Pure Fighting Championship 8 Play-by-Play


Cody Bargholz is in Red Deer covering PFC 8. Here is his play-by-play:

Top MMA News Awards:

  • KO of the Night – Tim Tamaki
  • Submission of the Night – Patrick Ward
  • Fight of the Night – Mark Maruzs vs. TJ Penner

Pro Fights
John Salter vs. Ryan Machan
Round 1: John lands a leg kick and then another. As soon as Ryan attacks John shoots for a double leg and gets the takedown. John passes to side control then Ryan recovers half guard. John passes to side control again. Ryan uses the cage to roll out but John jumps on top and takes Ryan’s back. Johns gets both hooks and Ryan turtles. John sinks in a rear naked choke.
John Salter defeats Ryan Machan by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:47

Chris Ade vs. Tim Tamaki
Round 1: Chris moves in quickly and the fighters clinch up against he cage. Chris Judo tosses Tim into the cage and takes his back. Sorry I don’t know what kind of takedown that was but I can say it was incredible. Chris is really close to sinking in the RNC but Tim is not giving up. Tim turns into Chris and now has top position. Tim lands two hard left elbows to Chris’ face. Tim stands up and starts dropping hammer fists but none of them land cleanly. Tim is really teeing off though now, he lands three hard left hands to Chris’ face. Tim stands up again and lands a huge right and passes to half mount. For some reason Tim drops back for a toe hold giving up top position. Chris capitalizes and finishes the round with a flurry of elbows but none of them land flush.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Tim Tamaki

Round 2: Tim lands a knee to the body but Chris still clinches up and takes him down. Chris is landing a lot of shots from Tim’s guard and is keeping up an incredible work rate. Chris passes into half mount but Tim quickly recovers guard. Tim tries to stand up but Chris immediately passes to mount. Tim sweeps him and takes top position. Tim decides to let Chris up then proceeds to throw one huge right and that knocks Chris out cold.
Tim Tamaki defeats Chris Ade by KO in Round 2, 2:14

Tony Stiles vs. Derek Clarke
Round 1: The fighters clinch early in the centre of the ring and Tony eventually scores the takedown. With Derek against the cage Tony is working to pass to half mount. Tony stands up and lands a hard left hand allowing him to pass. Tony is working for a shoulder lock now and Derek gives up his back trying to defend against it. Tony sinks his hooks in and starts working for the Rear Naked Choke. Tony transitions to mount and Derek stands up. Derek has Tony against the cage and lands a few really hard hooks to the body before talking Tony down. Derek is landing quite a few shots from in top position.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Tony Stiles.

Round 2: Derek lands a nice three punch combination but overcommits allowing Tony to shoot in and take him down. Tony is really grinding his head into Derek’s face. A right elbow opens up a cut above Derek’s right eye. Tony is really pounding Derekc and doing a lot of damage to the head and body. Derek’s right eye is really starting to swell. Derek is trying to control Tony’s posture but can’t seem to get a good grip on him. Tony is really rubbing his forearm into Dereks eye and repeatedly elbowing it. The referee sees enough and stops the fight.
Tony Stiles defeats Derek Clarke by TKO in Round 2, 3:24

Cam Loutitt vs. Dylan Fergason
Round 1: Cam takes Dylan down and immediately passes to mount. Cam is working for an arm bar, transitions to a front choke then pulls guard with an arm in guillotine. Dylan escapes but Cam is doing a great job controlling Dylan’s wrists and posture. Cam is working to isolate an arm for a triangle while Dylan lands a couple of elbows to his face. Dylan is stacking Cam up against the cage but Cam is getting dangerously close to locking in a trangle. Dylan shucks it off and passes to side control but Cam quickly recovers guard. Cam tries again for the triangle and Dylan easily uses the attempt to pass again to side control. This is a tough round to call.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Dylan Fergason.

