Nick Denis’ Debut UFC Fight Announced


Canadian Bantamweight Nick Denis (10-2) will be joining fellow Canadian Ryan Jimmo on the UFC on FX 1 card. Denis will face Joseph Sandoval (6-1) in his UFC debut. The event is scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee on January 20th.

Denis slammed his way into the UFC with an incredible finish of Nick Mamalis at the Score Fighting Series. After handily losing the first round to Mamalis, Denis fought back in the second and completed the comeback with a suplex/chokeslam finish of his opponent that is sure to draw nods as the Knockout of the Year.

Denis’ debut opponent, Joseph Sandoval, has already made his UFC debut. Last October, Sandoval lost in under a minute and a half to Walel Watson at UFC Live 6.

The card is headlined by Melvin Guillard vs. Jim Miller and will also feature Ryan Jimmo (16-1) taking on Karlos Vemola (8-2).

21 Responses to “ Nick Denis’ Debut UFC Fight Announced ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great fight for Nick! I can’t wait to see him win by KO!

    Congrats to Nick, Robin, Wade, etc!

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  2. EPerez says:

    Go Nick!!

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  3. Wuzjustsayin says:

    Wow that was quick!!

    They didn’t waste no time getting Nick a debut fight.

    Excellent fight for Nick, not so good for Sandoval!

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  4. Cj Saftic says:

    Great to see Denis in the big show, big shout out to Robin Black for helping out with everything.

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  5. harry balls says:

    I was lucky enough to catch one of Nick’s shirts when they tossed them to the audience. It’s too big for my puny frame. if you take an extra large and live in ottawa, holler….

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  6. Robin Black says:


    I can comment now. I couldn’t comment until the UFC announced the fight. Yay!

    I’m out but I’ll tell some more when I’m home.

    I’m so proud of Nick. He’s a great fighter and an even better human being. I’m so happy we could get this done.

    I heart ninja of love

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  7. Robin Black says:

    I am so happy and proud for my good friend Nick Denis.

    We accomplished step 1 of the staircase that you are climbing my friend, and we got you in the UFC!

    A bunch more steps to climb (a bunch of steps littered with Knock Out of the Night bonuses) in this staircase, but I’ve got your back all the way.

    You are a great human being, a great fighter and, almost as importantly, handsome as all hell.

    Let’s do this babe.

    Nick Denis. Current world’s sexiest ninja. Future UFC Bantamweight champion.

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  8. Jake - TCF says:

    Couldn’t of happened to a nicer Ninja (and team). Congrats guys.

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  9. Dean Panas says:

    Congrats to both of you!! I wish you both great success!

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  10. Tkosports says:

    Congrats to the both of you, and good luck on Jan 20 Denis.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Nick worked for so many years getting better and better to the point where he’s this much of a ninja.
    His coach Wade and all his training partners at Ronin helped sharpen him and helped bad-ass him.
    And Firaz and The Grant Bros and Jon Chaimberg and all the TriStar guys and so many people were part of getting him here.
    He’s just getting started. Lotsa work ahead and lots of challenges and victories still.
    His goal is not to be in the UFC. Its to win in the UFC for years. And to fight for a title.

    Nick will do it.

    Big love Nick. :)

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  12. Congrats to Nick Denis!

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  13. Sean McManus says:

    Big congrats to Nick and the team…well deserved and all the best!

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  14. Sexy1 says:

    That’s great news!!!! Nick is a great fighter with a lot of potential. Good luck with your debut in UFC!!!!

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  15. Nigel Guerin says:

    Nick was one of the first guys I met when I got into the scene. (Muay Thai)

    He was already a champion yet he treated everyone like they were the champion…..class act – well deserved!

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  16. Edmonton MMA says:

    awesome to hear, Congrats Denis. Way to fight YOUR way into the UFC. Best of luck

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Nick earned it and he deserves it.

    I was so pumped for him, I’ve spent a few days screamin lots of “WE did it”s and “WE’re this and WE’re that” but, obviously, its what Nick had done with his body and mind that’s got him to the next step towards what he wants. He did this. He’s had support, but its him who has accomplished this.

    His longtime coach Wade was the biggest ingredient, and his training partners at Ronin. Firaz and all his training partners in Montreal helped him there too.

    But it is an individual sport in the end and that handsome ninja earned his way to this stage.

    Its easy to get all worked up, and I’ve been jumping around for days all pumped for his first UFC fight and the road ahead. He’s gonna do so great.

    Go ninja. :)

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  18. Kris says:

    Thank you for posting this last comment Robin. I’ll be honest and say your initial reaction to Denis making it was shocking. I realize you would have to have played a strong part in Denis being selected for the UFC, ultimately he’s the one who made it. Particularly because you had known prior to it being announced, it made you sound like a complete douche. Which of course the majority of ppl, IMO, know you’re not.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Kris appreciate that.

    What’s that old saying? ‘Excitement makes douches of us all?’

    Nah, that’s not it.

    But ya I ran around saying ‘we’ and puffing my chest out for like a week. It was pretty obnoxious.

    Some guys become douches with bad news. I guess some can become douches with good news.

    I guess ya don’t know how douchey you’re capable of being until something big happens.

    Lesson learned. Will police my own douche potential better in the future.


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  20. Kris says:

    Ive got mad respect for you and what you do. You are a great ambassador for Canadian mma. For a sport I love so much, and have for close to 20 years, I appreciate your love for it as well. I just figured I’d say my bit, and hope it was taken the right way, which is not always the case when commenting on any forum.

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  21. steve hill says:

    Congrats to nick !!wish him luck..Gotta change that name tho..Ninja of love…C,mon..worst ever…lol!!
    Best of luck in your ufc debut….

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