Canadian Rumour Mill – December 5


I have fun and exciting news and not so good news.

Good news:

Huge Canadian UFC card coming up this weekend, I hope the Canadian boys do well! Also big congrats to Ryan Jimmo and Nick Denis on making the UFC, well deserved! Good luck!

Not so good news:

  • Denis Kang lost by TKO to 10-13 (now 11) Shungo Oyama on the weekend in Korea. That’s three losses in a row for the former Pride MW GP Finalist. There used to be a time when it was guaranteed win night when Kang fought in Korea, not so much anymore unfortunately. Hopefully he can turn it around.  :(
  • Tons of Canadian boys have gone down to TUF try outs. Here’s a bunch of the names: Kajan Johnson, Kultar Gill, Shane Campbell, Sheldon Westcott, Tony Stiles, Derek Boyle, Brandt Dewsbury, Brad Causey, Markhaile Wedderburn, Ricky Goodall, Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio, Josh Machan, Ryan Machan, Advin Omic and CJ Bagg.
  • Now Ryan Machan is trying out for TUF, but isn’t he fighting this week in PFC?  Strange timing if you ask me.
  • Ax Combat 3 will take place on Feb 11th in Calgary, the semi main event will be Dave “Diesel” Letourneau vs Brad “Bonesaw” Cardinal.  Of course, Cardinal must rectify his suspended status with Ontario first and Letourneau must diet all Christmas to make his debut at 155.
  • All signs point to Tim Chemelli fighting Victor Valimaki at Aggression in February in a great Light-Heavyweight matchup. Look for Ryan Ford to naturally be on that card as well.
  • One of the most exciting strikers in Canada, Axe Capoeira’s Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio, will return to the Battlefield Fight League cage in Vernon next February. Get your camera’s ready for another installment of  ‘The Capoeira Highlight Reel’.
  • Look for ECC to return to Halifax on January 27th.  The Halifax Casino will be the new venue.
  • Word is that Ringside will return to Montreal for a show in mid-February.  As mentioned before in this column, expect Gagnon vs Pelletier and American kickboxing prodigy ‘Wonderboy’ Stephen Thompson on the card.
  • Ian Dawe looks to have recovered from neck and back injuries and has joined the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts full time along with Devin Henry.
  • More on OAMA –  OAMA is expected to do big things in 2012 with an expansion of the team and facilities, as well as an expected return of OAMA coach and UFC veteran Mark Holst to MMA.
  • Where’s Nick Penner and what happened with his UFC deal? Hope it’s still happening.

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26 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – December 5 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Honorary Canadian Daron Cruikshank is goin and I predict they’ll take him. He’s exactly the kinda guy you take.

    Also they’ll take a very very serious look at Kajan Johnson imo.

    Glad to hear my good friend Ian Dawe back training, and training with such a great team.

    Denis Kang is an OG and he is the man. Let’s stay behind Denis till he works his way thru this funk. Go Denis!

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Are they gonna match that Capoeira guy up against a guy with real striking and/or wrestling experience yet?

    Lovin those highlights but its time to see if they can work against someone lower mid level.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    I kinda think they might but its time to see imo.

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  4. David Letourneau says:

    Yeah thats a ton of canadian talent, surely ufc will grab a good bunch of them, good luck to all fighters trying out.

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  5. Justsayin says:

    Tim Chemelli Vs Victor Valimaki would be a true test for both fighters.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this fight will make it to the final card!!

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  6. Edmonton MMA says:

    Chemelli vs Valimaki would be a great fight to watch

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  7. evmister says:

    I thought Ford said he was still gonna be fighting for Bellator, even though he lost his last fight? Maybe i’m wrong

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  8. Mike Davis says:

    Tony Stiles is on pure card this weekend and you said he’s at the ultimate fighter Tryouts, maybe not so odd timing.

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  9. JYD says:

    I wasn’t expecting to see my name in here but I won’t say that it doesn’t feel good to be mentioned in relation to the sport I love once again, it has been a long time… a really long time.

    OAMA has been extremely accommodating and welcoming of me (for those who were kicking around in 08′, I had a pretty tough war with Mr.Morvan at title quest)

    Thanks for the kind words Robin!

    JYD aka Ian Dawe.


