DREAM New Year 2011 Results


DREAM held their New Year’s Eve show last night.  In the main event, Fedor won his second fight in a row by knocking out Satoshi Ishii in the first round of their bout.  Revolution MMA’s Bibiano Fernandez won the DREAM Bantamweight Grand Prix by winning both of his fights.

Here are the results:

Main Event (MMA)
Fedor Emelianenko defeats Satoshi Ishii by KO in Round 1, 2:24

DREAM Lightweight Title
Shinya Aoki defeats Satoru Kitaoka by Unanimous Decision

DREAM Featherweight Title
Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Takeshi Inoue by Unanimous Decision

DREAM Bantamweight Grand-Prix Final
Bibiano Fernandes defeats Antonio Banuelos by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:21

Mixed-Rules Bout
Katsunori Kikuno defeats Yuichiro Nagashima by KO in Round 2, 2:34

Kickboxing Bouts
Yuta Kubo defeats Nils Widlund by KO
Masaaki Noiri defeats Kengo Sonoda by Unanimous Decision

MMA Bouts
Megumi Fujii submits Karla Benitez by Kimura in Round 1, 1:15
Tatsuya Kawajiri submits Kazuyuki Miyata by Arm Triangle in Round 2, 4:54
Hayato Sakurai defeats Ryo Chonan by Unanimous Decision

Bantamweight Grand-Prix Semi-Finals
Bibiano Fernandes defeats Rodolfo Marques Diniz by Unanimous Decision
Antonio Banuelos defeats Masakazu Imanaria by Split Decision
Yusup Saadulaev defeats Hideo Tokoro by KO in Round 1, :42

Pro Wrestling Bouts
Kazushi Sakuraba/Katsuyori Shibata defeat Atsushi Sawada/Shinichi Suzukawa
Kazuyuki Fujita submits Peter Aerts by Lion Tamer
Jerome Le Banner defeats Tim Sylvia by TKO
Josh Barnett pins Hideki Suzuki following a brain buster

9 Responses to “ DREAM New Year 2011 Results ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    I was so confused by the Fedor/Ishi fight. Just freaking confusing. I mean this is DREAM. The biggest show on the planet. The biggest fights ever! An eight hour card with this as the main event?

    Ishi? Could they not find a comedian for Fedor to fight?

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  2. Johnson says:

    Agreed. Ishi has 6 fights…. Fedor has 30+ more. What a joke. Fedor looked scared early but easy win for him. I dont see him fighting anyone in the top 20 ever again.

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  3. Fake Phil says:

    dont worry guys i heard from my source that they tried to sign top 10 HW jose canseco but fedors camp said it was too big of a risk for the pay so they brought in ishi

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  4. Fake Phil says:

    tim hague also declined stating he is a “ufc vet” and the pay and timeline didnt work for him

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  5. steve hill says:

    Fedor is living proof that you need to evolve with the sport or it will pass you bye…

    Although I am still a fedor fan , in my opinion his best days are behind him ,however least we forget the man ruled for ten years…

    just my 2 cents…but am I the only one that thinks the heavy weight standard should be changed,ie over 250 super heavyweight ????

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  6. Priest says:

    @Fake Phil says:
    tim hague also declined stating he is a “ufc vet” and the pay and timeline didnt work for him

    Former UFC Heavyweight Tim Hague Comments On Training With Brock Lesnar & Cole Konrad

    Here’s what he had to say about the whole experience.

    “Was pretty surreal. Best training, and best group of guys I’ve ever trained with. Merry Christmas UG. WAR LESNAR. Because I need to get better at everything, and being able to work with Pat Barry and Cole Conrad 1 on 1 was unreal. Working MMA with Brock and 5 other legit UFC level HW’s every day is something I don’t get up in Edmonton. I’m not gonna give away any of his strategy, but he is scary strong, and scary conditioned, and if he gets the jump on a takedown, you’re going down, or you’re blowing out a knee or something haha. I got invited back for a full camp, and i’m chomping at the bit to make that happen. I just went there for a week to be a hw dummy for Brock and the guys, I was slightly outta shape, but know what i have to do to be better next time. I wasn’t paid or nothing, didn’t ask to be and felt like I should have paid them to be there. I don’t know who’s better, they both made me their bitch on the mats, and Cole’s boxing is great as well. Don’t wanna say who’s all there training. Brock hits hard, and i think he was taking it easy on me cause it was the end of the workout and i was gassed. He got mount on me and fed me some shots that were nasty. I’m sure he was going easy. I know i can only get better training there and I’m on top of the world that I got invited back for a full camp. I cant say much about his game, or his strengths/weaknesses. Had to sign a non disclosure clause. But I will say he was champ for a reason, and I found out.”


    Ummmm is tim serious, i think that he better run as quickly as he can, and call greg jackson, and see if he can train with his gym, and actually become a more well rounded fighter, improve his cardio, and improve his skilset all the way around, or he’ll always be an inconsistent HW.

    Bragging that you’re putting in work with Brock Lesnar, ( who can’t take a punch, and had his face opened up, that resembled an earth quake fault line in california, or a female bodypart, and Cole Konrad, who also is a very bottom end level A fighter is nothing to be proud of )

    You need to train with guys lke Frank Mir consistently for a solid year, then ask for a call up to the UFC.

    Add some BJJ and some wrestling to the mix tim

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  7. Priest says:

    Congrats to Bibiano, great win

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  8. Jerobe says:

    Come now guys. Tim Hague is going to fight 50 year old Maurice Smith! That alone will get him back into the UFC

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  9. Priest says:

    @Jerobe Tim would have alot more success fighting the late, great Bubba Smith, hell, he wouldn’t even have to worry about getting his cardio on point.

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