Aggression Kicks Off 2012 with Top Canadian MMA Stars


Edmonton, Alberta (Canada): 2011 was a solid year for Aggression MMA, but it’s time to turn the page and get ready for this next year. Top Canadian fight promotion Aggression MMA is poised to make 2012 its best year yet, and is going to kick off the year in style with a fight card on February 11th. Scheduled to compete at this exciting event is top Canadian welterweight Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford, rising star Tyson “The Man of” Steele, UFC vet Victor “The Matrix” Valimaki, and well-known Canadian competitors Tim Chemelli, “Big Bad” Stephen Beaumont, and Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn.

This event will take place at the Shaw Conference Center on Saturday, February 11th. Tickets are available over the phone at (780) 426-SOLD, or online at Many more exciting fights will be announced in the coming weeks!

“What a way to kick off 2012!” exclaimed Aggression MMA Co-Owner Moin Mirza. “We’re bringing some of the best Canadian fighters back to Edmonton once again, and I can’t wait to see them put on awesome performances in front of our faithful fight fans like only they can!”

Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford (16-4) is one of the top MMA stars in Canada. Ford was upset by David Hulett in his last bout, but before that defeat, he had won four straight fights, as well as eight of his last nine, finishing all his victims on either punches or submissions. In 2011 alone, he conquered Johnny Davis, former UFC welterweight contender Karo Parisyan, and fellow top Canadian Nick Hinchliffe in succession. Now looking to rebound from the Hulett loss, “The Real Deal” is motivated with a burning desire to show the fight world he truly is the next elite Canadian fighter.

Ford faces no easy task in his return bout, as he will step in the cage with rising star Tyson “The Man of” Steele (8-1). Also rumored to be on the radar of the UFC, Steele is one of the most exciting Canadian competitors on the circuit. Having never been to a decision, Steele has submitted seven of his eight victims, and knocked out the other one. A native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the 6-foot tall Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist is ready to add “The Real Deal” to his list of victims and make a huge splash in the process.

“This is a huge opportunity for me, and I am grateful to Aggression for making it happen,” says “The Man of” Steele. “I want to make it to the UFC, and this could be the fight that puts me one step closer to the call that every fighter dreams of. I know what I have to do to get there, and that’s take on the best and beat the best. Unfortunately for Ryan Ford, he’s put himself right in my path, and I’ve got to go through him.”

Edmonton, Alberta native and local favorite Victor “The Matrix” Valimaki (16-8), a former holder of the TFC Light Heavyweight Championship, will look to right the ship as he collides with another rising Canadian star in Tim Chemelli (8-1). A former UFC fighter, “The Matrix” is going through a rough streak in his career, but is determined to get back in the win column at the expense of his young foe. Valimaki holds victories over MMA legend Dan “The Beast” Severn, and UFC veterans Vernon “Tiger” White and Jason “Dooms” Day. Chemelli, a member of Team Sparta and a native of Alberta, has finished all eight of his opponents in his victories, but is coming off his first career loss. The defeat came at Aggression: “Unfinished Business” last year against Nick Penner. Now this finishing machine will look to come back strong and grab victory against a UFC vet in Valimaki.

Also competing on the card will be tough Canadians Stephan Beaumont, who is undefeated at 4-0, and strong Muay Thai fighter Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn will put their skill sets on display once again for the Aggression fans.

“We acquired The Fight Club in late 2010, and our promotions merged to form one of the best fight promotions in the Great White North,” stated Aggression MMA Co-Owner Harvey Panesar. “With a full 2011 campaign under our belt, we feel we’re right on the cusp of making some major noise in the MMA world. 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year!”

22 Responses to “ Aggression Kicks Off 2012 with Top Canadian MMA Stars ”

  1. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Aggression is stepping up!!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the card!

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  2. mymmaopinion says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 3 Thumb down 13

  3. JASON says:

    give them hell showtime.. get ready for the haters to hate.

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  4. daryl says:

    Tyson Steele will take this. Well rounded as hell and he’ll upset Ford for sure. He’s nobody’s stepping stone and it’ll be a great fight.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 13 Thumb down 3

  5. Justin L says:

    Steele is definitely no joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly, definitely not a “weak matchup” . His only loss against demarce he was winning the fight until he got caught, it happens. He’s a beast, and on February 11 he should receive the recognition he deserves. UFC bound.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 13 Thumb down 3

  6. fanofmma says:

    Lol Steele was winning the fight…. He was dropped in the first round by Demarce and then subbed by a guy with little ground!!! Ford will take Steele out with ease and then what will all you say?????

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 6

  7. Lets not forget that Steele’s pants were around his knees while he was subbed and it was his first time in a big promotion.

    I am sure Steele learned a lot from that Demarce loss.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  8. Wuzjustsayin says:

    As a Ford fan I would say he will have his hands full with Steel.

    This is a good match-up!!

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  9. Tyler Davis says:

    I don’t know how anyone can call Tyson Steele a weak match up!!!!!! He is definitely not undersized( watched him make 155,and stillI cant comprehend it aftera seeing him at 170)Uber talented,great camp, and with a last name like Steele. This with be a great fight I don’t see going past the first round either way. Steele by armbar

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  10. mmafan says:

    Ford by TKO

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  11. Graham Weenk says:

    got dropped by Demarce… and one second later had Demarce airborne in a huge double, Is what really happened, but the fight was a good learning experience. #1 lesson, never accept sponsor shorts given to you on fight day again! those things were garbage

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  12. hawkes says:

    Whether you like this matchup or not, everyone is talking about it. Great opportunity for Steele and looks like people want to watch!

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  13. Graham Weenk says:

    not to take anything from Demarce, he’s no joke. He did go toe to toe for 3 rounds with Marcus Davis and came very close to taking that fight

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    “Ford was upset by David Hulett in his last bout…”

    I was going to say something but then I saw this was a ‘press release’. LOL at upset.

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  15. Graham Weenk says:

    I’m surprised so many people think Hulett was a can brought in for Ford… Hulett is no can, allot of experience 18-10 with 12 subs, a legit threat.

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  16. jamon says:

    what happend to Fords bellator deal? He should stay in montreal away from his idoit cronies that distract him

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  17. BruceLee4ever says:

    These guys are still in business?

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  18. Sean Quinn says:

    Yep, I even heard they are more liked and respected than the MFC! That’s huge!!!

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  19. fightfan says:

    tyson steele knocks ford out cold in 30 seconds

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  20. fightfan says:

    I sure hope Victor Valimaki shows up to bang . In shape and hungry !This would be make it or break it for victor . the valimaki vs Lew polley fight was one of the best live fights I ever seen. train Hard MATRIX

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  21. Trent says:

    Fuck ya brother Vic vs Lew was a awesome scrap! If like to see another one of those!

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  22. mmafan says:

    Fightfan you are kidding right??? Lol Ford hasn’t been touched in 20 fights and been up against some very good strikers above and beyond Tyson Steele’s striking. Please keep it to reality on here not what you hater’s dream to happen. Ford will KO/TKO Steele if not in the first round early second. Watch

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