School of Hard Knocks 20 – Medicine Hat – February 24


Date: February 20, 2012
Location: Cypress Centre in Medicine Hat, AB
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- Barrett Thompson (3-1) vs. Mike Goehr (2-1)
***Amateur Middleweight Title Fight

155lbs- Scott MacDonald (3-0) vs. Fotis Lambiris (2-0)
***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Tyler O’Brien (1-1) vs. Chris Lauzon (0-2-1)
155lbs- Charmaine Tweet (0-2) vs. Marchelle Weinberger (0-0)
265lbs- Smealinho Rama (0-0) vs. Ali Saif (0-1)
170lbs- Derek Borgel (0-0) vs. Francois Bourassa (0-4)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Curtis Belcourt (1-0) vs. Anthony Isbister-H’herault (0-0)
145lbs- Randy Chung (2-0) vs. Scott Tranborg (1-1)
145lbs- Kyle Fortch (0-2) vs. Mitchell Carlson (0-3)
170lbs- Kevin Lagasse (1-1) vs. Ryan Niddery (1-0)
170lbs- Alex Soop (0-0) vs. Eric Schmit (0-0)

85 Responses to “ School of Hard Knocks 20 – Medicine Hat – February 24 ”

  1. HeavenstoBetsy says:

    Chris Lauzon shoudl not be allowed to step near a cage never mind in one, he has never trained a day in his life! he is 0-3 and all 3 of those fights looked like a bad and i mean BAD street fight, hell i have scene better fights over a game of marbles in grade 4 than he has put on. STOP USEING BUMS (by bums i mean guys who do NOT attempt to train and improve) ITS GONNA BACKFIRE AGAINST MMA AS A WHOLE

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  2. Hawkes says:

    From what I hear this is not a solidified line up. Wamma will be out with strong representation on this card and none of our names are up there yet.

    Hard knocks does a good job in finding appropriate matches… Helping to build grass roots mma. Im a fan of what they do. I have never seen Chris fight but I’m sure they are putting him in with similar level guys.

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  3. Blackout says:

    Easy win for Tyler then, if youre right, Heaven.

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  4. brandon says:

    Man some ppl really need to stop this bad match up bullshit talk. Who cares really what u have to say. Record means shit really and it doesnt seem that bad 1-1 vs 0-2-1 like the guy only has 1 win.

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  5. what says:

    Is Matt Betzold the guy with one leg?

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  6. WordSayer says:

    I think Tyler has a definite advantage in athletic ability, you can see that from their physical appearance.

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  7. Blackout says:

    Tyler will take it. He’s Team Savage and he’ll show why we’re savages. lol Gonna be a hell of a night either way.

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  8. chris lauzon says:

    first of all heaventobetsy you can suck my cock you peice of shit i dont know who u are saying this ive been training my ass off for this fight and ill fight you any day of the week and if any one wants to see my fight go to youtube and type in chris king of the cage edmonton and go to my face book ive only ever had one fight at 185 the other 2 fights i fought at a weight that was too much but i took them anyways and i hope who ever judges me wrong please come to my fight i predict a first round submission and to be honest you have no idea what kinda a year i have had

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  9. WordSayer says:

    haha why would you advertise that fight LOL I watched it to say the least it was sloppy If I were you I would get that ish off youtube quickfast jk…..but seriously first round submission haha I’ll be impressed if your still awake after Tyler hits you so Im gonna predict first round KO

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  10. Bdc says:

    First of all is there really a guy with one leg fighting? Also i think its great about the internet ppv but it seems kinda odd that they have ppv compaired to other shows that have more known fighters on there card which should provide more ppv buys than this card would, why dont more do it like unified or kotc”s bigger events?

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added full fight card including two amateur title fights.

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  12. Eric says:

    Does anyone know when and where the weigh-ins are?

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    LOL – Chris we’ve all seen you ‘fight’. Maybe you need a new hobby?

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  14. chris lauzon says:

    donald duck u can shut your mouth your a punk ill let my fist do the talking in this fight if i loose i quit mma if i win ill continue

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    Wait, you mean the wildly thrown “punches like I haven’t seen since a coupld of 4th graders got into on the playground” fists? Ooooooh, terrifying.

    All you opponent has to do is shell up and throw straight punches.

    List, best of luck man but if you’re not training with a real team that’s investing proper time into you then you’re damaging the sport. I don’t get why people think they can still be tourists in this sport and not have other people call them out on it.

    You don’t see me lacing up a pair of skates and demanding a slot on the Leafs?


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  16. Tyler Davis says:

    Well it is the leafs……you might get a spot

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    I dunno man, I’m still skating with the chair in front of me.

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  18. Tyler Davis says:

    We’ll get you in between the pipes, you’ll do fine. Remember that you WANT to get IN THE WAY OF THE 90 mph rubber disk thing( and they say Mma is dangerous)

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  19. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    LOL. Did you read that guys, If Chris “LOOSES” to me hes going to quit MMA. HAHAHAHAHA, Well Its a good thing this isn’t a spelling bee. Most would assume its a simple typo but In this shit talking MSG he sent me on Facebook about a week and a half ago is a perfect example of his grammatical prowess…….”hey dude you have people writing shit on topmmanews about me thats fine ill own you in this fight ill distroy you be a man and step up i will not loose this fight to you i am gonna hammer you dont talk shit your time is coming son i am gonna hurt you if i loose ill quit mma ur a joke”….I Think your “LOOSING” your mind entering into a public debate with one who’s tongue vastly exceeds the sharpness of yours. SO heed this last warning before I turn this forum into a full out roast!!

