Meltdown in the Valley Play-by-Play


Angelo Solinas was in Sarnia for the Meltdown in the Valley.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Chris Clements vs Rich Clementi
  • Sub of the Night – John Fraser
  • KO of the Night – Chris Clements with the TKO of Clementi

Here is his play-by-play:

Blake Hudson vs. Craig “The War Dog” Hudson
Round 1
Evening opens up as both Heavyweights touch gloves in the centre of the octagon. Straight left by Hudson. Nice right leg kick by Nash. Straight right by Nash. Left kick by Nash. Straight right by Hudson. Right kick by Hudson. Straight kick by Hudson. Punch to the side of the head by Hudson. Nash takes the centre of the octagon. They each exchange a punch. Nice right leg kick by Nash. Straight jab by Hudson. Right leg kick by Nash. Right kick by Hudson. Left hook by Hudson. They each exchange connecting shots. Combo by Nash that misses. Straight jab by Hudson. Weak leg kick by Hudson. Overhand right by Nash that misses. Fighters circling each other. Right jab by Hudson that was blocked. Right leg kick by Nash. Spinning back fist by Hudson that was blocked. Both exchanging shots. Hudson connects with 3 straight rights followed by a knee to the head. Both exchanging and connecting. Hudson getting the better of the exchange. Shot by Hudson to the head. Nash is hurt. Body shots by Hudson. Right knee to the head by Hudson. Another right knee to the head. Trying to fight back is Nash but he is hurt and up against the fence. Nash gets hit again and drops. Hudson is pounding as Dan Miragliotta steps in and stops the fights at 2:17 of the first round.
Craig Hudson defeats Blake Nash by TKO in Round 1, 2:17

Clint Kingsbury vs. Randy Turner
Round 1
Fighters touch gloves. Straight left by Kingsbury. They clinch and a knee to the body by Turner. Turner grabs a hold of Kingsbury and takes him down. Turner has side control and drops rights to his head. Kingsbury has him in a headlock. Reversed by Turner. Both men scramble to their feet. Kingsbury pressing Turner against the cage and going for the single leg. Turner is doing a good job of avoiding the takedown. Kingsbury takes down Turner with a single leg and has side control. Reversed by Turner getting top position. Both fighters to their feet. Knee by Turner that just misses. Straight, left, straight combo by Turner. Turner grabs a hold of Kingsbury and has his back, grabs a leg and drops him to the floor and has his back with both hooks in. Kingsbury gets to his feet with Turner still on his back with only one hook in. Both hooks in now trying to get him to the floor. Kingsbury slips out and is now in Turners full guard. Both taking a breather. Weak right hand by Kingsbury. Left, right combo by Kingsbury as he is posturing up. Weak lefts by Kingsbury. Kingsbury tries to pick up Turner to slam him but Turner lets go. Kingsbury throws a couple punches down but nothing connects. Kingsbury throws elbows from top position but they do not connect. Up kicks from Turner that connect to Kingsburys face. Kingsbury in side control. Couple rights down and a left from Kingsbury. In Turners guard. Turner tries to get up but held down by Kingsbury. Turner being active on the ground trying for a kimura. Defended well by Kingsbury, still in Turners full guard. Kingsbury postures up and throws a couple more punches that are blocked. Kingsbury with some ground and pound, only a few punches getting through. Turner going for an inverted triangle as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Clint Kingsbury

Round 2
Left jab by Kingsbury that does not connect. Straight right and left hook by Kingsbury that both miss. Kingsbury runs at Turner who defends well with his knee. Flying knee attempt by Turner. Left hook by Kingsbury and a right by Turner, nothing connecting. Wild left by Kingsbury that misses. Both exchanging shots that connect. Kingsbury attempts a takedown, but gets caught in Turners guillotine. Kingsbury gets out. Kick to his head with his left, a right to the leg by Turner. Turner looks confident on his feet. Nice right left kick combo by Turner but taken down by Kingsbury. Kingsbury trying to throw punches down from Turners guard but nothing is landing. Couple rights by Kingsbury that land, elbows from Turner on his back. Couple wild punches by Kingsbury that miss. Kingsbury moves into side control and punching away at Turners head. Turner manages to reverse and get Kingsbury to his back. Couple knees to the body by Turner from side control. Kingsbury gets to his feet with Turner on his back. Turner gets him to the fence holds him there and punches. Left elbow by Turner then left and right punch combo. Right knee and left high kick, flying knee and a right that connects. Turner pushing against the cage manages to take Kingsbury down and mounts him. Kingsbury turning around and gets his back taken by Turner. Turner trying to soften him up with light punches to the side of the head. Hammer fists from Turner. Turner starting to pour it on and ref steps in at 3:40 of round 2 with TKO win by Turner.
Randy Turner defeats Clint Kingsbury by TKO in Round 2, 3:40