Round 2: Cam lands a leg kick and Dylan rushes in for a takedown but Cam takes him down instead. Dylan locks in a triangle and forces Cam to tap.
Dylan Fergason defeats Cam Loutitt by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 1:33

Mark Maruzs vs. TJ Penner
Round 1: TJ lands an overhand right then a three punch combination. TJ pins Mark against the cage then separates. Mark lands a leg kick then a left hook. Mark lands another inside leg kick and TJ returns the favour with an inside leg kick of his own. TJ has Mark against the cage. TJ knees’s Mark to the body and lands a hard elbow opening up a cut on Mark’s forehead. Mark lands a hard leg kick and follows it up with a right hand that connects. TJ immediately clinches up and the fighters quickly break again to resume this all out slugfest. Mark lands a cracking right hand to TJs jaw and TJ starts back peddling. TJ recomposes himself quickly and starts stalking Mark. TJ pressures Mark against the cage. Mark turns him but TJ turns him right back. Mark lands a hard inside leg kick followed by an outside leg kick. TJ changes levels for a takedown but Mark defends well.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mark Maruzs

Round 2: Mark lands a stiff jab and TJ responds with a hard kick to the body. Mark is moving backwards when he gets caught by hard straight from TJ. TJ slips and Mark attacks but doesn’t lands anything clean. Mark rushes in, clinches and scores a trip takedown landing in TJ’s guard. TJ uses and omoplata attempt to sweep Mark and get back up to his feet. TJ pins Mark against the cage and lands some hard knees to Mark’s left leg. Mark lands a hard straight cross and charges across the cage in with a flurry punches that hurt TJ. Somehow TJ recovers, clinching up and landing some punishing knees to the face and body of Mark. TJ drops down, working for a takedown but Mark defends. TJ is pressuring Mark against the cage but Mark lands a couple of hard right hands which open up a cut above TJ’s eye. This round was extremely close.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mark Maruzs

Round 3: Mark opens up with an inside leg kick followed by a hard right that lands flush on TJ’s jaw. Mark is doing damage but TJ keeps swinging and is totally still in the fight. Mark lands another hard right hand to TJ’s jaw. TJ is looking really beat up but he keeps swinging. TJ shoots in for a take down but Mark easily defends it and makes TJ pay with another combination that scores. TJ has one hell of a chin, he is talking everything Mark can throw at him. Mark throws a spinning back-fist that just misses. Mark rushes in with another combination that hurst TJ. Marks earlier work to the legs is paying dividends now as TJ has lost a lot of his earlier mobility. TJ lands a crushing leg kick of his own. Mark charges forward again landing a huge percentage of his shots. TJ is bullying Mark around the ring now and just barely misses with a knee to the head of Mark. TJ lands a hard left hook that lands flush and Mark comes back with a combination of his own. What a fight.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Mark Maruzs
Mark Maruzs defeats TJ Penner by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Amateur Fights
Cole Korpes vs. Chris Chapman
Round 1: Cole charges in and Chris lands a crushing left hook leaving Cole out on his feet. The referee moves in and stops the fight. Excellent stoppage.
Chris Chapman defeats Cole Korpes by KO in Round 1, 0:07

Patrick Ward vs. Rick Pfeifer
Round 1: Rick shoots for a take down but Patrick defends and takes Rick’s back. When Rick tries to get up Patricks sinks in both hooks. Rick turns into patrick and winds up in his guard. Patrick sweeps him and the fighters stand and clinch up against the cage. Both fighters are landing hard knees to the body but Patrick is getting the better of the exchanges. Patrick takes Rick down into side control. Rick stands up and Patrick momentarily takes his back before Rick turns into him, picks him up and scores a huge slam takedown. Patrick sweeps him and finishes the round with a flurry of hard body shots from top position.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Patrick Ward

Round 2: Rick land a one two combination and Patrick responds by clinching and landing two hard kneed to the midsection. Rick shoots in for the takedown and secures it. Patrick is trying to wall walk up the cage but eventually resigns himself to guard. Patrick sweeps Rick and starts dropping bombs to Rick’s body from mount. Rick is struggling from the bottom to defend and gives up an arm. Patrick capitalizes and forces Rick to tap with an incredible arm bar.
Patrick Ward defeats Rick Pfeifer by Arm Bar in Round 2, 1:31

