Aggression MMA 9 – Edmonton – February 11


Date: February 11, 2012
Location: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, AB
TV: Internet PPV
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Co-Main Events:
170lbs- Ryan Ford (16-4) vs. Ricky Goodall (9-4)
205lbs- Victor Valimaki (16-8) vs. Tim Chemelli (8-1)

Main Card:
170lbs- Sheldon Westcott (5-1-1) vs. Jay Jensen (7-6)
170lbs- Markhaile Wedderburn (10-10) vs. Rio Wells (6-2)
185lbs- Luke Harris (6-1) vs. Elliot Duff (3-2)
145lbs- Greg Welsh (6-1) vs. Matt Bagshaw (5-3)
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (4-0) vs. Nick Heynen (3-2)
185lbs- Chase Degenhardt (6-2) vs. Jared McComb (3-1)

170lbs- Paulo Azambuja (0-0) vs. Adrian Cardinal (0-2)
185lbs- KB Bhullar (0-0) vs. Simon Shirt (1-3)

***All bouts subject to commission approval***

379 Responses to “ Aggression MMA 9 – Edmonton – February 11 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Jay where do you do your training?

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  2. Gunner says:

    Espinoza was 1-1 i believe when i fought him way back. and i was like 2-0 or something like that. That was literally my first fight on a show that was not a bar room brawl and was my first fight in Canada and out west.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    I don’t think Gunner was trying to be rude. I think his opinion was shaped by the skill level both competitors displayed in the link he posted.

    And I think its more of a statement on Westcott.
    I think there’s starting to be a bit of an opinion from some fans outside of Alberta that there’s more than a few up-and-comers in Edmonton that are really trying to build their records by continually asking for opponents far below their skill level.

    As the sport changes rapidly, people in the know realize that fighters who want to be respected as top fighters have to fight other top fighters.

    Maybe Westcott is starting to be painted, perhaps unfairly, with that brush.

    It may not be his fault. There may be no other top guys to face on short notice.

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  4. Gunner says:

    I was not intending to be rude at all. but from every way of looking at this i do not understand it?

    He has a below .500 record, only 2 wins in last 4 years (2-7 in those 4 years) and none of his opponents are even recognizable names. The last win he has had and only video i could find well politly put looked like the guys i fought in my first 2 fights down in the bar in superior wisconsin a long time back.

    And there were definatly 2 guys from Canada who were game and there would not have even been any question as to whether it was a last minute fight or not! They would have been challenging fights and definatly entertained even the most critical of fans.

    Sorry maybe i got up on the grumpy side of the bed but this just makes no sense from Sheldons positon, from aggressions position, all around there is no up side to this fight as far as i can see.

    If someone can see what i am missing please fill me in

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  5. Jc says:

    Gunners a smart man

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  6. L-Boutin says:

    Hey, I stand corrected. At least Jensen’s a WW !! Good luck to you man ! Hopefully you come out hard and prove to Wescott and the fans that you’re not an easy fight. It really looks like you were brought in to lose to the hometown boy and I hate mismatches/record padding etc. (so I’m hoping this isn’t the case)

    I still stand by my comment that there are probably at least a couple really good Canadians that could have filled in instead.

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  7. sheldon westcott says:

    No matter whay i do it wont be good enough so i am only going to say a few things. Jay i fully epect you to come out and try to finish me considering all 7 of your wins are by finish and thank you for stepping up on short notice.

    As for gunner and who ever else i respect dave laternau sorry for miss spelling your name. me and my management wanted someone who had more fights then me. dave is a bad ass but my management wanted me to fight guys who had more fights.

    third and final i dont wanna name any names but there are a great deal of the best fighters in this country who have fought guys who are 3-20 and 6-18 and and i get ripped on for fighting a guy who has double as many fights and has won more then hes lost on then 3 weeks notice. i am excited to be fighting and i am honored to be fighting jay.


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  8. sheldon westcott says:

    i cant make everyone happy so i am just going to fight and try to come out with a win and keep working and moving forward.

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  9. zach b says:

    Sheldon i do not even know why you waste your breath ! these trolls on here are never happy! do you the best way you know how.

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  10. Jc says:

    Zack b why are you not mw kotc champ? Or why are you not fighting elm again for it when mike gets a shot? Do you not want the title?

