UFC 140 Prelim Results – Pokrajac Quickly KOs KSOS


Here are the results from UFC 140 in Toronto, Ontario.

Igor Pokrajac defeats Krzysztof Soszynski by KO in Round 1, 0:35
Constantinos Philippou defeats Jared Hamman by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 3:11
Dennis Hallman submits John Makdessi by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:58
Yves Jabouin defeats Walel Watson by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Mark Bocek defeats Nik Lentz by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)
Jake Hecht defeats Rich Attonito by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 1:10
John Cholish defeats Mitch Clarke by TKO (GNP) in Round 2, 4:36


28 Responses to “ UFC 140 Prelim Results – Pokrajac Quickly KOs KSOS ”

  1. RickRoss says:

    Was there ever any doubt about Mitch Clark? The guy had a super padded record. He trained with Kyle Cardinal while Cholish was a Renzo Gracie guy. I love seeing padded record guys get exposed. what a joke.

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  2. zach B says:

    Oh Rickross say who you really feel!!! Mitch is very talented he was 9-0. whatever way he got there does not matter. HE Got THERE !!! its not like he was out classed , he lost a competitive fight and got caught in a scramble, And how many coaches in canada have a better resume than Cardinal? three fighters signed by the UFC. also I do not not know if you seen Zugec in his corner!!! He must be a bum too.

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  3. Jerobe says:

    Anyone know if Mitch Clarke got cut? IMHO I think Demarce, Mike Ricci, Southern and Horodecki would all give Clarke losses. Possibly even the Bonesaw

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  4. Mitch did not get cut and he should not. He looked very good for 2 minutes and did not look out of place in his octagon debut. He deserves a second fight.

    You have some good matchups there. Lots of talent at 155 in Canada.

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  5. Graham Weenk says:

    there is allot of 155 talent in Canada and I’m sure we’ll see allot of them getting the call to the big show in 2012… Mitch got his shot, sure there’s allot of guys who deserve a shot too, but don’t hate Mitch just cuz he got the shot.

    Even tho it has little to do with anything, Mitch is honestly a hell of a nice guy.

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  6. the dude says:

    joe silva’s words: there are many people we wouuld sign who are not currently on the ufc roster. but with having new divisions set up, there are not enough room to sign everybody we wants all at the same time.

    so no doubt we will see more canadians in ufc in the near future.

    mitch did not get to perform his best. just like homnick or krystof didnt get to do their thing.
    and all of their opponents were no joke. no need to take anything away from any of them and if you do, you just dont know.
    in mma, it is very tough to learn and progress without experiencing some tough losses.
    mitch will get better from this loss and come back stronger in this hurt business.
    very thankful for some dangerzone supporters out there.

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  7. Jerobe says:

    Sweet. Clarke vs Makdessi then. They both have about the same record

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  8. Robin Black says:

    ^^^^like it

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  9. mike kent says:

    I love how people shit on someone who sets a goal and accomplish’s it . Mitch fought his way to the ufc and didn’t look terrible . We ahould be happy when a canadian fighter gets his shot not jealous or bitter ? There will always be up and coming fighters that deserve a shot and some people place above someone in the ufc and when they make it the same morons will bitch about them making it . Congrats to mitch for realizing a dream that all of us have but few of us will ever get to see

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  10. Dean Panas says:

    Websites like this are great because they focus on Canadian talent. There was a time when eveything was positive when a Canadian kid made it to the UFC. Now that we are able to follow guys more closely, people start to like/dislike guys earlier in their careers.

    Mitch’s fight with Cholish was a very entertaining fight in my opinion. For two guys making their UFC debut I thought they both brought it!

    I thought Mitch looked good in the fight. I am surprised more people aren’t talking about Cholish because I thought he looked GREAT!!

    There is no doubt both guys will be back. Of course Mitch will be under the microscope, but because of this fight I think a lot of us will also be keeping an eye on the future of Cholish.

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    I don’t think there is any reason to be down on Mitch for either making it to the big show or losing to Cholish.

    1 – Mitch is a solid fighter, a real Canadian prospect who WILL have a long and prosperous career. I do agree with the folks out there who think Mitch hadn’t faced any top talent yet and could have used more experience before going to the UFC and fighting the best the world has to offer. Mitch didn’t realy have any middle ground fights or test himself against worl class competition. That being said, he won 9 straight and looked great in every outing, I can see why the UFC would want him. back to the not fighting any “names” part, I do not blame Micth or his management one bit for not declining the opportunity to fight in the UFC, “I’m sorry Mr Silva, but I would like to take a couple middle ground fights in lower level promotions for less money before coming and working for you…” yeah right….

    2 – Cholish is the real deal and world class, Mitch had a good first round and should hold his head high for both making it to the ultimate goal (the UFC) and taking Cholish into the second round.

    Congrats on your success Mitch, I am sure you will take alot away from this first big time experience and we’ll see you come back looking better than ever. I feel bad for your next opponent.

    Go Team Canada!

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  12. I don’t like two Canadians fighting each other in the UFC.

    How about a Kyle Watson or the winner of Cody McKenzie vs Michael Johnson type opponent for Mitch next?

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  13. James says:

    i dont like seeing canadians fight each in the ufc but other’s do it. so why not? it sucks but that why they are there.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    I like Mitch and wish him the best and a win in his next one.

    @Jaimie Lots of fighters have turned down UFC offers saying “we want a couple more wins first, then we’ll be ready”. Jimmo did that, and tons of others have. Claude and Joslin apparently discouraged the UFC’s interest in having them on the first TUF.

    Lotsa guys wait.

