School of Hard Knocks 20 – Medicine Hat – February 24


Date: February 20, 2012
Location: Cypress Centre in Medicine Hat, AB
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- Barrett Thompson (3-1) vs. Mike Goehr (2-1)
***Amateur Middleweight Title Fight

155lbs- Scott MacDonald (3-0) vs. Fotis Lambiris (2-0)
***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Tyler O’Brien (1-1) vs. Chris Lauzon (0-2-1)
155lbs- Charmaine Tweet (0-2) vs. Marchelle Weinberger (0-0)
265lbs- Smealinho Rama (0-0) vs. Ali Saif (0-1)
170lbs- Derek Borgel (0-0) vs. Francois Bourassa (0-4)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Curtis Belcourt (1-0) vs. Anthony Isbister-H’herault (0-0)
145lbs- Randy Chung (2-0) vs. Scott Tranborg (1-1)
145lbs- Kyle Fortch (0-2) vs. Mitchell Carlson (0-3)
170lbs- Kevin Lagasse (1-1) vs. Ryan Niddery (1-0)
170lbs- Alex Soop (0-0) vs. Eric Schmit (0-0)

85 Responses to “ School of Hard Knocks 20 – Medicine Hat – February 24 ”

  1. Tyler Davis says:

    Titus with a name like that I’d jump on the rap bandwagon……they will make much more money

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  2. lauzon says:

    call it what you want i am just no barking off anymore ive said what i had to say and will see what happens this friday let the best man win. win or loose ill shake his hand and ill buy him a beer after the fight but right now he is standing in my way

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  3. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    Well said Chris

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Lotsa cliches being bandied around these parts.

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  5. jeff reese says:

    Ill take lauzon over o’brien as well as much as I hate to say it. I just can’t see obrien knocking anybody out with a physique like that. Or having the strength to submit anybody either.. I heard the gym is a good place to get a physique?? Think about it.. Lauzon you too. I’ve seen bigger 155’ers than obrien lol. And robin black I’d take both of these guys over you lol you sucked as a fighter and I hate watching you on tv stay away from mma

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  6. CRUZ says:


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  7. Tyler Davis says:

    Dude Robin is the commentator in the sport, very knowledgeable and has been in there at least. Oh no he lost some fights, that don’t change love of the game. Which is apparent every commentary. LEAVE ROBIN ALONE!!!! PS what’s with the hate?

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  8. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    Jeff Reese sounds like he is more then happy to be my next opponent…LETS HAVE IT THEN! How about it Jeffery?

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  9. Anthony says:

    Since when does Physique have such a HUGE role in Mixed martial arts? Aren’t there specific disciplines utilized for when you have a david vs goliath situation? For example, Judo and jiu jitsu? Mr. Reese sounds like a Guru of pure hate. Looks like the dark side had a dick in your ass since you rolled out of your mothers hairy Num Num! Now there’s multiple reasons for me throwing my two pennies in the well, so think about what they could be before you type up something that is just spitefully spiteful. People are at the skill level they are at, pointing out their weaknesses for the sake of making fun of them isn’t all bad if you present a solution and have SOMEWHAT of a friendly relationship with them, but what YOU do is just elementary.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Tyler. Kind of ya.

    Apparently that genius jeff reese doesn’t like my work.

    I wasn’t impressed when I saw him work either. He couldn’t even get the guy hard. Worst gay porn I’ve ever seen.

    (Wait, I just said I watch gay porn….. dammit….)

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  11. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    Hahaha its all good Robin I also saw that video the link just said “Jeff Reese in action” how were we to know we were about to see a three man sandwich LOL

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  12. Robin Black says:


    TiTuS knows sometimes accidents happen when you open links.

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  13. jeff reese says:

    tyler you bring up a great point. ill stand corrected and apologize for my comment. gotta respect a pioneer of mma and someone whos only helped the sport grow. my bad robin. and the porno… that was one time!! o’brien however i wouldnt even let you tape my hands come on

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Thanks man. Very very cool of you man.

