Jordan Mein Set To Face Tyron Woodley


Fast rising Welterweight prospect Jordan Mein will take on undefeated Tyron Woodley in a bout that is likely to create a number one contender for the Strikeforce Welterweight Title. The two will do battle on January 7 at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine.

Jordan Mein’s most recent contest was an impressive domination of former title contender Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos that saw Mein land several crushing elbows from a standing position leading to a TKO victory. Mein is currently riding a 6 fight win streak and has won 10 of his last 11 bouts.

Woodley has been a hot prospect for the last few years with his last victory coming at the expense of another former title contender in British slugger Paul Daley. Woodley has started his career with 9 straight victories without a defeat.

Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine also features a Middleweight Title fight between champion Luke Rockhold and challenger Keith Jardine as well as a Light Heavyweight bout between former Champ Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal and rising undefeated prospect Lorenz Larkin.

40 Responses to “ Jordan Mein Set To Face Tyron Woodley ”

  1. cody krahn says:

    Wow SF sees the potential in young gun obviously, Woodleys a tough mofo and this should be a close fight!

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  2. E_Lewis says:

    Tough fight. Woodley was supposed to fight Nick Diaz before the jump to the UFC. No cans for Mein.

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  3. Brando says:

    Tough fight but as of late that is the only kind of fight Jordan has been taking. Jordan is the far better striker. Jordan by TKO.

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  4. Sebastien Chenier says:


    I’ve been a huge Jordan Mein ever since he TKO’d Joe Riggs but this fight is going to be the one where he needs to show resilience. It’s going to come down to wrestling and I don’t think Jordan will be able to do it. There, I said it.

    But I really hope he makes look stupid with the comment I just made. Go Jordan!

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  5. Trainer says:

    Jordan Mein is the real deal….Canada’s next strike force champ and UFC champ.

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  6. Gunner says:

    Jordan has amazing distance and and range control it took him a while to find it in the Riggs fight but if he can find it early in this fight and keep Woodley on the outside he has an amazing shot finishing this fight. If he gets caught standing in from off Woodley throwing stationary he will definatly end up for a long night on his back. It is an amazing fight and great chance for him to show what he has all around. Best of luck to him

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  7. Advin Omic says:

    Jordon is an amazing fighter and his ground control is top notch as well. He wrestled with Jason High for 3 rounds and it was very competitive. Can’t wait to watch this fight.

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  8. McDooogs says:

    Yaahhhh go JORD!!! :)

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  9. Jake - TCF says:

    “a bout that is likely to create a number one contender for the Strikeforce Welterweight Title”

    Not sure how this fight would put someone in number one contention. There’s a long list of fighters that are in line. (Jason High, Tarec Saffidiene, Paul Daley)

    Nevertheless, I hope Jordan takes it to him and continues his climb to the top!

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  10. Brando says:

    With woodley’s recent win being over Daley and Jordan’s exciting win over a recent title challenger the winner should definitely be fighting for the title.

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  11. Jake - TCF says:

    @Brando – I’m just thinking Saffidiene and High have to be somewhere in that picture as contenders before Jordie…but who knows!

    I think a big part of me is enjoying that Strikeforce are giving Jordan great matchups and taking their time building him up as opposed to putting too much pressure on him. Kind of like Rory MacDonald (besides his Condit fight). I think Jordan has a loooooong future in SF and ultimately the UFC…they just have to continue to build him up with the right matches.

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  12. Bigtoe says:

    Jordan is young and has endless potential, however this is a bad fight for him. Woodley’s wrestling chops will be too much for him. I see a one sided GNP or rear RNC. In my opinion Woodley would have beat Diaz.

    Jordan is going to need to move his camp outside of Lethbridge to somewhere with high level wrestlers to take the next step. This will be exposed in this fight.

    Sorry if I offend any die hard fans but I’m just being honest.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m just gonna go with Woodley on this one, but hoping Mein can pull out the win!

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  14. Graham Weenk says:

    This is a very tough fight, will be interesting to see Jordan in with a solid wrestler. I think Jason High was last good wrestler he faced

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  15. He did very well 2 years ago against High in that small cage that favors wrestlers at RITC. Tough fight, but closer than people think.

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  16. Brando says:

    I agree Keith. I would say he even out wrestled High in the second round. Mein is the better fighter and Woodley is the better wrestler. Since the High fight Jordan has fought some really tough guys and showed good take down defense against burkman who is a good powerful wrestler too. It all comes down to whether or not he can stop the take down or get up quickly which I think and hope he can. Besides the guy is a class act how can anyone not want him to win

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  17. Bigtoe says:

    Win or lose I want to see Mein vs Paul Daley!

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  18. Anonymous says:

    I almost think Woodley is a tougher match than Daley!

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  19. Bigtoe says:

    I agree Woodley is a tougher match than Semtex but that fight would be fireworks!

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  20. RickRoss says:

    they should build mein up more. Woodley is going to win the decision by wrestling. bad matchup for Mein but good experience for his future.

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  21. Leibs says:

    Everyone acts like Mein has never fought a wrestler. He dominated Keto Allen and did very well against High. Mein is gonna win hands down. He will find the range and stuff takedowns. Mein by TKO

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  22. Gunner says:

    Leibs i 100% agree but i would add “if” he finds his range and stuffs takedowns… then he wiuns hands down

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  23. Jerobe says:

    Unfortunately it will be Woodley dry humping Jordan for 3 rounds on route to a unanimous decision :( Which totally sucks cause Jordan Mein is the MAN. Hes such an amazing talent at such a young age. Unreal!