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  11. David Letourneau says:

    Nice try on the spelling sheldon and good luck this weekend.
    Its the same story for me, cant get a fight because I dont have enough fights, Its a catch 22 does anybody have any ideas how to get around this? Ive had 10 fights fall through since october for one reason or another from 155 to 170, From brad cardinal to sheldon wescott and many many in between although wescott was not a fight that fell through it was one I was half offered then did not come to fruition. The aggression card looks great good luck to all the athletes on the card.

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  12. Leading Edge needs to put on their own show in Thunder Bay! I think Letourneau would get on that card and I think THB could pack the house.

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  13. Gunner says:

    Thunder Bay could sell out our arena which with floor seats could probably push 5000 people you could hold a show hear every month and sell out the arena. If you offer beer and fights to watch the town will shut down

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  14. CM says:

    Wasn’t the Score looking at going out to Thunder Bay at one point?

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  15. zach b says:

    I have been offered the winner of that fight between mike and elmer! I have been in a transitional phase for the past five months could not dedicate myself to training. I am back now looking for a fight !

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  16. Gunner says:

    Yea The Score has mentioned it and i believe are still considering it if they can get all the required ducks in a row. Who ever breaks the ice will be in for a big surprise

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  17. peter puck says:

    Westcott is by far the biggest poser in the business 7-6 155 er who has lost 5 out of his last 6 fights can you say miss match. Elloitt Duff vs Luke Harris really? Once again Aggression has taken the sport of MMA to another low point. The guy Ford is fighting really? The Edmonton Commission shows why they‘re the joke of the MMA community because they allow shows to get away with this.

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  18. Jerobe says:

    Sheldon Westcott would you ever fight Ryan Ford or are you guys friends or training partners? Just asking out of curiosity. Thanks.

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  19. cdnmmeh says:

    Westcott would never fight Ford. He knows Ford would crush him inside of a min. Would be a hell of a ticket seller though…

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  20. I would like to see Westcott or Ford against Machan.

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  21. WTF says:

    ok am i the first to notice this, why in the fuck is a guy like Azambuja fighting the likes of guy like Cardinal? I realize this Azambuja fella hasn’t technically fought mms yet but surely the promoters know who he is. the guy has world class BJJ and has trained some of the best up and coming fighters in and around edmonton. Not to mention he just got back from training in an elite level mma gym south of the border to prepare for this fight. I am very disappointed to see this kind of match up happening. Cardinal is going to get HURT! bad. Shame on aggression and Azambuja for going ahead with this fight. If no one in cardinals camp is willing to stop this for his safety then the god dam promoter should, or at the very least the commission.

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  22. evmister says:

    ^ Cause it’ll be hilarious?

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  23. evmister says:

    And also, he’ll probably just get tapped quickly, and Cardinal won’t get hurt any worse than anyone else. I Just think it’ll be a quick submission- But who knows mma is unpredictable.

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  24. mike kent says:

    fuck the haters sheldon go out there and perform . any one thst gives you hell about your fight tell them to look at my last few and they can rip me . im having a slow day at work im up for some good fun internet bashers. i dont need the money but i crush more cans then a recycling depo……… that dhould do it lol

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  25. Demitri (trev) says:

    Peter puck – aka pavelich. How many screen names is that now? Minus your tsn deal your shows are only getting worse. I guess you can go to bed easier at night trying to bash other organizations.

    Sucks for you that all of Edmonton is turning to aggression doesn’t it?

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  26. brandon macarthur says:

    I think the matchups are pretty good.

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  27. Jerobe says:

    I’ve heard Paulo is a very nice guy. Hopefully he takes Cardinal down with ease and just chokes him out. I really hope Cardinal taps if caught in an arm or leglock. Or knows when to tap for that matter. I pray Paulo taps him out with a nice and kind choke

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  28. Edmonton MMA says:

    Finally got my tickets, looking forward to another Aggression event. Very intrigued by wedderburn and wells outcome. I missed the last Aggression card but I heard Wells didnt look to good. Hopefully he comes prepared to put the self proclaimed famous showtyin on his back all night

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  29. fightfan says:

    Rio Has some KNOCK OUT POWER

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