Canadian Rumour Mill – January 9


This week’s Gossip Queen is coming from the shores of Mazatlan as this girl is getting her tan on and drinking some ocean-side Margaritas.  Maybe next week I will have some tan line pics to show you all!

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  • It’s sure picking up for Ontario MMA… up to 19 tentative dates so far for 2012. Here’s just some of the info:
    • UFC pencilled in for a Toronto return.
    • We may have up to three Bellator shows at Casino Rama.
    • The Score Fighting Series has a date of March 31st in London in addition to their Feb 18th date. However, take these with a grain of salt as the Score moves their dates around quite a bit.
    • Freedom Fight could return on April 21st with a show in Sudbury again.
    • Slammer, Global Warriors and Meltdown are all looking to return this year.
    • No MMA Live has been booked in 2012.   CEMMA and C3 (remember these debacles?) are nowhere to be found.
    • And somewhat surprisingly, no MFC dates/locations have been booked so far in Ontario for 2012.
    • Also, look for MMA in Ontario to visit at least a couple of new cities – Petewawa and Barrie are tentatively booked.
  • Is Brad Cardinal suspended or not? Looks like this may be a case of an MRI getting lost in the mail, oy! Stay tuned.
  • MFC has released both Andreas Spang and Sheldon Westcott from their contractual obligations.
  • The latest rumoured date for Instinct MMA is February 10.
  • Despite Renato “Babalu” Sobral having signed with OneFC, look for him to possibly fight for Instinct MMA in 2012.
  • Look for the next UGC show to be held on April 7. With Ali Nestor scheduled to be competing in boxing on the show.
  • There’s a 50/50 chance that Robin Black’s first “comeback” fight will be in Edmonton.

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  1. Paveldouche says:

    “i still think that if mark can start practicing a little integrity”

    I think Mark is a bit to late in life to start.

    “he runs a great little stepping stone organization”

    Exactly. For the UFC, Bellator and lately even Aggression.

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