Canadian Rumour Mill – December 13


Anyone have video of Bobby Kalmakoff’s boxing debacle. First, his epic disaster of debut ( and now this latest fiasco with Nick Dragich. Someone please ban this abomination from combat sports!

  • Rumours are swirling that Patrick Cote will be fighting on the UFC Montreal card. The Predator has won three in a row over very good competition and would naturally be a massive hit and ticket seller with the Montreal folk.
  • Rory MacDonald will battle it out with Che Mills on the UFC Montreal card.
  • Instinct has signed a TV deal with RDS.
  • Is Ryan Ford going to be putting on for and permanently G’d Up from the Feet Up in Montreal? Look for The Real Deal to be delivering beatdowns for the 514. (Sorry.. I suck at cool pro-wrestling style catch phrases; 4 Life, Ohhh Yeeeaaa!!!) Initially, it was the land of stars, Los Angeles, but La Belle Province seems to have stolen his heart.
  • BFL is expanding their brand. BFL 13’s main card will be broadcast live on the Fight Network, with the undercard live on Facebook.
  • The circus commission that is Edmonton’s continues to put on a great sideshow.  There’s a strong chance that open scoring will be used December 16th for Unified.  It is a horrible system in boxing and will be worse for MMA.  Will the ABC grow a pair of ovaries and revoke Edmonton’s membership?
  • Kajan Johnson is talking as if he’ll be the new TUF champ, well it looks like everything might be much easier with him and the Black Prince’s MFC breaking it off.
  • SFS will have a big show February 18th in Hamilton. Look for Jesse Bongfeldt to fight Brett Cooper and the injury cancelled Meltdown fight between John Alessio and Ryan Healey to happen.
  • We are nearing Christmas time and one of my wishes has already been granted by Santa. Larry Brubaker, 70 year old John Williams’ joke opponent, has been pulled off the Elite 1 card. Thanks Santa!

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56 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – December 13 ”

  1. Mark Sinclair says:

    Having matched several of Ryans fights I can confirm that “The Real Deal” will fight whoever you ask him to. The only time he was reluctant was when he thought the opponent was too WEAK or UNKNOWN. I think this should be a great fight with both guys being well known to all the local fans, props to Harvey on putting this one together!

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  2. Bdc says:

    How can booby k get a pro boxing fight???? Wtf is this? He cant throw a straight punch to save his life in cage how would someone let this guy box? What is it gona take for this guy to stop he needs someone to slap on a real armbar and snap crackle pop his ass. Its getting out of hand!!

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  3. Jake - TCFighter says:

    This is a kick ass card! And the Ford/Steele matchup should be entertaining. It’s also great to see my boy Valimaki back in action…

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  4. David Letourneau says:

    Big step up in competition for steele but he is a stud wrestler, I think ford will be too big and strong but look forward to seeing this battle go down, or hearing about it anyways. Im busy that night.

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  5. Bring the Pain says:

    Wanna see Craig”the WarDog”Hudson…back on the Score Fighting Series…guys a beast…

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:


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