UFC 141: What Would an Alistair Overeem Victory Mean?


“Ladies and gentlemen…welcome to the Horse Meat era!”

No, I don’t expect to hear Joe Rogan make that call next Saturday. “Eras” typically begin once you win a title and become invincible and end when you lose your next fight.

But let’s be real here: if Overeem beats Lesnar in his UFC debut, fans will be watching the birth of a new star like we were in that episode of “Star Trek” where they…uh…watch the birth of a new star?

I think from an “untapped potential” point of view, Alistair Overeem is an absolute gold mine. Of all of the stars and champions outside the UFC, I think Dana White has wanted Overeem more than anyone. And it’s not hard to see why.

Just look at the buzz this event is getting. “The biggest card of the year!” if we accept the common wisdom. And for what? A relative neophyte vs. a guy making his UFC debut.

But just like his mammoth opponent, Overeem is an asset because he bypasses the need for a “sell”. He’s a human mountain range who’s got muscles in his sh*t and hits with the kind of soul-destroying power you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Unless your worst enemy is Todd Duffee, in which case you can rest easy, Mr. Hague.

So like I said, if ‘Reem gets his hand raised against Lesnar, we’ve got a new HW superstar on our hands. Of course, a fight with champ Junior Dos Santos awaits the winner, so we kind of know who Overeem’s got next if he wins. A fight with JDS is a very intriguing possibility for a number of reasons.

Firstly, with Junior’s recent network TV exposure and Overeem’s post-Brock upgrade in public profile, this fight would be perfect to headline a “UFC on Fox” card. In such a case, a 64 second KO finish wouldn’t be a disaster, it would be best-case scenario. The UFC clearly wants an MMA version of Mike Tyson, and the winner of this fight could fit the bill nicely.

But if the UFC doesn’t want to go that route then Overeem vs. Dos Santos also makes sense as a main event for a Japanese card. That’s assuming there is another UFC event in Japan after Edgar vs. Henderson – hardly a certainty in today’s JMMA climate.

But either way, Overeem vs. JDS is a huge fight with an almost guaranteed KO. I have a feeling, should Overeem win, it’ll be the first of many blockbuster Ubereem main events. You know, assuming that whole “getting outstruck by Fabricio Werdum” thing was an aberration and not a sign of things to come.

And that Brock guy? Oh, he’ll be fine. His popularity and ranking have never been determined by such trivial things as wins or losses. Remember when he lost to Frank Mir in his UFC debut and was fighting for a belt two fights later? Yeah, I think he’ll be just fine. And he always has that long-awaited Wrestlemania showdown with the Undertaker if he’s feeling short a couple million bucks.

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