Joel Paquette vs. Jason Meisel
Round 1
The crowd gets fired up as Paquette makes his entrance. Fighters touch gloves. Both exchanging shots with Meisel getting the better. Paquette rushes Meisel against the fence and takes him down with a double leg. Paquette gets caught in Meisels guillotine. Paquette looking to gain side control. Paquette in half guard but gets to mount. Nice reversal by Meisel. Meisel on top, looking for an arm. Paquette gets lifted and slammed. Meisel back in Paquettes guard. Paquette trying to get up and grab an arm. Paquette still has control of Meisels arm going for a kimura. Paquette lets go. Meisel still on top. Paquette looking for a triangle. Meisel lands a few hammer fists. Meisel attempts to pick up Paquette but he defends well by grabbing a leg. Meisel gets the side control. Paquette gets to his feet and takes down Meisel but is trapped in his loose guillotine. Both to their feet, a knee from Meisel. Left from Paquette and both men connecting punches. Left kick from Meisel followed by a straight left from Paquette. A knee from Meisel. Another knee but takes a punch from Paquette. High kick by Meisel. Double leg take down from Paquette. Meisel looking for a kimura. Meisel flips over Paquette and is looking to take his back. Meisel gets his back and sinks in a rear naked choke forcing Paquette to tap out at 4:16 of round 1.
Jason Meisel submits Joel Paquette by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:16

Josh Taveirne vs. Ryan Dickson
Round 1
Both throwing jabs that miss. Dickson lands a big right hand sending Taveirne to the mat. Dickson in Taveirnes guard. Right from Dickson. Taveirne looks for a triangle but Dickson easily avoids it. Dickson looking to posture up but Taveirne doing a good job of holding him down. Dickson takes him to the fence and looking for side control. Dickson gets his side control. Taveirne looking to get to his feet. Dickson takes his foot and prevents him from standing for a bit. Taveirne eventually gets to his feet only briefly before Dickson takes Taveirne down again and looks to take his back. Taveirne manages to reverse and is now in Dicksons guard. Punches to the side from Taveirne. Couple rights to Taveirnes ribs. Another right. Taveirne posturing up smothering Dickson. More rights to the ribs then one to the head. Dickson pinned against the fence. Taveirnes in Dicksons butterfly guard. Taveirne posturing up with 4 or 5 clean shots to Dicksons head. Hammer fists. Trying to move into side control. Taveirne trying to push through into mount. Dickson in a headlock. Dickson flips Taveirne over and has side control. Dickson mounts, gets side control and applies a side choke. Punches to the side of the head. Round ends as Dickson tries to sink in the choke.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ryan Dickson

Round 2
Taveirne taking centre of cage and throws a straight left that misses. A superman punch that Dickson counters, and knocks Taveirne to the mat with. Taveirne covers up a little and now looking for an inverted triangle. Dicksons head is trapped. North / south position but still somewhat trapped in inverted triangle. Dickson slips out and gets side control. Dickson now is half guard. Punches a couple times in the side. Dickson has mounted. Taveirne has a good grip around Dickson so he begins to posture up and slam Taveirne several times. Elbow to the quad from Taveirne. Dickson throws a few head shots, looking to keep position. Ground and pound by Dickson. Many shots going through. More ground and pound by Dickson. Taveirne looking to turn, Dickson takes his back and sinks in a hook while throwing punches to the head. Taveirne manages to get Dickson in half guard. Both fighters resting. Dickson mounts Taveirne again. Punches to the side of the head from Dickson. Taveirne holding Dickson. Dickson postures up landing big punches. Covering up is Taveirne. Hammer fists by Dickson. Taveirne turns his back and covers up. Dickson landing punches but looks for rear naked choke. Sinks in a deep choke and Taveirne taps. Fight comes to an end at 4:03 of round 2.
Ryan Dickson submits Josh Taveirne by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 4:03