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  24. MMA GURL says:

    For all you people saying Jordan will lose because Woodley’s a good wrestler are idiots. Yes Woodley’s a good wrestler but Jordan has got great stand up and a great ground game. He uses his incredible reach and levels better than most fighters, which he has shown with his wins over Riggs, Burkman. Zaromskis and Cyborg. With Jordan’s skills and ability to dominate in all aspects of his fights, I think Jordan has the better chance to win. Also, he was a mere 19 when he fought Jason High and although he lost he held his own no problem and has since matured alot as a fighter.
    So seriously people, give your heads a shake before you write Jordan off just because he’s fighting a one dimensional wrestler! Young Gun all the way!!!!

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  25. Bigtoe says:

    Mma gurl – none of those fighters you listed are even in the same category as Woodley, especially in the wrestling department. To compare this fight to any of those fights is ridiculous, this is a whole new level. I wish Jordan all the luck in the world but come on! I’m from Lethbridge for fuck sake and I’m being realistic!

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  26. terry robertson says:

    I’m rooting for Jordan all the way. I believe it’s an evenly matched fight. I’m sure if Jordan’s movement and use of his length is on point he can win this for sure.

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  27. MMA GURL says:

    Bigtoe-I wasnt comparing any of those fighters to Woodley’s wrestling abilities, I was using them as examples of how Mein can control any fight he’s in with his reach, striking and ground skills (he’s got multiple levels to use, not just one thing). Woodley is a great fighter, but he isn’t as great as Jordan Mein! Young Gun win will via TKO!

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  28. Robin Black says:

    Burkman could out ‘MMA wrestle’ Woodley on a good night.

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  29. Billy Smith says:

    Tough fight, woodly by decision.

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  30. Jake - Triple Crown Fighter says:

    I think one of the biggest problems we run into a lot of times on here is truly separating our minds from our emotions.

    WE ALL WANT JORDAN TO WIN. Why? Because he’s a great guy, one hell of an athlete and truly humble given his resume.

    But people are bringing up some valid points in regards to what challenges he will face against Woodley. I’ve been wrong before when it comes to some of Jordan’s fights…and I can admit it. I thought he would have a tough time against Marius and he ended up whippin’ his ass. I can eat humble pie. But saying that an opponent will be a tough fight for Jordan or saying it’s a bad match up doesn’t make anyone an idiot or a “non fan”. It makes us rational.

    Nobody is saying Jordan is going to be swimming with sharks…and in fact, I think Jordan is going to do great. All I’m saying…and what I’m hearing on other people’s posts is that Tyron Woodley is ONE HELL OF A WRESTLER. Hell, Jason High is my boy and he was a starter for University of Nebraska Huskers in wrestling…which is impressive. Tyrone Woodley is a two time All American and Big 12 Conference Wrestling Champion…which is unheard of.

    I’d love to see Jordan win this fight…but it’s going to be one hell of a challenge getting Woodley off of him.

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  31. Gunner says:

    Jake you will eat any pie not just humble so don’t make a humble pie sound like it is a rare swallow :)

    i still think Jordan has much more of a chance to finish this figth than Woodley has of finishing Jordan.

    like the tail of ther tape always says its just a matter of who can keep the fight where they want it, and the first one to make a mistake in the others territory is gonna lose. But there is no way you can say either one of these fellas have no chance of winning

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  32. Brando says:

    Jake-I want Jordan to win but I also think he can win. Woodley has great wrestling credentials but putting it all together is what makes a fighter dangerous and honestly I don’t think Woodley does that as well as Josh Burkman. He had a hard time taking Paul Daley down and keeping him there. I wouldn’t say Daley is a great defensive wrestler or has as good as a gas tank as Mein. Jordan is a great athlete and he probably knows that Woodley is going to try to take him down and hold him there and has trained hard to prevent that. Jordan will use his superior hand speed and reach and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him mix it up and even take Woodley down. If anything I am most worried that Jordan will try to test himself and make it a wrestling match like he did against High. If he does that then I think he will lose. I understand your point on separating emotions from fight predictions. I see that on these forums all the time mostly in a negative way though.

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  33. Jake - Triple Crown Fighter says:

    @Gunner and Brando – Both awesome takes! It’s these type of discussions that I love on here!

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  34. Gunner says:

    oh Jake how i miss thou, although again please do not try to pull wool over my eyes you hated this discussion until we brought pie into it, it is like bringing beer into a conversation with me i will forget everything you said prior to that moment

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  35. Robert says:

    The reason Jordan got this fight is because no one else in Strikforce would fight him.

    Woodly was the only one to step up. Woodly is a huge challenge for Jordan, but that is what Jordan wants and what he needs. Win or lose it is good. If he wins he knows he can deal with any wrestler in MMA, if he loses he knows what to improve so he can beat any wrestler in MMA in the future.

    This fight is going to rock. Good luck Jordan.

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  36. Rex says:

    MMAGURL is going to be eating some crow. Jordan is going to get decisioned. Woodley is among the top wrestlers in MMA. Go back to painting your toe nails.

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  37. Bigtoe says:

    Robert – If your statement is true, good on Woodley for stepping up. I agree this fight will be a great measuring stick for Jordon, win or lose.

    Now for love of God, why Super Channel Why???? SF needs a way better network agreement in Canada, there is no way I sign on for SC for six to eight cards per year!

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  38. Jamie Locke says:

    SC has a shit tonne of good boxing on there, and some good tv series and movies as well. I find it worth it, I get all the superchannels +HD and movie central +HD for like $14.

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  39. brandon says:

    Mein wins by tko in 2nd. footwork is huge in this fight and woodley isnt gonna have an answer for jordans footwork and hands. He wont take jordan down!

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  40. BruceKNEE says:

    Say goodbye to that perfect record, Mein can keep up with his wrestling and out strike T, Lethbridge puts out tough fighters, Giving this one to Young guns!

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