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  10. james says:

    i wonder what weight porker ricky is trying for 155 or 170. i wouldn’t want to see him make it a head of campbell or others that can make sure would be nice to see more than one dam canadain on the show tho.

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  11. Mike Davis says:

    Kajan should make show, he has everything they want.

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  12. Jake - TCF says:

    Can’t believe nobody has mentioned my boy Diesel Dave Letourneau stepping up to fight Brad Cardinal. This should be one hell of a fight filled with fireworks!! Brad is 14-8 and Dave is 3-2 so a win like this for David would be a huge step in his career.

    But on a personal level, I love Bonesaw…he’s a good friend and great guy!

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Mike, Machan is fighting Salter. maybe odd timing :)

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  14. kris says:

    good to see Dawe healthy again. All the best

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  15. kid lightning says:

    im looking forward to diesel’s training camp. pretty much our entire gym will be prepping for fights roughly around the same time so it should be the best camp yet. watch out!

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  16. Gunner says:

    Pretty much minus me i will be there a
    few times in between drinks and changing diapers. But it will be fun when i am :)

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  17. mmanalysis says:

    who is FORD fighting on Aggression card anybody know???

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  18. TOmmafan says:

    I talked to Ford this past weekend at the mma expo in Toronto for about 15-20min. This guy is really a class act! I never met him before then, and was shocked how different of a person he is portrayed to be!! He was saying to me that he wants to get another win under his belt before he debuts in Bellator early mid 2012. Some name has been tossed around for his Aggression fight but nothing locked down. But he says his game will be well evolved training at Tristar Gym. WAR FORD

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  19. Edmonton MMA says:

    Come to think of it, I would rather see Chemelli fight Bosse

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  20. Robin Black says:

    TOmma Ford is a cool cat.

    He will totally evolve a lot training with Firaz man watch out. He’s got a lot of stuff that

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  21. HalifaxHooligan says:

    @James – I’m assuming when you say “porker ricky”, you mean Ricky Goodall?

    I know that he failed to make weight with his fight against Derek Gauthier, but give the guy a break. When he started, he was fighting at Middleweight and he’s cut down to Lightweight.

    After that fight though, he announced on his Facebook page that “Despite the opinions of my coaches I don’t think 155 is a realistic weight class for me”.

    So, it looks to me like he’s focusing on 170. But I have no idea what weight he was when he tried out for TUF.

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  22. Rumor man says:

    Howd the mystery rumor girl miss this? Travis Galbraith is back training and looking for a fight! Let’s hope the time off did him well.

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  23. james says:

    thats good that he lost alot of weight. but if he lost as much as people say i wouldn’t be suprise if he start missing 170lb. just look at marcus davis your body only goes so long and its starting to shut down. he’ll do 170 for abit i’ll give him that but for how long? just like matt macgrath said he did a trial to make 170. ricky didnt i bet so he has never made 155. so what happens if he gets on the show at 155 and misses? everyone is going to laugh around the world that “some dumb canadain missed weight and got sent home” just like when chris leben pissed in jason tracker or tackers bed in season one. if he makes the show for 170 or trys for 170 thats awsome. but i dont want to hear or poor ricky lost all this weight guys and misses 155. he knows and everyone knows he aint getting 155 but pressure might make him try for 155. and that not good.

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  24. Ryan says:

    I’d LOVE for Ricky to get on TUF. If Kajun and Westcott get on it there goes pretty much all of the MFC’s roster lol.

    What i’m most curious about is ECC. The casino can hold about 100-1500 people I think. I hope the shows are big enough to keep them afloat until im 19, lol.

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  25. @clinchcraig says:

    Goodall isn’t a big 170lbs like some guys and it showed when he went against Peirson. From seeing him I think he can make 155lbs but it seems like he might have been unrealistic about how much he could “sweat” off. Ricky seems like a nice guy and he puts on entertaining fights but I think he needs a little help making 155lbs because that’s where he needs to be.
    Goodall vs Arsenault at Elite1 is going to be a good fight!!

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  26. Jamie Locke says:

    @ Robin, BFL had matched up Lelo with former Muay Thai champ Ken “The Hitman” Tran. IMO that fight should have been fireworks but Tran did not look like he was in shape. No fault of BFL though, that was a sick match up on paper.

    @ Rumour man – I would love to see Galbraith back in the mix!

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