Quest for Glory – Vancouver – January 27


Date: January 27, 2012
Location: Gossip Night Club in the Plaza of Nations in Vancouver, BC
Tickets: TicketZone

Amateur MMA
Christopher R. Anderson vs Saeid Mizrai
*** for the QFG Amateur Welterweight title

Emilio Ditrocchio vs Christiaan Allaart
*** for the QFG Amateur Featherweight title

Rico Brinson vs Shinji Morito
Manuel Sarmiento vs Chad Gerow
Oliver Vajda vs Christian Tremayne
Eli Rooyakkers vs Ben Smyth
JoJo Bazooka Langlin vs Rob Woodcock
Mike Hurley vs Manvir Birk
Dan Barnes vs Kevin Madrid

Muay Thai
Joe Halfar vs Nick Udivisic
*** for the QFG Super Middleweight title

Franco Palines vs Terence Viloria

6 Responses to “ Quest for Glory – Vancouver – January 27 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Should be a good show.

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  2. Here’s the link to the preview video

    Full fight card will be released next week

    Thank you

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Hey QFG, if you have a kickboxing match up for me (1-0 @ 170) or Nick Kitchen (1-0 am mma @ 170) or Upneet Rai (0-0-1, 2-4 pro mma @145-155) than let me know via facebook (James Richard) or on here. We like to kickbox!

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  4. kylestoltz says:

    @QFG are you putting any pro MMA fighters on this card?

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  5. @Jamie Locke” thank you, we are always looking for local athletes, We will contact you as soon as we start matchmaking our next show.(PS: Sammy Piccolo is our matchmaker you can contact him on FB)

    @Kylestoltz: Unfortunately only amateur MMA is allowed in the city of Vancouver BC

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  6. Updated the card.

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