Jesse “The Bodysnatcher” Ronson vs. Tony “Lionheart” Hervey
Round 1
Yves Lavigne starts them off. Fighters don’t touch gloves. Hervey comes out with a wild spinning back kick. Kick to the midsection by Hervey that was blocked. Straight right by Ronson. Punch to the stomach that wobbles Hervey. Side kick and left kick by Hervey. Left, right combo by Ronson. Straight, right, straight by Hervey countered by Ronson. Left kick by Ronson. Right to the face by Ronson. Right kick by Hervey. Akward right hand by Ronson. Hervey rushes in with a couple body shots. A right jab, right straight and uppercut by Ronson that all miss. Low leg kick by Hervey. Ronson taking the centre of the cage and applying pressure. A nice uppercut by Ronson. Uppercut, straight combo by Ronson. Leg kick by Ronson followed by a right by Hervey. Hervey going in with a right. Right jab by Ronson to the body. Right, left by Ronson that drops Hervey. Ronson pounces and looking to mount Hervey up against the cage. Punches from Ronson. Ronson attempting a choke but doesn’t look tight. Ronson lets go, postures up and starts dropping some punches. Ronson still in mount. Hervey turns over and Ronson has his back. Elbow by Ronson. Both against the cage with Ronson on top with side position. Ronson looking to take his back. Body shot by Ronson. Punches to the face land on Hervey. Hervey trying to turn and get back up to his feet and is successful. Wild elbow that grazes the head of Hervey. Both on their feet. Nice right side kick by Ronson. Straight left followed by a left hook that connects on Hervey. Left high kick that is blocked by Hervey. Punches exchanged. Uppercut by Ronson. 2 lefts by Hervey. Uppercut by Ronson. Left kick and left straight that connects by Ronson. Right hand body shot by Ronson. Right, left combo by Ronson. Punches by Ronson that connect. Uppercut, left combo that connect from Ronson. Right hook that connects. Left inside kick that connects by Ronson. Left straight that connects. Uppercut, punch, jab by Ronson. Round ends with both fighters exchanging punches.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 for Jesse Ronson

Round 2
Combo and a high kick by Hervey. Straight right by Ronson. Fake kick by Hervey and misses with some punches. Wild uppercuts by Hervey that miss. Nice counter punch by Ronson. Spinning back fist by Hervey that misses followed by a straight punch that also misses. Right kick and a left kick by Hervey that connect. Leg kick by Ronson that is too low. Hervey takes a minute to recover. Left and right kick by Hervey that both miss. Both exchanging big punches, Ronson landing a huge right that floors Hervey. Hervey gets back to his feet. Ronson rushes him to the cage, picks him up and slams him. Hervey is on the ground with Ronson in his guard. Hervey is pinned up against the fence. Hervey looks to have taken some damage to his left eye. Left punch by Ronson. Body shots by Ronson. Punch to the head by Ronson. Ronson in control. Hervey trying to heel kick but doesn’t land clean. Punch by Ronson from the top. A right and another right by Ronson. Couple shots by Ronson connecting. Not much action going on. Yves stands them up. Both throw some shots that miss. Head kick that just misses Ronson. Leg kick by Ronson. Straight by Hervey. Straight by Hervey again followed by a leg kick. Straight by Ronson. Combo by Hervey that was blocked. Knee by Ronson. Body shot by Ronson followed by punches to the head. Left and right that both connect by Ronson. A left that knocks down Hervey. Ronson pouring it on. Ground and pound from mount position. Hervey turns and Ronson takes his back. Hammer fist from Ronson. Hervey turns and Ronson sinks in a rear naked choke that makes Hervey tap at 4:22 of round 2.
Jesse Ronson submits Tony Hervey by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 4:22

