his debut on the top 10 (photo by Martin Blais)


9. Mike Kent (7-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – The undefeated Kent makes his debut on the Middleweight rankings after an up and down 2011. Despite going 6-0, including two wins over the previously undefeated Alderic Keith, the year ended on a sour note as Mike had concussion issues that threatened Mike’s career. Thankfully, Kent is now cleared for contact and will return to the cage in 2012. Next fight: vs Chester Post at ECC 13 on January 27.

10. Vaughn Anderson (10-1-1) – Previous Rank (NR)Top MMA News heads out of country to fill the 10th spot.  After tearing up Asia throughout his career, Canadian expat Vaughn Anderson finally slips into the Canadian rankings. Most recently, Anderson won a single day grand prix in Taipei, Taiwan (check the fights out here).  Next fight: TBD.

Dropped Out of the Top 10: Jordan Mein (was 8th, ranked only as Welterweight now), Bastien Huveneers (was 9th, inactive for one year)

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
Ali Mokdad (4-2)
Luke Harris (6-1)
Andrew Buckland (13-8-1). Next fight: vs Matt Baker at BFL 13 on February 11
Cody Krahn (11-4)

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  1. Bdc says:

    Good rankings

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    With all due respect to Denis Kang, I feel he shoulda dropped lower. I think for sure to 6 maybe even 7.
    Oyama is not a good loss at all for Kang.
    Hopefully he fixes whatever’s got him on this slide and get back on track.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Also anyone know how good these guys Vaughn Anderson is beating are?

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  4. L-Boutin says:

    I tried to find some info on his opponents, couldn’t find much.

    Fought 2 guys with winning records (His only loss and his draw) (Checked records on a couple different websites, granted some fights may be missing)

    IMO shouldn’t be ranked above guys that have fought tough competition on home soil.

    Did Anderson used to fight at welterweight ? I ask because the majority of his opponents are welter’s from what I can find.

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  5. L-Boutin says:

    Nevermind, I see that he fights at 80kg (176Lbs), the weight classes in China seem to be a little different then the ones used in Unified Rules.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Who do you suggest ranking at #10 then?

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  7. Rex says:

    Kangs my favorite

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