Canadian Rumour Mill – December 19


What do top MMA fighters in Winnipeg do when they are not training?  Go to the Jets games. I am told that both KSOS and El Dirte were spotted at Selanne’s homecoming.  Soszynski was even announced to the crowd and shown on the big screen. He received a warm round of applause from the 15,000 fans.

  • Look for EFC Featherweight Champion Greg Welsh to fight outside of the EFC for the first time on February 11th. Welsh is scheduled to fight Matt Bagshaw for Aggression MMA.
  • Tim Hague is now set to fight former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Maurice Smith, in Brazil. Maurice Smith (13-13) who is now 50 years old hasn’t fought since a quick submission loss to Hidehiko Yoshida, three and a half years ago.
  • Kurt Southern has recovered from surgery and is back training.  Look for some big news from Southern early in the new year.
  • Well, looks like we’ll have a new Edmonton (Western) promotion starting up with their inaugural show set for April.
  • Despite reports on his retirement, Martin Désilets is looking to finally get back in the cage around February.
  • Ryan “the Vanilla Gorilla” Fortin will take on Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez for the KOTC World Heavyweight title, February 2nd at the San Manuel Casino in Highland, California.
  • Ricky Goodall is pushing for a rematch with Travis Briere. Goodall previously lost a very close decision to Briere for the Unified MMA WW Belt.
  • There is a chance that El Dirte and The Predator may rematch in Quebec in a few months.   It hinges on Cote not making the Montreal UFC show.  Joe Doerksen stopped Patrick Cote in the UFC almost seven years ago.
  • The two major Montreal shows are maintaining silence on their next dates.  I am hearing mid-to-late February for the next Ringside show.  A French site, La Voix des Guerriers, is claiming that Instinct 3 will be in Sherbrooke or St-Hyacinthe in January.

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37 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – December 19 ”

  1. Demitri (trev) says:

    Awesome news for fortin! That’s a big fight, props to kotc for hooking that up. Lopez has some under rated bjj from what I hear.

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  2. Bigtoe says:

    Hague’s management needs to do better than Maurice Smith… I understand that most of the solid HW’s are locked up with the UFC but this is just a lose lose for Tim. He stands to gain nothing from ths other than beating on an old man. Maybe Tank Abbott is available for a backyard brawl after this fight…

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  3. MMA Scoop says:

    Is Fabio Holanda still haivng his card in February? Could be three cards in one month in Quebec.

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Lots to talk about after this gossip note…

    Hague vs Smith? After reading about him at the Deathclutch camp I figured he’d have a big fight lined up?

    New Edmonton/ (Western) show? I’m intrigued…

    Fortin vs Lopez is a sick fight, an even sicker title fight. I’ll be happy to watch that one!

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  5. evmister says:

    I’ve followed Tim’s career and really respect him n’ all that, but WTF MAURICE SMITH? Really? REALLY? He’s 5000 years old

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  6. Ryan says:

    What’s the latest on ECC guys? I’ve seen no announcements for it yet.

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  7. Adam Lorenz says:

    I would love to fight in Montreal in February…just sayin’.

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  8. BruceLee4ever says:

    Hague is a bum

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  9. james says:

    guys this is good for hague. now come on he has to build his confidance back. he just be a guy that should have never decided to come back to boxing. so after he beats smith you can see his chest pump out at the bar than. after that the next fight is fedor since hes not with the ufc. hes really just warming up here, why cant you’s see it. lol

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  10. Ryan, check out this week’s Top MMA Radio with Ricky Goodall talking about the latest on ECC’s January card.

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  11. BruceLee4ever says:

    Hague just fought a 43 year old boxer and looked terrible, he won but terrible.

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  12. Joe Doerksen says:

    Spoke to my management when I read this. No one has contacted him about me fighting Cote. So that one really is just a rumour.

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  13. Jamon says:

    A new alberta promotion? Roided up rigpig fc?

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  14. Edmonton MMA says:

    Good Luck Fortin, that is an exciting fight to look forward to. I think Lopez is over rated and Fortins size would be to much for him. I Would like to see Chemelli beat Valimacki than see Chemelli vs Desilet for the Aggression title. Also, I think its a decent first fight back for Hague. I wont hate on him for that. Although I would hope after that fight he steps it up a lot.

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  15. Gossip Queen says:

    Sorry Joe Doerksen. I heard that rumour out of Montreal. I will take that source with a grain of salt from now on.

    Can you let us know if you got anything scheduled?

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  16. MMA Scoop says:

    Lorenz vs. Wadsworth, make it happen!!!

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  17. Joe Doerksen says:

    no worries, Gossip Queen. Maybe they’re planning to and just haven’t yet. Or they’ve changed their plans. Just saying we’ve heard nothing yet.

    I currently have nothing going on. I’ll let you know if that changes.

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  18. Rex says:

    a decent fight back for Hague?He has BEEN back. He just fought a 41 yr old Vince Lucero in Agression and a 43 yr old boxer, now a 50 yr old Mo Smith? Hague is embarassing himself.