Ali Mokdad vs. Misha Cirkunov
Round 1
Left high kick that connects by Misha. Left leg kick by Ali. Straight kick that hits Ali in the chin. Left kick to the leg by Misha. Left high kick and slipping is Misha. Quickly back up. Combo by misha that misses. Left leg kick by Ali. Right kick by Misha. A left and a right by Misha. Left kick by Ali. Left kick followed by a few punches by Misha. Straight by Ali. A few kicks by Ali. Left kick to the body followed by a right kick to the body by Misha. Left kick by Ali, right kick by Ali. Appears Misha got poked in the eye. Short time out. Left leg kick by Ali. Double leg take down by Misha. Misha throws a right. Misha drags Ali from the fence to the centre of the cage by his legs which allows Ali to get up. Misha swings and misses. Right leg kick by Ali. Right and leg kick by Aali. Misha tries a takedown but is stuffed. Misha keeps working for it and finally gets it and quickly gets side control. Punches by Misha to the side of the head of Ali. 3 Knees by Misha from the ground. Misha gets in to full mount. Misha dropping some punches but mostly blocked. Body shots by Misha. Although round ends with Misha in mount, not much damage was done.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 Misha Cirkunov

Round 2
Left high kick by Misha that was blocked. Straight right by Ali that misses. Right kick by Ali which is countered by Misha. Left leg kick by Ali. Straight kick to the body by Misha. Misha takes centre of the octagon. Couple punches by Ali. Right straight kick by Misha. Left high kick by Misha that was partially blocked. Right hand by Misha. Left high kick that is blocked by Misha. Body punch followed by a leg kick by Ali. Ali starting to apply a little pressure. Right, left, right combo by Misha that doesn’t really connect. Leg kick by Misha but countered well by Ali with a straight right. Misha shoots for a takedown and gets it by tripping Ali, and falls into half guard. 4 straight rights land on Ali from Misha. Misha backs up and lets Ali get up. Couple missing rights from Ali. Misha gets a single leg takedown. Misha goes from side control into mount easily. Throwing some punches from top position. Ali begins to turn over and manages to push Misha but he keeps control. Punch to the head by Misha. Ali kicking out his legs to creat space. Misha comes down with a thundering right. Upkick by Ali that misses. Misha backs Ali against the cage. Misha drops and is in half guard. Again gets full mount. Right by Misha. Misha trying to hold down one arm and manages to get a few punches in as round ends.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 for Misha Cirkunov

Round 3
Left high kick by Misha that is blocked. Straight right by Ali misses. Straight right kick by Misha also missing. Left inside kick by Misha that lands. Right high kick by Ali missing. Left inside kick by Misha. Left high kick by Misha. Straight right by Misha. Right low kick by Ali that is checked. Left high kick by Misha. Nice combo by Misha that connects. Right low kick by Misha. Right flying knee that misses by Misha. A few straights by Misha. Left high kick to the body by Misha. Couple straights by Ali which Misha slips under and ends up getting the takedown. Misha in Alis guard. Upkicks by Ali. Misha lands a few lefts to Alis head. Ali gets up to his feet. Right by Ali that misses. Again Misha grabs Ali and gets him down. North / south position with Misha on top. Misha looking for a choke, but lets it go. Ends up getting side control then gets full mount. Rights to the side of Alis head. Not much action taking place. Misha chest slams Ali. Misha just holding position and raining down blows as the bell rings.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 for Misha Cirkunov
Official Scores: All three judges scored the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Misha Cirkunov

Jesse “The Ghost” Gross vs. Daron Cruickshank
Round 1
Jesse refuses to touch gloves. Both guys start off by circling each other. Straight left by Cruickshank. Wild combo by Gross that misses, followed by left inside kick that lands by Cruickshank. Left combo by Gross. Gross with a couple punches and a kick by Cruickshank. Straight left by Cruickshank. Uppercut by Gross that misses. Body shot by Gross. Left inside kick by Gross that connects. Straight lefts by Cruickshank. Two lefts and a right by Cruickshank that miss. Gross comes out and connects but gets tagged and drops. Cruickshank rushes on top. Elbows and punches to the head of Gross. Ref stops the fight at 1:39 of round 1. Gross extremely upset because of what he believes was an early stoppage.
Daron Cruickshank defeats Jesse Gross by TKO in Round 1, 1:39