    But there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and good on ya Mitch for havin a great first outing. You gonna win yer next one. Just think how good that’ll feel.

    And re: Canadians fighting. They’ll be doing it eventually.
    And I hear people saying”I don’t want these top 3 Canadian division guys having to fight each other. I don’t want to see them have to knock each other out to get to the UFC.”

    Soon that’ll be the only way. Besides, the UFC isn’t looking for 3 Canadian lightweights/featherweights/etc.

    Its a competition out there. Sometimes competing with friends/teammates/countrymen is the only option.

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    I know lots of people have declined the UFC in order to get more experience against higher end competition before stepping into the world class. I am saying that I think Mitch would have been smart to do this, then go fight some tougher opponents.

    There’s a difference between going out and getting a few more wins and going out and getting a few more wins against tougher higher end opponents.

    If I’m 5-0 against low level local competition and I want to see if I’m ready for the next level, do I fight TJ Coletti or someone who has a winning record with a similar experience level as myself? One way you test yourself and prepare to move forward, the other way you just move to 6-0…. There is a purpose in both, but one is better for your career in the long run than the other.

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  16. Jamie Locke says:

    Again, I’m not down on Mitch at all for taking the opportunity, congrats to him and I wish him the best.

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  17. Robin… Jimmo went the TUF route initially.

    Jamie… What is the difference between fighting a guy with a similar record, like John Cholish, in your first UFC fight or turning down the UFC and fighting a guy with a similar record, like Cholish, at Aggression or some other Canadian promotion?

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  18. CM says:

    Keith is correct about Jimmo. He had a shot at TUF for season 8 (Mir-Nogueira) but lost his fight to get into the house to Antwain Britt by majority decision.

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    It was a great first fight in the UFC that’s for sure. Maybe that was part of the deal or maybe it’s the stellar match-making of the UFC.

    At 9-0 I don’t think he should have rejected the UFC shot by any means, I just think he should have stepped up his opponents on the way to that 9-0 so that when the call came, he had faced some higher end opponents before.

    I think in Mitch’s case he took the opportunity given to him and right on to that. Who am I to critisize his opponent choices in the past, obviously he did it right, as he’s made it ;)

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  20. Gunner says:

    bottom line UFC calls you answer there is no question,,,,, as there is no way to say you will ever get the call again and even have a choice

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  21. RickRoss says:

    If Clark gets another fight he is going to get ko or submitted. He is not close to ufc level

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  22. Jerobe says:

    The problem lies with Clarke’s competition before UFC. Case in point: Jordan Mein. Jordan fought Riggs, High, Zaromskis and Burkman and Ricci before he went to Strikeforce and fought a title contender in Cyborg. Clarke beat up Jase Nibourg twice.

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  23. Gunner says:

    I agree but also for some reason, clarke still went almost 2 rounds in the NFL,MBL,NHL,NBA of mixed martial arts. So its like the old tale of the toirtoise and the hair the only difference is who really gives a fuck about the race its who is at the finish line. I am sure Mitch is well aware of who he has fought and how he got there and its totally on him and his manager as to how they go about what they have been dealt and the outcome. But like i said above if the UFC calls if you are a fighter you go, you dont ask why, or question how you got there, you get your ass in there and perform the best you can on that given saturday. and Mitch did that he did not look outclassed or under skilled did he lose yes, did he have chances to win yes, its a fight. Keep working Mitch your foots in the door enjoy it

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  24. Kris says:

    I think why everyone, IMO, would have preferred stiffer competition for Mitch, is for the preparedness aspect. Why not step up in completion, instead of taking a giant leap. He didn’t look terrible, but I don’t think he looked that good neither. Or is making it out of the first rd a moral victory?

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  25. Gunner says:

    i totally understand everyones idea of the gradual process and improving on every fight but also look at it from this way.

    No one knows when “the call” will be coming.

    How do you know when to make the big steps up in competition?
    How do you know that in 3 fights you are going to get the “the call” so you better start preparing and fighting tougher guys?

    There is no right , wrong or standard method to getting that call but the bottom line is Mitch got that call and he took it and props to him for that.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    In 90% of cases there’s no ‘call’ until you have beat high level fighters.

    And that number is rising as there are more and more top fighters.

    Now with 50 guys with inflated records in each division (double that at 45 55 and 70), UFC staff has had to learn to be even more stringent.

    And, with time they have trusted knowledgeable contacts in each region and better information on the internet and more fight videos.

    So, with a glut of fighters with decent records, waaaay more good fighters than they have spots, they can now look for the things they need, like fighters who fight and beat top fighters, and exciting fighters.

    Pretty soon we won’t be having conversations about fighters who got there without top wins. They won’t exist.

    But take nothing against Mitch, he’s a good fighter who is focused and training hard and if he wins his next fight or 2 no one will give a shit about any of this nerd stuff we’re talkin about. Train hard and go get ’em Mitch.

    By the end of another year, only the undeniable top guys will get these few offers.

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  27. Robin Black says:

    I should say in ‘recent history’ 90% of cases there’s no ‘call’ until you have beat high level fighters.

    Until the last 18 months that wasn’t true. In the older days guys could string 3 or 4 together and move up.

    Those days are fading fast. In most cases (still ‘lottery winner’ type exceptions) you gotta beat top guys now and you gotta be exciting and you gotta finish if you want a shot. Its moving that way now.

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  28. Kris says:

    In the end, from my standpoint, I’m a very proud Canadian. All I want is huge success from all these guys. I know not all will have that. I have nothing against Clarke making it, and he did the absolute right thing by accepting, because a second call is no guarantee. But there are so many others who IMO have fought a higher level of fighter than he, who have not gotten the call.

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