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  19. Rex says:

    After Fortin beats Tony Lopez for the KOTC title i think its safe to say he surpasses HAGUE as the best HWT in Canada. Hague wants absolutely nothing to do with Fortin. He is avoiding him big time.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Let’s give Hague a break.

    Imagine you get a call from someone you’re gonna make 6 or 7 grand (or more, and maybe way more) and get an awesome trip to brazil to fight in a low pressure fight. You can bring your wife and have a great trip and come home with cash and a W.

    Who the hell is gonna say no to that?

    Like seriously. Anyone want to say no to that?

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  21. harry balls says:

    Good point. He is also in what is prolly the thinnest division in Canada (k maybe 125 has less dudes). I am never a fan of one sided tilts, but the man has to stay busy.

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  22. Demitri (trev) says:

    I agree, I would take the fight in brazil as well for that type of cash. I heard Hague wants the fight with fortin but promoters don’t want to pay the cash.

    If I was Hague- a fight vs fortin would be one the biggest fights in Edmonton, especially if fortin beats Lopez. Hague draws in a lot of people and so does fortin. It’s a fight everyone wants to see and Hague has everything to lose at this point (whether you like him or not) Of course Hague should be getting a big payday.

    That would be an interesting fight, I hope it happens

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  23. james says:

    whatever hague got paid from aggression was way too much for fighting the bum. and i hear he got great money in that fight and was suppose to fight a good guy but wanted a less of an fighter instead. so i think tim can take a fight for free since he really didnt even fight the last time. lol they took a guy in so he could knock out and feel good but he takes the guy down right a way and taps him. so much for using it as a ring time confidence maker. lol

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    In addition to Ryan Fortin vs. Tony Lopez at the KOTC card in California will be KOTC Lightweight champ Chad Freeman against Joe Cronin

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  25. Rex says:

    Hague is one of those guys who talks the talk but then out prices himself for all the fights he thinks he might lose. Whoever said Hague wants the Fortin fight is very misinformed. Hague does not want that fight, that is why he out prices himself. Fortin has very little exprience compared to Hague and Hague still wont fight him but he will fight a 41 yr old Lucer, 43 yr old boxer and 51 yr old Maurice Smith. Facts dont lie in this case. Hague is fighitng guys old enough to be his dad, literally.

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  26. Joe Doerksen says:

    I’ve met Tim Hague a few times. Always seemed like a nice, hard working guy. Never seen or heard him be a jerk to anyone. Can’t understand all the hating going on. Can anyone explain to me what I’m not seeing?

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  27. The dude says:

    People always hate what the guys doin shit they wish they could do. Uve been hated I’m sure Joe it’s just with this site and all the locals who post here every douche bag fan thinks they have the right to “criticize” (and i ise that term loosley) cause they can string together a few sentences.

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  28. the dude says:

    damn. my internet warrior name ” the dude ” got imitated. i will be the polite dude who doesnt swear. fortin vs tim would be superb.

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  29. Dan chambers says:

    Joe hated……. Not a god damn chance, the guys a beauty!

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  30. Mike Malott says:

    Extreme Cage Combat 13 – Halifax – January 27th

    155lbs- Jesse Gross (6-3) vs. Jeremy Henry (5-3)
    185lbs- Mark Grey (1-0) vs. Shane Daley (0-2)
    205lbs- Nathan Hamilton (0-0) vs. Todd Henry (2-6)
    135lbs- Matt Maclennan (2-0) vs. Ryan Connor (1-1)
    155lbs- Mike Malott (2-0) vs. TBA
    170lbs- Aaron Myers vs. Liam Campbell (1-0)
    170lbs- Coel Peach (1-1) vs. Darcy McKenna (0-0)
    145lbs- Gavin Tucker (4-0) vs. TBA
    155lbs- Josh Allen (4-2) vs. Shawn Wallace (3-0)

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  31. Bdc says:

    Fortin will not get past lopez i hope he does but i doubt it unless ryan has changed his game from what ive watched

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  32. Bdc says:

    How tall is fortin?

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  33. Fake Phil says:

    Tim “senior citizen killer” Hague.What a big joke i wonder if scott ferrozzo is gonna be his next opponent

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  34. Bigtoe says:

    I’m noy hating on Tim, I just think he needs to take better fights. I also know good fights are hard to find at HW.

    I think Tim needs to get to a good camp in the States and hit the US regional circuit where there are much better fights available. There is no question he has the fighter spirit and drive he just needs to decide whether this is a career or hobby…

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  35. Donald Duck says:

    Where’s Harris’s manager? I’m sure he could justify this fight.

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  36. Bdc says:

    I think 90% of people dont mind hague in fact they may even like him but they get pissed off with fights he takes (as do i) . People wonder why do you go from fighting the toughest men on the planet to fighting those way way past their prime. Is this a hobby or your profession? Or is it jusy a cash grab for now and his passion is gone? Just my opinion.

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  37. justaguy says:

    Fortins 6`8” I think 265 pounds.

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