Chris “The Menace” Clements vs. Rich “No Love” Clementi
Round 1
Both men touch gloves to start the co-main event. Men are feeling each other out. Couple left jabs by Clements that miss. Rich trying to close the distance. Left kick by Clements. Left kick by Rich. Left kick by Rich which was caught by Clements then tripped to the ground. Both men tangle with each others legs and it seems like Rich is looking for a heel hook. Left punch from Clements from the ground. Both stay tied up for a while. Clements trying to pull his leg out from under Rich. Heel to the side of ribs from Clements. Rich still looking for that heel hook. Clements doing a good job of avoiding by spinning. Clements trying to loosen Rich’s grip by punches to the ribs. Clements tags him with a shot to the face. Rich lets go and eventually gets from side control into full mount. Clements rolls over and Rich takes his back and is looking for a RNC but its defended well by Clements.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 for Rich Clementi

Round 2
Left kick followed by a right hook by Clements that lands and countered by Rich. Rich drives Clements hard into the fence and takes him down. Rich on top and goes for Clements back as he rolls over. Rich trying for a rear naked choke. Clements looks like he is not in too much danger as Rich loosens his grip. Punch to the side of the head from Rich. Rich lands a few weak punches to the head from top position. Clements tries to maneuver out and manages to get Rich in his guard and then tries some elbows from his back. Clements keeping active from the bottom with some body and leg shots. Clements goes for a sweep but is denied by Rich. As Clements tries to get up, Rich sat on his chest which allows Clements to roll him over. Clements on top now in north/south position and lands a few shots to the body. Rich is cut up badly. Clements is landing some elbows from side control and some punches to the thigh. Rich goes for a sweep but is denied. Rich trying to scramble but Clements keeps top position in half guard. Round ends as Clements lands a few body shots.
Top MMA News scores this round 10-9 for Chris Clements

Round 3
Fighters touch gloves. Low left leg kick from Rich with little power. Looks like Rich is starting to fatigue. Superman punch, followed by a spinning back fist knocks Rich down. Clements is all over Rich landing hard rights and big hammer fists. Vicious ground and pound by Clements as Rich is just looking to survive and grabs Clements foot. Clements keeps the pressure on. This whole time, Rich has a hold of Clements leg. Both fighters stay in this position as Rich looks to roll up. Clements starts pouring it on with rights to the head. Rich looks for a triangle but isn’t successful and continues to get tagged by Clements. Rich is all busted up. Rich with some up kicks. Clements lands some more big rights followed by hammer fists. Rich is taking a lot of damage. A few more rights from Clements that connect. Clements seems to be tiring but is still landing many punches. Rich manages to survive the assault and gets Clements in his guard. Clements lands some elbows on Rich’s face. Rich looking to cover. Clements postures up and lands a right, body shots and hammer fists. Clements lands another big right. Rich covers and Clements begins to throw heavy shots until the ref stops the fight at 3:17 of round 3.
Chris Clements defeating Rich Clementi by TKO in Round 3, 3:17

John “Haggis Basher” Fraser vs. Travis “The Hurricane” Reddinger
Round 1
The crowd is all fired up as the home town hero, Fraser makes his entrance. Men touch gloves. Fraser comes out aggressively throwing a left, right, left combo and shoots for the takedown. Fraser picks up Reddinger and slams him hard to the floor and immediately has side control. Fraser pins Reddinger up against the fence and throws some body shots. Fraser lands a right and a left but is now in Reddingers guard. Fraser lands a string of rights to the face. Right by Fraser. Elbow by Fraser. Fraser still has Reddinger pinned up against the fence. Fraser is starting to pour it on and is landing repeated lefts. Crowd start chanting for the hometown boy!!! Reddinger looking for an armbar but Fraser quickly manages to take his back and sink in a rear naked choke with both hooks in. Reddinger briefly fights it but finally submits. Crowd is very excited as fight ends at 2:54 of round 1 by rear naked choke.
John Fraser submits Travis Reddinger by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:54

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