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  20. Micheal Glover says:

    I got tyler obrien to win by knock out team savage good luck bro

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  21. chris lauzon says:

    time is coming for tyler obrien ok ive never been knocked out before and no way this school girl has a chance so you can all fuck off after i am done with obrien ill take any one else on

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  22. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    HAHAHA keep talking Chris Im gonna make an example outta you! Its one thing to trash talk and build hype but to Publicly announce that if you “LOOSE” this fight your gonna retire then turn around and schedule a bout TWO WEEKS AFTER Is as disrespectful as it gets so I truly hope your ready for this fight!

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  23. Donald Duck says:

    Why don’t you get done with your first beating before you invite additional ones Chris?

    Donnie “I ain’t scared homie” Duck

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  24. chris lauzon says:

    titus rhymez i am gonna put you in a world of hurt you son of a bitch no way your gonna come to my home town and win i am gonna punish you hard you little punk ill see you at weigh ins better be ready to get knocked the fuck out

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  25. Tyler Davis says:

    Language language gentleman

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  26. Tyler Davis says:

    And by that I ment chris

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  27. Gunner says:

    this is so WWF i take John Cena for the win

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  28. chris lauzon says:

    lets bet on this fight titus i bet a 1000 ill bring the cash to the weigh ins if you want let me know

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  29. Donald Duck says:

    LOL – Titus I just might spot you the grand if Chris “fat boy” Lauzon gives you 3 to 1 odds….

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  30. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    Chris keep your cash in your pocket your not impressing anybody…. why dont you take that money and invest it in a conditioning coach LMAO!

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  31. Tyler Davis says:

    Danm Chris did you thumbs down me?

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  32. chris says:

    I don’t thumbs down no one man I am tired of this shit talk. From people I won’t back down from any ones mouth it will be great to shut titus mouth up he has no idea what’s gonna happen I am excited to shut him up let the best man win

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    I won’t back down from any ones mouth…


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  34. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    Chris your the one who needs to shut up! If I recall correctly your the one who started the trash talk. So how do you go about implying that I’m the mouth piece?….P.S. quit commenting your making yourself look like a damn fool, its not helping your P.R. at all. LOL

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  35. pot/tea kettle says:

    you both and sound like asses.

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  36. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    why thank you, and with that comment you have just become an ass yourself so welcome to the party LOL

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  37. Jamie Locke says:

    This one should be a good fight…

    155lbs- Dia Grant (3-5) vs. Alex Popov (3-2)

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  38. jeff reese says:

    tyler obrien might be as bad as this lauzon guy lol his tap against gareau might be the most embarassing tap ive ever seen. not taking lauzons side at all the guys a fatso who wont hit a gym and throws pillows. i just dont think either of these guys should be chirping theyre a combined 1-8 haha obrien is a stringbean with no muscle and lauzon is disgusting with milk tits

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  39. mike says:

    dint you go 1 and 5 as an amature tyler and chris is 0-2-1 their is not much to really say about your records i think chris has the better advantage in this fight i watched both of you guys fights and chris is much bigger and stronger and obrien is a skinny tooth pick lets see what happens in this fight

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  40. sean33 says:

    i have lauzon in this obrien is 1 and 5 as a bitch and lauzon as 0 and 2-1 lauzon just lost to a guy that is fighting for the king of the cage belt lauzon isnt that good but tried hard in all of his fights lauzon will winthis obrieb is a joke and should be working at tim hortans

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  41. Atrocitus says:

    I’ll fight lauzon. I’ve only got one ammy fight, but should be good for him.

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  42. Gunner says:

    Sarah was contacting me regarding a need for a 170 fighter there is possibly 3 from my gym but with it being a long weekend here and not sure if any of the medicals are still legit for the location can someone have Sarah message me the medical requirements and timelines so i can check the fellas out. thanks

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  43. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Line-up has been updated, several fights are off

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  44. holywow says:

    The pro fights, in total, have a record of 1-9-2 (there is 1 win in 12 pro fights between them) and the amateur undercard is 6-7.
    The guy who puts this “show” on is only out for himself and he and this kind of crap is bad for the sport. Hes trying to do these low level amateur heavy cards in different cities to make maoney off these kids.
    Just look at the idiots he finds.
    Do not support these shows.

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  45. holywow says:

    sorry 1-10-2 (1 win in 13 previous pro fights between them)

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  46. holywow says:

    No disrespect to the other guys I mean the 2 idiots beakin each other on this thread. They kinda show where this is at.

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  47. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    I really like how the whole lot of ya’ll get up on the forum, call us idiots, asses, etc… for beakin yet somehow believe they’re not idiots, asses, etc… for dropping to the the level of said idiots, asses, etc… to beak us for beakin eachother…In fact It makes them the biggest of the idiots, asses, etc… for chippin their two cents into the wrong piggy bank!!!

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  48. lauzon says:

    i am done trash talking havent said much in a while just getting ready for my fight this week vs titus so you can all mouth off if you want ill do what i have to do this friday

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  49. Tyler Davis says:

    Thems sounds like fighting words to me

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