Extreme Cage Combat 13 – Halifax – January 27th


Date: January 27, 2011
Location: Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tickets: Ticket Atlantic

Fight Card:
155lbs- Gavin Tucker (4-0) vs. Jeremy Henry (5-3)

170lbs- Ricky Goodall (8-4) vs. Jerome Martinez (9-7)
185lbs- Mike Kent (7-0) vs. Chester Post (6-21-1)
185lbs- Mark Grey (1-0) vs. Shane Daley (0-2)
205lbs- Nathan Hamilton (0-0) vs. Todd Henry (2-6)
135lbs- Matt Maclennan (2-0) vs. Ryan Connor (1-1)
170lbs- Aaron Myers (1-1) vs. Liam Campbell (1-0)
170lbs- Coel Peach (1-1) vs. Darcy McKenna (0-0)
155lbs- Josh Allen (4-2) vs. Shawn Wallace (3-0)

41 Responses to “ Extreme Cage Combat 13 – Halifax – January 27th ”

  1. Ryan says:

    Likely a dumb question considering the venue. But is this a 19+ only event?

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  2. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Tickets have not gone on sale yet but it is hard to say because I known in the past for concerts that you had to be 19 or over but I would hope they are able to work something out so the younger crowd can go.

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  3. Ryan says:

    As do I. I’d love to be able to support my NS warriors.

    War Nova Scotia

    Thanks Derek!

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  4. Cryin Brains says:

    Why isn’t Roger Hollett on this card? I’m sure he would draw a huge crowd.

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    Is Hollett not signed on with Belator for their next 205lb tourney?

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  6. Ryan says:

    Yeah, hollett is with bellator now.

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  7. @clinchcraig says:

    I like this card. Look forward to it, any idea what the ticket prices will be?

    Would love to see a fight like Tucker vs Duguay. Also very interested to see who they find for Malott. Hope they find guys that will test both Malott and Tucker.

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  8. mike kent says:

    Its looking like a real possibility that I fight on this card as well.

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  9. Ryan says:

    Sorry to ask this again, but I don’t believe you saw this before…..

    @Clinchcraig – Do you train at clinch martial arts academy at sackville?

    MAN, if Mike gets added to this card i’ll have to get a fake ID if it’s not all ages lol.

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  10. @clinchcraig says:

    Mike, that would make this card even better, hows the health?

    Yes Ryan I do, great club.

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  11. mike kent says:

    I’m cleared and ready to go . Abit out of shape lol but health is fine

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  12. Joe Doerksen says:

    Glad to hear you’re healthy, Mike. Best of luck on your next one.

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  13. Ryan says:

    @ClinchCraig – That’s great man! I’ll be training with you in the new year! :D

    This card looks to be really good. Hope Mike gets the add! I hope I can go see it aswell, lol.

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  14. @clinchcraig says:

    Great news Mike! Any opponent in mind?

    Ryan, look forward to it man. Club is going through lots of changes, 2012 will be a big year!

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  15. Ryan says:

    Yeah, tell me about it! I started last january but due to school, having to visit my dad in alberta and some injures/training partner flaking on me i;ve gone very seldomely. Justin Devine is probably the cooest badass i’ve ever met. Really, really good guy. Same with kevin.

    Do you know if Travis is back yet? I know he had some health issues. Really awesome guy. Great great coach.

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  16. @clinchcraig says:

    Travis isn’t back but we now have Professor Shane Rice running the BJJ and there are more BJJ and MT classes.

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  17. Ryan says:

    Yeah, i’ve heard Shane Rice was there teaching fulltime. I believe Jan 2nd is mine and my friends first day back. Can’t wait to meet you and see John, JP and Kevin again!

    Anybody from Halifax should consider training at Clinch in Sackville. It’s a really, really great club.

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  18. Unfortnally I have some bad news. I was talking with Peter Martell and Ricky Goodall and the event is pretty much a 19+ event.

