Louis Fisette Talks CFM Win, Title Shot


Top MMA News‘ Keith Grienke caught up with Louis Fisette following his CFM victory over Mike O’Neill. Following the bout, Fisette was offered a title shot by Cage Fighting Manitoba and Fisette discusses that opportunity. Louis also goes on to chat about his WAMMA teammates and the Canadian Bantamweight rankings.

13 Responses to “ Louis Fisette Talks CFM Win, Title Shot ”

  1. QuinnFan says:

    Sean Quinn vs Louis Fisette for the CFM strap please.

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  2. Cody Moorman says:

    I agree with QuinnFan this could be an entertaining fight.

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  3. simple math says:

    terrible fight, Quinn wins SUPER easy

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  4. QuinnFan says:

    Louis does propose a challange, but quinns big body would decimate rather quickly.

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  5. simple math says:

    I agree it would end quickly

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  6. Robin Black says:

    “simple math says:
    December 20, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    terrible fight, Quinn wins SUPER easy”

    If that is true and he fights someone else that makes the belt somewhat meaningless.

    Fisette vs Quin is really the only fight that makes sense. Its the only fight with a story (Quinn is 1-1 vs his teammates, Quinn has a bit of history and rep in Winnipeg, etc)

    Fisette is a sizeable 135er so Quinn doesn’t have much advantage there.

    Fisette vs Quinn would be the 2d best matchup in CFM history after Mein vs Monson.

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  7. Adam Lorenz says:

    I like the match up too but it isn’t the only match up that makes sense, Daniel Mark taping him out (in CFM even) is also a good story.

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  8. TK says:

    I’d pay to see Quinn fight him for the strap. Make it happen, Gabriel!

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  9. QuinnFan says:

    You will thank me later Sean.

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  10. Sean Quinn says:

    Lol @ this. : )
    I like Fisette and the WAMMA boys. That said I will fight whoever I can. Including them.
    I’m a fan of QuinnFan!!!

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  11. Louis Fisette says:

    I feel sad when people say mean things :( I like when people are nice. But who’s Sean Quinn?? Never heard of him lol JK buddy

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  12. Tony says:

    no title fight – CFM finished

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  13. EPerez says:

    Louis might be the 2nd best pro at bantamweight for WAMMA. Fisette wins handily.

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