    Hey, who hasn’t accidentally starred in a porn? Happens to the best of us.

    Cheers brother.

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  15. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    “o’brien however i wouldnt even let you tape my hands come on”…this sounds like the typical air head talkin tough with no intentions of ever backing it up ei…”you suck anyone could beat you blah blah blah” said person #1 “lets do it then” replies person #2, person #1 responds “naw your just a waste of my time”

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  16. jeff reese says:

    haha cheers robin new fan of you right here. obrien worry about the fight i would honestly never fight you ill admit it right now look me up i dont think theres any questions as to why i wouldnt fight you to anybody who sees i have a 4th degreee bjj brown belt. ive spent my life training with some great people. lets get get serious here. best of luck to you friday hope you guys put on a great show to the city of medicine hat. may you come out strong and prove the haters wrong. still taking lauzon though

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  17. TiTuS RhymeZ says:

    Fair enough

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  18. lauzon says:

    priceless boys will put on a good show this friday and thanks for picking me jeff will make medicine hat proud good luck to all fighters

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  19. Gunner says:

    i am predicting Robin Black by double reach around and rear tug victory over lauzon and Titus at the same time of 2:10 of 1st round cause he that good

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  20. Donald Duck says:

    Sad state of affairs when two guys who shouldn’t be in a professional fight are lecturing other’s on respecting the sport and the people who take part in it.


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  21. Gunner says:

    MAD is fruity so you know he was laughing at the thought of being double arounded

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  22. lauzon says:

    donald duck your one of those guys i would like to be walking by in front of a set of stairs and just kick you down them and just keep walking like nothing ever happened why dont you reveal your name and step up man i am calling you out let me know what weight you wanna fight and ill do it you peice of shit

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  23. jeff reese says:

    lets go lauzon get in the win column, best of luck

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  24. Everyman says:

    Chris stop!

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  25. lauzon says:

    thanks jeff i aprreciate your support man ill give it my all man i have alot ridding on this fight for me as it being in my home town and a bunch of other things ill make medicine hat proud

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  26. Tyler Davis says:

    Man chill out on the threats, try to act like
    a) a grown up
    b) professional athlete
    c) a martial artist
    d) all of the above

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  27. Donald Duck says:

    Hi Chris,

    I do trane. In fact I trane a lot. I lift weights, I do my cardio and I do my BJJ. The thing is I’m accutely aware of the fact that I no longer have the time to trane at the level that I need to in order to compete at UFC. It just isn’t possible. Between work and life commitments I just lack the time.

    I’ve realized this, you haven’t. I hope we do meet someday. You can buy me a beer and apologize for acting like a douche on line.

    Now, as mentioned, stop posting and go back to training and getting ready for your fight. You need that more than you need to be responding to random postings.


    PS – Tyler is right.

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  28. Dave Mah says:

    I trane UFC too.

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  29. walker says:

    what are tixs worth?

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  30. Gunner says:

    Did any one here how the weights were

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  31. Gunner says:

    Official weigh in results are as follows:

    Mike Goehr 186 lbs
    Barrett Thompson 185.4 lbs

    Fotis Lambiris 155.6 lbs
    Scott MacDonald 154.6 lbs

    Chris Lauzon 184.4 lbs
    Tyler O’Brien 174.2 lbs

    Charmaine Tweet 153.8 lbs
    Marchelle Weinberger 150.8 lbs

    Smealinho Rama 262.2 lbs
    Dee Seguin TBC

    Curtis Belcourt 157.4lbs *1 hour to lose 1.4 lbs
    Anthony Ibister-H’Herault 154.6 lbs

    Randy Chung 144.0 lbs
    Scott Tranborg 142.8 lbs

    Mitchell Carlson 148.4lbs *1 hour to cut to make weight
    Kyle Fortch 143.8 lbs

    Shadey Yellowbird 167.8 lbs
    Eric Schmit 171 lbs

    Kevin Legasse 190.6 lbs
    Ryan Niddery 189 lbs

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  32. Gunner says:

    where are the facking results is this an imaginary card and you are just playing games on me

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