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  19. Ryan says:

    That really, really sucks ass. I was hoping to see Malott and Kent fight pretty bad.

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  20. Bobby Flay says:

    As a world renowned chef I will be rooting for Nathan Hamilton to win his bout and go on to be undefeated. I have very strong faith in this individual.

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  21. Update: Pulled Gross from the card as he is suspended until January as I confirmed Combo Mac’s comment on Maple Leaf Matchups.

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  22. Update: Removed Mallott from card. Tucker now faces Henry in the main event.

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  23. Update-Mike Kent will now face Chester Post

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  24. Jana says:

    I typed a comment … but I’m gonna bite my tongue ;)

    Very best of luck to Jeremy Henry, Josh Allen & Darcy McKenna !!!

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  25. Update: Ricky Goodall is now on the ECC card and is looking for a Welterweight opponent. Contact info@ecfp.ca if you have or are a Welterweight interested in fighting the Ginja!

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  26. Update-Goodall will now be fighting jerome martinez

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  27. Cody Rempel says:

    You beat me to it Derek… just added, thanks!

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  28. d says:

    New Info. This fight will now be for the vancant ECC welterweight title

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  29. TK says:

    Pad that record, Mike Kent!

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  30. @clinchcraig says:

    Like Mike Kent or not he was all over the MMA boards trying to get himself fights before he got hurt. He’s not ducking guys or looking for easy fights so please don’t try to make it out that way. Not a great fight but it was on 3 weeks notice I think and Post comes to fight so give him some credit.

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  31. mike kent says:

    ive done nothing for the past year but ask for tough fights ( josh powell, jesse bongfeildt and many others ) constantly asking for fights and for me to be used as a replacement in big fights as a late fill in . ive never turned down a fight or asked for a easy fight . chester has fought every single person that i hope to fight one day many ufc vets and top ranked guys and has 30 fights and is gritty. this is the fight my management decided for me. No disrespect to anyone ive fought in the past but i honestly beleieve that chester could be my toughest fight to date. After this fight if everything goes as planned ill fight any of the guys in recently published top ten as soon as march , any promtions interested contact us and will make it happen

    ive fought nothing but east coast guys lol im not a ufc vet believe it or not this is a step up ,

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  32. Jana says:

    Seriously Mike …. Chester has 21 losses …that’s 3 times the amount of wins you have …. he hasn’t won a fight in almost 5 years …. no disrespect to Chester or you, but this is not a good match-up for someone 7-0-0. You are right, “some” of his losses are to top notch guys … but that doesn’t make this a good match up – believe it or not anyone can lose to a top notch guy (it’s not a tough job).

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  33. mike kent says:

    You have some one else on three weeks notice ? I fight who my manager set up . I was three months out of the gym and 45 pounds heavy 5 weeks out. I pursue tough fights and don’t get them so ill take this. Sorry you don’t approve . How about you set up me and your husband ?

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  34. Jana says:

    Easy now Mike …. I’m just saying.

    You dropping to 155 soon?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  35. mike kent says:

    170 by years end ?

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  36. Sounds like Goodall fight is ‘5-rounds Title-Qualifier Fight’, not for the title.

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  37. Mma guy says:

    Mike kent is best fighter in east coast.. War kent!

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  38. mike kent says:

    Hollett , Tj grant ,Ryan jimmo , Ricky goodall , tristan johnsin , matt magrath and kelades are al l very accomplished east coast fighters with the resumes to back it up

    Thanks for the compliment but I’ve got a lot of work to do before I’d put myself ahead of these proven guys . I did blush though

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  39. winston says:

    I think a good match at 170 is Richard Arsenault and Mike Kent. Mike you said you will be 170 by the end of the year so thats his weight category. What do you say ? And stop calling on guys you weigh 50lbs more than relax buddy.

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  40. Dawson,s mama says:

    That’s what I said.

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