Lee Tannas vs. Zach McQueen
Round 1: Lee lands a hard cross stunning Zack to open the round. Zach shoots in for a takedown but Lee easily defends it. Lee circles and presses Zack up against the cage. Zack manages to sneak an arm under Lee’s chin while up against the cage and pulls guard with a tight guillotine. Lee escapes but Zack transitions beautifully into a triangle choke. Lee works hard to escape but is eventually forced to tap.
Zach McQueen defeats Lee Tannas by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 2:01

Sterling Freake vs. Jayson Pyper
Round 1: Both fighters exchange tentative body kicks before Sterling charges and Jayson more or less pulls guard. The fighters stand up and Jayson starts loading up and throwing huge right hands but doesn’t connect. Sterling shoots for a takedown but Jayson catches his neck and pulls guard with a tight guillotine locked up.
Jayson Pyper defeats Sterling Freake by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 1:16

Jacob Collard vs. Gracin Wells
Round 1: Jacob rushes Gracin driving him into the fence pinning him there. Gracin breaks free but eats two hooks on the way out. Jacob lands a hard leg kick but Gracin punishes him for trying to close the distance afterwards with a furious combination. Jacob is stalking Gracin but is eating hooks every time he tries to close the distance. The fighters clinch. Gracin is landing crushing knees to the body and, rather than defending, Jacob throwing his own full power hooks to the body of Gracin. The fighters are keeping a tremendously high pace before Jacob knees Gracin to the groin and the referee stops the fight. The referee docks a point from Jacob’s score. When time resumes Jacob drives in and both fighters start swinging wildly. Both fighters are taking and dealing a ton of damage. Gracin grabs the fence to avoid a takedown and the referee immediately stops the fight again, this time docking Gracin a point. After time resumes with only seconds left in the round Gracin charges in throwing bombs.
Topmmanews scores the round 9-8 Jacob Collard

Round 2: Gracin opens up the fight with a hard leg kick and rushes in to close the distance. Gracin shoots for a double leg and gets the takedown but Jacob bounces up immediately. Gracin hits Jacob with a hard right hand and rocks him. Jacob defends well and eventually regains his composure. Jocob clinches up with Gracin and scores a huge hip toss takedown into side control. Gracin recovers guard and throws his legs up for a triangle choke. He has it locked in tight for about 20s.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Gracin Wells

Round 3: Both fighters have used a lot of energy and taken a lot of damage coming into the third round. Jacob starts the action off by shooting for a double leg and taking Gracin down. From Gracin’s gaurd Jacob is landing a lot of hard shots to the body and he eventually passes into half mount. Jacob starts working for a one armed guillotine from half mount and Gracin takes advantage and sweeps him. Gracin passes to side mount. Jacob is struggling to regain position but Gracin is maintaining top position. Jacob squirms out, stands up and scores another takedown as the round comes to a close. This is a tough round to call.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Gracin Wells
Jacob Collard defeats Gracin Wells by Split Decision (28-27, 27-28, 27-28)

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  1. Mike Davis says:

    Sorry but the Stiles stoppage was garbage and there was no reason to stop it.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    I take that back it was cause his eye was swollen shut! Great job Stiles looked very good.

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  3. ginger says:

    Chapman for KO of the night very impressive win

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  4. Tyler Davis says:

    Chapman 7. Second ko….PS it was a right straight left hook. Pinpoint precision striking

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  5. Frenchy says:

    The iMMA boyz worked really hard and put in long hours for their training camp despites ups and down finishing the year strong!!! Thank you to the whole PFC staff for having us over and great job on the show SPECIAL THANKS to George Belanger for making sure everything was running smoothly in the back and being so supportive of every fighter!!! we will be back anytime you guys want us :-) always ready to put up a show!!!
    THANK YOU from the whole iMMA & Fitness team
    Coach Frenchy!

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